Sunday, November 16, 2014

Believe it or not!

  • We pick up a book written by a non-Indian writer more  frequently than an Indian writer.
  • Watching Cricket is better than making out with your partner at times.
  • In a  land where we worship Goddess Durga, every day a woman is subjected to sexual exploitation.
  • Chicken Tikka is not always the favorite food of NRIs.
  • Traveling by bus does not make you look cheap. Its safe and secure for an average commuter.
  • Bitching is  good. It makes you feel superior.
  • Feeling sorry for oneself stops you from hanging on to the roof.
  • Filter coffee is too strong for a few of us.
  • Boys prefer female teachers than males even if they give homework.
  • The rate of students bunking colleges have gone down over the years.
  • Your first love is also your last one provided you know the one.
  • Badminton is the best thing that happened to Hyderabad.
  • Pongal Vada is the best thing that happened to Chennai.
  • Indians love sleeping.
  • Smartphones are a pain in the hand.
  • Mr. Govinda is a  style icon.
  • Deepawali could have been better without sound pollution
  • Big Boss has a big mouth.
  • It's time for India to get a filmstar as prime minister.
  • The best act happens in Porno industry.
  • Teach boys to treat girls with respect at home.
  • God exists because Rajnikanth says so.
  • Arjun Kapoor was once a chubby fellow. How time flies!
  • Bangalore woke up one day to have flyovers.
  • We got Independence in 1947. Since then we have been sleeping.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

School Diaries I

Damn, you wish we could have more fun. I woke up and kept repeating these words out of blue, out of sudden awkwardness  and out of happiness. Off late I have been getting nostalgic specially about my days in school. I need to knock out a few beers and see a shrink if that works.  But we will leave it to another day. 

I went to two schools. One where I did exceedingly well in studies and could have done more. The days were fun. I made couple of friends with whom I share a joke now and then. But there were couple of distinct incidents that stands out.

One that involved a friend who made his mission to bully me now and then. And it was one of his unfortunate days that after a minor scuffle he took a run. I know in those days, a boy weighing 45 kg would take it lining down but I did not. I do not know for what reasons but I threw a small stone. For reasons unknown that hit him right on his forehead and this time I panicked. I still remember this incident as if it happened yesterday. Anyway, what followed was a casual chat with my friend and everything was sorted out. But he never bullied me again.

The other incident was if I my memory serves correct was in standard V. I was clueless that you had to wear long pants from standard V. And here I was in shorts. I was embarrassed but the fact that my teacher threw my out of the class and made me stand out side of the classroom was rude to me. I am against certain things in our education system but what she did that day was a rude shocker to me. She could have at least given me some time to explain but NO!

And the final incident is to do with a Mathematics teacher.  Almighty lord, how does corporal punishment help? This teacher took great pleasure of belting us with ruler. And though we did protest now and then we used to spit on our hands and then expect him to beat us with a ruler. That person left our school and we were all relieved.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Whole Lotta Love

Man is mortal. For some reasons, we make it an understatement and quantify ourselves to seek everything that can make our stay in this world peaceful and loveable not to forget worldly. The concept of love that started right from the age of 10 (for me) never stopped till this day. I have not been able to understand what is so great about it that I can't stop having more and more. This is not to say that I do drugs or have been a follower of Osho but the concept of love amazed me.

Relationships last quite a bit for me; I tend to commit with folks and care for them every time. I nurture them, yield them sufficiently with love and respect but then it does not work out. Sometimes, too much of love is a crushing blow to everything that you aspire.

School was the first place where as a teenager I bonded harmony and peace with fellow friends. My first crush and love turned to be sleeping around my back. I still had that craziness to not understand. Things moved on and I stepped myself in the beloved arms of nature. I received bountiful of love but it is never enough for me.

Led Zeppelin

Sometimes, I wonder if people fall in love and then they wonder that would it work for them? well, for me it has been never a case because the people that I have met have always been caring and nice. I would not been changing my life a bit because you need love everyday, every hour. But I guess I need just a bit more.

Love is a religion destined for folks who love to commit themselves zealously and sink themselves. It is not for those who think they can get a shortcut out of it. You know people meet, make out and then they leave. Sometime these thoughts do get back to haunt you at a later stage of your life. But then there is really no shortcut. You have to invest time, dreams, aspirations, growth and most of all be there.

I wonder what makes people stick together and do they really do it because they care or is it to show the entire world that there is a concept of 'love'. I pray that there is because this world needs a lot of us making and harboring love. Times have changed but we are mortal. And if we stop to care for each other it would be so ruthless. The concept of love has never changed but we humans have and always changed the definition. Learn to give a bit more than you aspire.