Saturday, September 22, 2007


A smile perhaps is the best thing that happen to an individual when he is down, acts as an antidote to many of the distressing moments. And to take the ordeal of jotting down something but finally, I wish to pen down my experiences; Trust me! it is the most challenging thing to talk about smiles of a woman after spending innumerable nights on thinking and interviewing guys, I have finally come up with this. There have been guys writing to me asking me to suggest them about dating tips; please be patient.I will be shortly coming up with a dating article. In the meantime, enjoy this article in viewing smiles of woman.

Presenting, the best of the smiles in random order: She is someone I fell in awe from the first day, amazing radiant smile..

It says smile tell a lot about a person; what's the person mentality, how they cope things and wat degree exactly are they going to converse with. Being a 26 years old and not having exactly the best of things to do is a sick thing.

I was in twilight when I heard someone saying "why don't you talk about the smiles of Indian ladies?" I said hmm ahhh eee..well the expressions never seem to actually go well with me, but what i do write abt smiles?

Talk abt smiles the first thing comes to mind is that of my mom..mama always has nice dimples when she smiles; untouachable and up to the smile comes of Delhi School girls..Now, they are in 10th standard near Okhla, some
pretty smiles to be seen, these are often seen in the golgopa chambers next comes the hyderbad girls; they are often to be seen in a crowded charminal market; very classical buying jewels; one of the features of the women are smiles- it's not ha ha ha..thoda sharmana and with a little coy and jhooki attitude scream aap ka naam hai behankoosh.

Usually, I grew in the hills, and than one fine day, when my eyes open to adulthood she was there.I still recall a windy summer not much to be seen and there
she was in a shalwar..I met her in Orkut and amongst all the smiles she beamed quite a torch; I think her name is Affreen and much to her name, she is enhachanted by all. I couldn't never express myself to her for she left me as usual

A smile radiates a sense of joy, makes things so meaningful and broke down the monontonus of a journey. You know with a smile you are always chanced upon to get something in life- she might say yes to you and you live happily after. what takes a women to smile? it isn't easy; i have seen hundreds of guys trying their level best to make a way to woman's hear- flowers, sweet talks, cards, emails etc..I am very poor in all this. My idea is to keep it very simple--never make it glorified; you wish her to smile right. Just have a talk to her and say how much it lights you up when she smiles. Respect her immensly and sknow how to give value for a women's smile

Next smile, she is currently in Jaipur and I have such a platonic relationship with her. My friend in Purple Haze; her smile is instanteous even when she cries, it feels she is smiling from within

It's interesting that a woman smiles logical or illogically you end up being the culprit if you make her cry. how many times have u heard this ///aaare rula dhi na meri beti ko..aare kuch bhi karo trust me, first thing a woman smiles for no particular reason ..

A typical indian girl smile

she will smile and you gotta know that the smile is for you to get in groove; don't question her why are u smiling? chances her that she will give you that DARK look which even the toughest of Himesh Reshammiya song won't make you gleeeeeeee secondly, over the phone..hi..he he, ahh, hmm get rid of these expressions..two thinsg she is pulling your legs on a first note, laugh with her smiles- it won't cost much..yes, i know its stupid..but just laugh..secondly,
move with the flow--she is interested and wants to be persuaded, you know there are quite a few things you need to do next.

just wrote a few lines..tell me if you can hows it:

Broken hearts never cease to beat
They don't bleed but uncontrollably weep
Memories of their beloved haunt
And their voices echo within the walls
None can ever hear their cry
That's muted behind those mysterious eyes

Lilac, someone who currently makes me belive the end is the beginning

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Washed in Bangalore

There's an old saying, "mind the roads before you step". Here, in Bangalore each and every step that we take on these roads, there's something to add to the woes. Incessant rains have left Bangalore with severe jams, fluctuating power cuts and worst all accidents. The blame game has started with people accusin g BMP officials, who in turn point their fingers to hardcore politicans and it carries on.

I traveleld to electronics city five days a week and trust me its painful. almost 30 mins of journey has become 120 mins one and there's every chance it will become more worse in the days to come. I am confused as to why this 'Silicon Valley' tag has been atributed to Bangalore merely because it hubs majority of software companies. Infrasturcture wise, lemme tell you its poorest than Hyderabad and Chennai

Politicans do not worry abt it; all they are worried is abt their power and money
Those having vehicles will go against law and order in every sense

Just my random thoughts.......

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Here comes the top-ten list of movies of mine; I am not that die-hard Hollywood or Bollywood movies crawler, but friends are pushing me to announce so here goes. This movies have been watched by me over the years and somewhere down the lane I have tried to use them in my life; Please note this is not a review of the movie-it's just to tell you why I watch these movies over and over again.

1) PULP FICTION: What a classic movie from the chambers of cinema moghuls Quentin Tarantino. Everything of the movie- right from the characters' names- Marcellus Wallace, Vincent, Pitt to the cinematography stood out. The dialogue delivery was simple and easy to hold, but what sets it drastic appart is the way Tarantino makes simple dialogues like 'I solve problems', 'A please would be nice', "What kind burger is this?" "Ezekel" stands apart.
Critics opined that the stellar of PULP FICTION was Samuel Jackson,which I agree to an great extent. It would however, be an insult of I don't value the importance of a John Travolta or a Harvey Keitel, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis or Tarantino?

An interesting aspect was how Tarantino uses his music to cause an impact-scenario be it JACKIE BROWN, KILL BILL, RESERVOIR DOGS etc. I loved the song 'Girl! you'll be a woman someday'. PULP FICTION is such a classic that certain Australian university asked their students to write papers on it. I have watched it more than 20 times and I recommend you to watch-with a pinch of lemon, vodka,dry finger chips. say what again, i dare you, i double dare you motherfucker... say what one more goddamn time!

2)GOLMAAL- This is one of the finest Indian comedies that have hit the theatres. It came from the house of Hrishikesh Mukhherjee and as usual it had simple real-life chracters in Utpal Dutta, Amol palekar, Bindya Goswami, Dina Pathak etc. A story of double-identity to befool the boss and a series of sequences that follows to a never-been-seen climax makes it to the collector's gallery. The songs especially Aanne Waala Paal still ranks in the top of the charts.

3) GOODFELLAS- This is undoubtedly one of the best story-telling movies that has come from Hollwood. Nicholas Pileggi & Martin Scorsese screenplays are always a subject of interest and this 90's film based on the book WISEGUY had wonderful actors and an excellent script to bank upon.

Any kid born on the streets of Italy would say this is my story.The opening line whered Ray Liotta says SO FAR I REMEMBER I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A GANGSTER immediately takes you on hold. Added to the extra-bonanza were Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, Lorraine Bracco, and Paul Sorvino performances. Watch out for the classic scene, which is titled "HOW DO I LOOK FUNNY TO YOU?"

4)FORREST GUMP: I am sure much like me, folks feel Tom Hanks is a purist for he not only enacts the character of a physical challenged wonderfully, but he seems to challenge the normal human beings with a thought "Can we dare to compete like them?" It won an Oscar and undoubtedly one of the rare collections in my library.

There were certain instances in the movie that has remained with me and has played a part in my growing years; I always treasure this lines "MY MOM ALWAYS SAYS, LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOCLATES, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET". To me it says, always be ready and competent enough to face the life's odd challenges and enjoy the moments that comes by. A must watch for everyone!

5) DIL CHAHTA HAI- Farhaan Akhtar changes the cinema-making with his trendy and classic debutant movie; it gave us Sid, Akaash and Sameer- three characters that were like "ah-we saw them somewhere" and it moved us so much that right from Aamir's Goatee to Akashaye's sketches, everything became a hit. It suddenly changed the cult of movie-making in Bollywood and ushered a season of uncoventional movies that seem to be somehow make a move in Bollywood. My personal favorite if you are watching it with your girl!

6) TAXI DRIVER-- He remains as one of the iconic of my growing years. Robert De Niro like Al Pachino has played some immortal characters and this character of Travis Bickle, a Marine who fought in the Vietnam War, is a distant and unstable young man of 26 from the Midwest. As a chronic insomniac, he becomes a nighttime taxi driver in New York City.Travis spends his restless days in seedy porn theaters and driving around Manhattan.The film was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 best films of all time. Watch out De Niro, Jodie Foster etc.

7) AMERICAN BEAUTY- Another classic movie that didn't get released in India. Reasons, unknown or for some sexual explicit content. This movie is very close to mine for two obvious reasons- one was obviously Mina Suvari and the second it reminded me of my ex-girl.

I still remember it watching it with my ex-girl, and when we just walked out she looked at me and said, "Would you still love me if I were dead?" I could realise how much relationships meant to her, and this Sam Mendes movie did more wonders than possibly ever could imagine. We broke up but I still feel some relationships are hold in the sweet chambers of heart and treasured always. Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch,Wes Bentley and Mena Suvari makes the movie to get into the classic room. Kevin Spacey won the Oscar and I salute the entire group for its stellar performances!

8) SCENT OF A WOMAN- The man who comes next to Robert De Niro in acting is Al Pacino. Right from the GODFATHER days, Al has always enacted each and every character with such perfection and class, that it is tough for me to single out the best AL Pacino movie, but I would say this movie comes very close.

A 1992 classic. which tells the story of a preparatory school student who takes a job as an assistant to an irascible blind, medically retired Army officer. It stars Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell, James Rebhorn, Gabrielle Anwar, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The climax in which Al gives a speech is considered in the management books as the very best. Also,doesn't ever miss out to watch out his Tango. Interestingly, after the making of the movie, when Chris O' Donnel asked Al about what he had to say on his performance, Al wrote a short note saying that he didnt even notice him Chris O'Donnel in the movie. Now, that just proves his Pacino's dedication to the character. Also, we got one of the immortal signature tune--HU HA HU HA

9) ANAND: How many of you have wached Tapan Sinha's classic BAWARCHI? Robi's It's just touching to watch Rajesh Khanna trying to enact a Robi Ghosh role in ANAND; Babusmoshai and his Amitabh's performance-unbelieveage. What I learnt-- don't be scared of death, smile and death will look wonderful to you.

10) DEEWAR- This is one of Mr. Bachchan's movies that I chose to keep it ahead of SHOLAY and AGNEEPATH only becuase of i felt its screenplay by Javed Akhtar was the best of the lots. Amitabh fights and gives his career-0riented performance as an angry young man who never goes to the temple, bows only before his mother and who says "aaj bhi pheke paisa nahin uithata"

On Road for a Railway Ticket

The day started with a kick off to my Final semester MBA classess, but before proceeding to the classes, I went to the Koramangala BDA Complex to book my railway tickets from Bangalore to Chennai for 5th October night. A couple of interesting things happened that made me to compose this note

1) It was a dry queue with hardly 5-7 people to get tickets. Makes me wonder how technology has contributed to mankind. E-Commerce has really strengthed in the years and websites like IRCTC & Indian Railways have taken more than 50 percent of the consumers in hold. fantastic!

2) On paying the required amount, the official told me to give change for 25 rs. Now, this is a situation wherein I had to go eat ravad idly and pay the change to get back the tickets. Can we have a change system wherein an automated machine pays the change or give the required money. Or say, something the Ticket offices write on the back of the ticket so that the credit or debit amount can be charged by the TT during journey. This unnecessary saves a lot of harassment

3) Professor Appan took a fantastic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) class today as part of our Final Semester specialized course. He spoke about the ERP benefits and specially mentioned how there is a dearth in the specialization in HR on ERP. I realy wish to know more on it. Btw, MBA is a fantastic programme; folks who are planning to do it: do a full-fledged programme, it's worth!

4) Finally, I tasted the Chicken Biryani with Gongura Achar; spoke to mama over the phone.

That's all!