Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Musings outside the Operation Theatre

As busy as life can get, it was one of those chaotic morning in Bangalore. Amidst this traffic of human commotion,serenity is a rare thing to look for. Prem is not looking for serenity, but was searching if life could be more hospitable to his father.

His father is an ideal man, someone who lived his entire life based on principles and ideologies. Someone who vented out his emotions seeing oppression and injustice. Honesty is his clock, and he wore it with pride though he had a price to pay for it; a price that had financial stigma attached to it.A father of three kids in early 90's is a big responsibility added to a wife. Perhaps his wife inspite of all the grievances is his support, and stood with him in all his times. All his thoughts made Prem wait outside the Manipal hospital operation theatre much easier.

His father diagnosed with Chronic Pancreas ailment have to undergo this treatment. Prem had been on his toes running helter skelter for many weeks now. That he has been working professional made things tough bit at times, but an ever supportive girlfriend and a great mother had things easy.

His ladylove was younger to him in age, but her innocence and loving nature made things easy for him. Also, she had lost her cousin a few days back did not stop her from caring about him. It was due to this reason that their love blossomed.

As Prem discussed things at his own peril, his mother intimated him that he had been an unwanted child. They thought that after two boy kids it was no longer necessary for them to have a third boy child. They wanted a girl.But then the doctor pleaded them to have the baby and then decide.

But his parents feel that that would have committed a blunder for Prem watches the world in their eyes; he has made them realize the existence of happiness...struggles in life has made him weak to the core, but he has never let himself feel gloomy for that. As he sits outside the theatre, a silence mixed with memories of far and near creeps up.

The warm embrace of a compassionate father, the mercilessness in helping the kid take the first steps, unforgettable teachings in the form of plays, dinner and lunch table discussions slowly creeps in.

"Congratulations! your father is hale and hearty," the doctor's voice broke to get Prem out of the thoughts. It has been a sweet musing. Prem clasped doctor's both hands and rushed to intimate his mother of the news.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When you say Hello!

Make her feel special; she should feel that you are indeed caring and nice in love. Only when she allows you to enter the gate of temple, then only be ready to worship. Else, never never force a girl for anything. Always respect her!

Do you recall the first time you had spoken to that special boy or girl of your life? How did you feel then? And. If you could go back, would you change something? I recently conducted a survey in my website and was surprised to see almost 70% of the guys felt that girls are not self-starters and take a while to get engaged in a conversation.

While 20% of girls found that a guy can be a good conversationalist, 40% felt that they were totally different from the way they chat over the Internet, while the rest are so vulgar that dropped the phone at the first instant. So, what is it then to be kept in mind so that someone is interested to pursue a long-term interest to speak to you over the phone.I researched a little bit on this and here are few findings:

Boys: You have to be a good conversationalist; actually, you have to be excellent today if you want that special girl to talk further to you. You need to understand that she has given you her telephone number for she found you a nice guy to chat with, and she expects that you are equally good over the phone. You should be courteous and friendly over the phone.

Even if she does not speak much, it should not stop you from being polite and gentle. Remember: if you are going to ask her out, she should have some trust developed in you. She should find you interesting and not a boring date.

Girls: I understand not many of you would be hyper at the first time but if there is a less of drug overdose, try to speak a little bit. Boys assume a girl ‘uninterested’ when she does not talk and uses ‘hmmm’ more often. And, please do not use that standard line “I am a listener”.

Talk about the things that interest her rather than you. I understand it is tough for boys to talk about Paul Walker and Jude Law, but it is better to not get bashed by her, and then taking hours of messaging saying ‘sorry’. Airtel and BSNL have an agreement of making life hell. Ask the Agra people if you have questions.

It is an examination; you can laugh at me now, but preparation is so essential for most of us like me are unsmart fellows who hardly know a few things. When she talks about her interests say music, then keep on talking things about her. She will talk, pause and then ask you “what do you like?.” Do not say ‘sex’ please.

They say the heart of a man lies in food. I do not agree to it. I modified it and changed it to the heart of a man lies in his male organ. Seriously it is. He fancies it the most precious thing in the world. I mean he has just a single piece- blame it on God! So yes, it is tempting for him to get on that topic. Boys be careful of what you say.

Miscommunication may cause the relationship to end drastically. Even if you wish to be romantic, be a little inventive in your approach. Make her feel special; she should feel that you are indeed caring and nice in love. Only when she allows you to enter the gate of temple, then only be ready to worship. Else, never never force a girl for anything. Always respect her!

I hope you will keep the above points in mind, and hopefully I will see most of you boys and girls falling more and more in love. Summer vacations are getting over. It’s time you fall in love. As always you can write to me on the same email address. I will try my level best to solve your love problems.

As for me, well I believe in the above observations, but I don’t practice those since I believe I am more happy to be an imperfect dog. You can keep guessing on how I speak over the phone. Let it be a mystery until then. Till next time! Have a wonderful monsoon. Love and peace

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tears of Love

I’m sorry for my selfish love
I’m sorry for not caring enough
I’m sorry for my restlessness
I’m sorry for the losing grace

I’m sorry my friend I made you mad
I’m sorry darling you are so sad
Sorry for not giving you any happiness
Sorry because it’s my disgrace

I’m sorry for thinking of you so very much
I’m sorry I always miss your touch
I’m sorry of being so mad about you

I’m sorry and sorry again
I’m sorry of being insane
But believe me that I love you
Should I say sorry for that too?

Friday, July 10, 2009

When I Proposed Her...

I have always believed that sex is a token of love, a feeling of completeness and oneness. Agree that it is also a need for the body, but when you have sex with some one you dearly love then it is a completely different experience as compared to any lust-full relations.

At that time love overtakes lust, and sex is just a way of expressing this love. When you are in the arms of your loved one,then there is no better feeling than that.

Then arrived 'the day'. It was Valentine’s Day and luckily for us her parents were out of town. I some how convinced her to stay at her friend's place for the whole night. I went to her place.There was a watchman outside her bungalow, and we wanted to make sure that he does not come to know that there is some one else at the place apart from her. So I jumped the boundary wall and entered the house from the rear door.

I had prepared a lot of surprises for her. As soon as I entered the place she immediately closed the door. I could see how tensed she was and to ease it off I gave her a big and warm hug. That helped her in staying calm. She held me tight, and I could feel her breathings, brushed across my chest.

She was wearing a Pink night suit with her hair let loose,and she was looking very cute and beautiful. She asked me to freshen up. While I was back from the wash room, I saw the room was all lit with candles and some music was on. She came near me and said that the dinner was ready.

We had a very romantic candle light dinner, holding hands and lost into each others eyes. As she was tiding up the dining table, I held her hand and asked her for a couple dance. She agreed immediately and held me tightly. By the way, I am a pathetic dancer. Most of my dates have never met me again due to this.

She kept her feet over mine and we just rested into each other's arms dancing to the rhythm of the romantic music being played. I remember the song. It was 'Songbird' by Kenny G.

As the song ended I asked her to close her eyes. Bending down on knees I opened the box containing the ring,which cost me 2500 Rupees.I worked for Pizza Hut during the summers to earn it.

I asked her to open her eyes and as she did, I proposed her “Will you marry me sweetheart?”. She was speechless for some time, and then tears started rolling down her eyes. She said that she had been waiting for this moment since a long time.

She raised me up by holding my shoulders, looked into my eyes for some time and hugged me tight. I said, “You haven’t replied yet”, and she slapped me lovingly saying, “do u still want a reply? Of course I will marry you little doggy...”.And she kissed me passionately.

I woke up. I was rolling in the floor.It was just a Sunday dream.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Tale of Heart

Why do you make me cry, o Raj!
Why do you make me cry continuously
Seventy-two beatings in a minute ,
and you make hard every sec of it.

When I first beat, you're in school,
The English teacher was your crush
Alas!I beat double-when she
strolled you along the path.

You went and then fell for Priya,
Your musings never told,
Afreen cajoled me with her enticing talks
And Golu smothered it with kisses.

I still remember when you cried in pain
Morning tidings and December cold
You saved me barring smoke and drink,
I wish I had touch that old.

Now, I wish to beat more, but why can't I
That mask of yours I fathom why.
Why do you make me cry, o Raj!
Why do you make me cry continuously
Seventy-two beatings in a minute ,
and you make hard every sec of it

Monday, July 06, 2009

In Conversation with Shruti Hassan

You generally do not relate or identify me with a tall, vivacious, slender, and ‘hot’ looking girl everyday. Infact, to be more honest, you rarely will see this simpleton with a good-looking girl. No! I am being seriously honest.

Maybe, I do not look or have that charming factor to date beautiful looking girls. However,as the girlfriend says, "excuse him for his ignorance, he will be better informed next time".Anyway, last week was different. I think my luck has been quite misleading over a couple of weeks. I got chance to meet some interesting personas in my line of work, and she definitely was an icing on the cake.

I had gone to the Radio City office for my usual routine of audition only to find couple of whisperings in the air. The office bore an unusual look of excitement. I went over to the reception alley and in a flirting manner ask Joaana if I could smell something in the air. Joanna wished me luck and said you for a real surprise this time. Surprise it was!

When it was my turn for my recording, I saw this beautiful damsel Shruti Hassan. Boy! What a sight. At first notice, she looked straight from her father, the great Kamal Hassan closet.

Shruti wore a Black T and a Blue Levis jeans. Infact,dark Police shades had made her more strikingly attractive. There is something about girls in shades. There is this distant appeal that comes out.I can't express it in words.

She kept on or pretended to be chewing a gum. I said stars with an attitude. Anyway, after this I had a one-to-one round with her. By that time the feeling had sunk. I generally do not look a girl for long time, but if she knows how to talk, I definitely get attracted towards her.

After the conversation lasting not more than 10 minutes, in which she quizzed me on certain voice modulation and what else, we were about to break. But, I could not leave a girl without pulling her leg.

As she shook my hands, I quizzed her “you smell Channell” ..She was struck with audacity. She said “good’, how do you know it?" I just lied- saying that I was one of her greatest fans and read it in a magazine. She said what else? I told her she sounded awful in her performance in the Rock show at National Law School at Bangalore. She gave a witty look and said she knew it. Well, before parting, she complimented with ‘good voice’ and left.

Not bad! I would say. She has little more attitude than Sania Mirza, lesser than Nauheed Cyrusi, but is way ahead in being the siren hot queen. I guess it was worth meeting the awesome Shruti Hassan.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Thinking of You!

When I think of you
I instantly smile
With that smile
There are so many memories.

You are always on my mind
on the days the sun shines
When million tiny stars
light up the darkest skies

And though we be separated
by miles upon miles
of wide rivers, deep oceans
higher mountains and dark valleys

Our souls are connected
sharing the bond of Love
To express feelings isn't easy
cause "Its Beyond words

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Take on Legalising Homosexuality in India

It is a historical day in the land of Vatsyan. Homosexuality or Gayism has been tagged off from the brand of ‘achutness’ and 'criminal offences’. Long parades of demonstrations and celebrations of juveniles have been exhibited by the homosexuals in the various parts of India.

Bollywood stars have come in full support with actors like Celina Jaitley standing arms in arms with gays, pictures being displayed in the front covers of all the leading newspapers and magazines.

As the Indian media contingent continues to publicize and broadcast this news everywhere, I found myself with four of my colleagues debating on this issue. One of them started with a scrumptiously disgust look in his face,“now, we will see man-man having sex, it is cheap and so ridiculous.“ This debate continued for a while.My take is and you are open to debate on it:"God has created both man and woman, and they have been entrusted with the responsibility of choosing the right and wrong, good or bad.

Your actions in this world have nothing to do with what other people think about it. You are and you will be the sole responsible for your actions. Therefore, choosing upon your partner should be your own decision. God has given you the right to choose your partner. Then, how does choosing a male or a female partner matter?

I also agree that God created woman to see that this beautiful world flourishes. He gave women the most beautiful gift- to give birth. She struggles endlessly for nine months to bring that precious thing in this world. However, this organ is missing in man.

Man has and never been able to procreate naturally. It is next to impossible. Now, does this mean a man cannot marry another man? I think it is ridiculous to think so in terms of only physical desires. No body is asking every one of us to be turned into homosexuals.

I fear that in India, parents conceive their kids to act by the way they judge one. You are supposed to obey and marry the same boy or girl your parents select. Pre-marital sex and live-in relationships are still considered by the Indian society as a taboo. But, my question is, whether listening to each of their actions is justified? Actually, people are not looking love here. They have already started looking into its evils and loopholes.

The first thing is SEX. The Supreme Court has banned anal sex between males, and I am not getting into there. However, try to analyze that Homosexuality is just another common way of man leading their lives. Questions have started pouring whether Lesbianism is OK? Yes, so what is wrong here? Both are ways of living their lives. A society will not get spoil for them, for God's sake.

The more these social restrictions are erased, the more people will enjoy their livelihood. The moral tenet of any marriage in every religion is ‘to have a blissful life’. So, why should a person be morally discouraged to marry a woman when he likes a man?

Neither the man nor the woman will be happy in that sense. I think it is time the society grows up and accept Homosexuality as a common thing. There will be polls conducted, debates held and what not in television and online media, but you have to listen to your heart, and not go by the polls. Because, the society does not come to help you when you do not have work and are living in damned walls.

If it makes two people of the same sex live in peace and harmony, who are we to crib about it? Let’s broaden our outlook. Lets get our educational institutions teach right and wrong. Let's not shield away from truth.

We have enough problems in our country. Let us use our energy getting them rectified, instead of maligning homosexuals.

It’s after all an individual choice. Let’s learn to respect it." Into that Freedom my father! let my country awake.