Sunday, August 08, 2010

My take on Aisha

It was one of those precious moments when I kept pin drop of silence. My girlfriend decided to surprise me this evening. Post-lunch, she took out her purse and showed me two cinema passes for a PVR show Aisha. I will not reject the opinion that I was all disinterested. Though the fact that I will be watching Sonam Kapoor again in the theaters in a span of one month was tempting. I just came out from the theatre and while she is on the phone with her friends let me quickly jot down couple of observations of the movie, AISHA.

a) It has a large quotient of feminism. Everything from the costumes to the make up, from the color of the walls to the dialogues had a lot of feminist touch to it. I will be surprised if it maintains the interest of men. There is no F word used in the movie, which is quite a surprise when you watch a Hindi film this days. I loved the concept.

b) Yes, it has a different plot and characters but you will not be able to reject the opinion that the movie can remind you of the recent Sonam starrer I HATE LOVE STORIES. Though she played a matchmaker in this movie, people get to see similar shades of Sonam's character- romantic, hyper, self-centered, attitude wali and so on.

c) Delhi has been the city to talk about in recent Hindi films. You do not need to go far. Right from Rang De Basanti to Delhi 6 or Dev D, directors have a fascination to take a leaf out of it. It is bearable though this is not in the ranks of Mira Nair's MONSOON WEDDING, which was incidentally shot in Delhi.

d) The climax is as-if-I-know it. I do not blame the writers for they have been told to write the script in such a fashion that even before the film is finished you know it. This is why a movie like Inception or Borne Ultimatum is only produced in West.

e) The songs especially 'Gal Mithi Mithi Bol' arrives so late in the movie that half of the audience had left.

f) I give it a 2 star out of 5.Join the confusion if you wish to.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A few friends

Life has been good and bad to most of me. It has been selective in allowing me the freedom to pick and choose the good and bad. But, one thing it has never compromised is giving me good friends. My friends have been the best. Since childhood I have been brought up amidst much shor gol. The youngest lot of the three kids, I was socialable. I used to make friends easily. In the years went by, I chose to make more female friends rather than male friends.

I was not that good looking guy to get the attention of girls, but maybe I know how to talk. I made good friends during those days who have been with me. In midst of miseries that life offers now and then these are the pals who took a great deal of care for me. They pamper me, pull my legs now and then but never forget their concern.

My girlfriend is perhaps the mose beautiful and adorablea thing God has given me. She is a dear friend who undestands me completiely. She knows when I am silent. She hates my silence. She comforts me in times of agony and above all she loves me day and day I am lucky to have a friend who makes her presence more comforting to me and is always there for me.

My best friend, Mickey works in Kolkata.We have been childhood buddies and he has been always there for me.I take often a quick time to call me up and remember our past.

My mother is a dear friend of mine. In a family, where you do not have a sister, she completed her presence. The word MAA means not only devoted and caring mother but it also means the symbol of God. I love you maa.

I will be selfish if I miss out the names of people who have made their presence in my life. But God, for me they are ones who make my life complete. Friendship day and all the best to my loved ones. Thank you for being part of my life.