Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Just Don't Understand Girls!!!!

Believe it or not- it's better to keep moving in life. You move in everything be at any aspect of life that I speak of. Work, relationship or any other shit that I can remember of. It's 12 of the night, and am penning this sitting in a friend's room, while a couple of friends are busy drinking in the other room. I had just finished watching a romantic comedy SEX DRIVE, much in the lines of AMERICAN PIE & ROADTRIP.

In between these, a message flashed on the Gtalk client. An ex-girlfriend, who suddenly developed a huge likeness for me is missing me, and when I asked her the reason for her likeness, she said she doesn't know. Of course, she does not. How could she? I was a puppet to her when she played around with me, and never thought of even asking me what the hell was I doing all throughout the life.

Now, she turns up suddenly. I cannot understand women. At some point they are so much into you and then they suddenly leave you. It's ,like their job with you is done. They complained guys do not understand. Ya hell! we don't. How can I understand when you play so many games sweetheart?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post-Lunch with Raj

You are down and out after a heavy lunch. The fingers and the hands have decided to call it off, and you are wondering if you can do something for interesting. It is difficult. Post-lunch phase is the most difficult phase to work on. It is not something that is instantaneous or comes naturally. You just feel sleepy. I don't know why and what happens to me. But I need atleast an hour to get the feeling sink down. I chose to feel a certain numbness all over my body. I am dozy. I feel a certain envelope of some power in SLEEP overcoming me. I take the pillow kept inside my locker. I go straight to the nearby dorm. I sleep..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Autobiography of A Shoe

In the event of a joyous union of Christmas, I was manufactured by my creator. So far as my memory goes, I opened my eyes along with a couple of my brothers in a tiny outlet in Vijayawada. I think it is in Andra Pradesh. Soon, after my birth, I was placed in a beautiful Metro shoe outlet in Hyderabad.

I soon discovered that the creator was also the owner of the shop. His name is Ramalinga R. He kept me in a nice glass outlet. I was being looked after everyday. At times, I woke up quite early with a tiny pat of brush. I was appreciated for my color, design and quality. Its nice to be complimented when you know you are full of charisma and power.

It is this power that made Ramalinga R ship me to the Garden city of India, Bangalore. I later learnt that Bangalore is the most polluted and congested city.

Anyway, after much travel I reached Bangalore and soon found myself in a large showroom of a mall. I later learnt from my brothers, my new residence was Forum, a large mall in Koramangala. Over the next few days, I got glances from onlookers. Some tried me out, some did fashion parade.

Then one fine day, a curious looking guy..actually eccentric one came over to the showroom. I said curious because he looked twice more eager to know about the shoe size than the shoes. Anyway, he had a glance across me and took me up. The way he examined my body isn't that of a master, but that of a baby.

Years later, I came to know that his secret of winning girls' hearts. He seem to be confused of taking a pick between me and my brother. But! as luck would have it, I soon found myself in a bag packed with this nice young lad. I found myself a nice chamber of shoes. Days later, he took me along with him to a large palace.

I later found it was where he worked. Infosys. All these years, I have been a part of his happiness and sadness. I can't forget the way he jumped in joy after he won an award in quiz and in stc, his moments of desperation when he broke up with his girlfriend, the long dwindling nights where he went to pub from a office, times he leapt up in joy after a date.

I still remember the times he used to get offended and threw me wherever he liked, but then of course in the early morning hours, used to come and brush me again.But today, I stay in the house and he goes to office with a new person. I don't know but I think its from my arch rival Le Cooper. I hate him!