Friday, September 22, 2006

Viewing a world of Bugs!

Life is all about Bugs....
Even before the project started, we are discovering ourselves encompassed in the sweet zone of 'Bugs'...

Memoirs of a Smoker!

Coming to hit the stands soon...
Zindagi ki phikre ko dua main udha ke chala..

Monday, September 18, 2006

You never what you can become!

Here's a man who promises to do more than we could ever think about.

In his new avtaar, I present Shanid

Monday, August 21, 2006

Prey on a hunt!

It has much to do with our society at large. Questions and introspection have been over and over again made no sooner we get another minor being raped. The girl who was the victim of a police constable Sunil more is in a state of coma. What happened on that night would be frail to assume what is transpired for the girlýs future. Shamefully, India accounts as one of the leading country for rapes per year. Does it ring an alarming bell that our girls and women are unsafe? If it does also, the shameful incident by a cop does raise fingers to our law. If the law protectors become law- breakers, then whom are we to commute our worries?

Ha, itýs all because the girls wear indecent dresses, says my fellow friend. As software professional he finds his colleagues wearing outrageous dresses and are blind to the comments made by people. They believe being democratic citizens of a republic they have every right to wear and do anything. Well, honestly speaking this carefree attitude does let you fall in mud slinging sometimes.

But, are not Indian women being subjected to humiliation every night? Ask my fellow lawyer friend in Bangalore
And he points out an interesting link. He says most of the women filing divorce cases points out to them they have been forced to have sex during the marital period, and then to know the guy as your husband is a disgusting thing. Our constitution has clearly stated that any sort of force being thursted during sex is termed as Rape. Almost 1 out of 10 housewives have complained that their husbands have raped them. How do you explain this now?

To me media is partly responsible for the crime on women in cities of India. Just the other day, I switched on the television and happened to see a female model for a gutkha advertisement; how on earth do you explain that? Itýs one of the areas where everyone need to focus; every girl wants to wear the best outfits in town, but does it crosses the moral of obscenity is the all important question?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Myths and Mis-conceptions

'Green City', 'Refresh Bangalore', 'IT Education'- what's common to them? Interestingly, these so called adjective wonders are very much in the front page of our Daily Newspapers today. I usually travel in company bus and carry along TOI. It's a sheer enjoyment to read an early morning newspaper-fresh, vigorant, new ideas, sports and above all job advertisements. If this do not appeal, than hop along a ride with me towards Hosur Road and you might have some beautiful things to say about a newspaper. In this piece of blog, I've tried to analyze as what are the things that make Bangalore Greener and how are the newspapers serving this need.

I guess the so called 'bureaucrats' of Bangalore had a meeting with citizens the other day. Sparkling ideas, suggestions and promises (mainly by the honourable CM)decorated the podium. Suggestions to improvise the education sector in Bangalore with umpteenth number of schools imparting English eductaion was made. The CM made a promise that almost 100 schools were going to be opened in Bangalore providing english education.

Next came the hygene factor, with someone making the assumption that Bangalore should be litter-free; ah! some people heard liquor-free! Parks and public galleries are to be maintained with proper dustbins and no sanitary hassles. So much said, yet the people lack basic habit of dumping their waste in a dustbin. Lalbagh Botancial Gardens have lost its historical significance and has become the den of Romeo-n-Juliet. No harm in that but chances of it turning into a vulgar zone, as seen in the recent past is there.

Road usage comes to picture next. The Government is planning to have a toll-fee taken on vehicles for certain roads. It is believed that the traffic congensation would be diminished considerably if this act comes to force. We will wait and see!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The most memorable moment of my life

Sometimes things which are anticipated and wished to be fullfilled at the corner of your heart happens, you are just startled. The first reaction that comes is "is it real?" and "oh! my God!! am I seeing the person in front of me?" I do not have a fancy habit of shitting in front of the public or an over reacted emotion. But I was apprehensive of the fact that certain actions are spontaneous and they come form within.Meeting the my IDOL was one such occasion and I still cherish that moment!

As I slowly treaded across the green lawns of infosys, I was startled to see a man in a blue chiffon shirt and a black pant. I quickly adjusted my tie, gave a quick glance at my watch and greeted me " Morning SIR! The man gave a quick glance, took his hands out of the pocket and shook hands..Both our hands were locked and he smilingly responded "Young Man, Hows work going?" I stuttered for a while and quickly responded, "Fine, sir". He quickly left..

Oh! there were so many questions that I wanted to ask Mr.Narayan Murthy; questions that have always been accumulated but never popped out of mind; I wish I had some more time to be with this great achiever.Infact, I had expected him this to happen but at the very start of my career, didn't thought.

Sweet Dreams are made of those and this moment will surely signal out the best of the lots!

Monday, July 03, 2006

A night to cheerish!!!

Though I reckon myself to be a first-rate dude, something which is very easy on my part to put on, I don't find myself comfy in the shades of people. I tend to become a little introvert than but when you have a bevvy of beautiful girls with you, I am freezed with cold...Such anticipation to make most of the situation--na don't get stumped here..I am just trying to make a point--how important it is to outshine yourself when it comes to the girls. I have never been a run after girl type and my issue has always been that I expect a woman giving me as much attention as figuring her dress for the ALL IMPORTANT FRIDAY PARTY.

Corporate culture has sometimes left me choked. I really can't figure out why people throw rave parties and then dash out cash only to make them feel that an 'INCH' higher..But, then they are thrown and you gotta put a mask and pretend that you are enjoying the show. No harm in that, but these days everyone wears a mask..
Alright, then let's get on the track. We at Infosys had our UX3 outing at Tuscan Verve and believe me it rocked.

I had a great time amidst the cacophony of girls (each trying to depict a Sharon Stone) and guys proving themselves to be first-rate drunkards (We literally won it!!!). The girls gave us a very tough fight both in drinks and in dance and they won it..easily!!! By the way, when it comes to dance, yours truly is a ROCKER..something or sorry! someone called Sunny Deol would find tough to battle it out.Let's not get into the shoes of Dancing!!!

I remember the post-drive that we had and the horrendous HSR Layout..ANYWAY, My first Infy wasn't bad..made some friends and got some numbers to keep floating..Sometimes, being a SINGLE status always helps!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Infosys ne Banaye Mujhe Mammu!!!

Kya Mammu ban gaya Munnabhai!!

3 hours later...

I was only ragging the newbies!! :D
Girls please get out in your strappy evening best! And guys – make us proud to be seen partying with you! ;)

Suggestion: You can change into your evening outfits just before we leave for the bus.


Pre-lunch phase...
An email from Ayesha ...

Rajdeep, Samee & Sharmistha – welcome aboard!
The theme for tomorrow’s party is “Mallus Rule!”. The dress code for guys is a mundu, and for girls is the traditional kerala sari (shakuntala style). For more details, please speak to Srija/Manju/Elizabeth (CC). I’ve attached pictures for your convenience.

Dress code is mandatory.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A String of Malls!!!

A string of Malls

Evolution seems to be the mantra of any Indian cities these days. In the name of evolution aka modernization, we have a strings of malls that has everything that u dreamt off.I mean right from the

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kabhie Xora Kabhie Kuch Aur!!!


Tiny drops of water makes a mighty true! I am pondering over it while sitting at my cubicle which has resisted me more than 2 years now. It is in this context that I chose to start of the topic with the above lines. I am moving to pastures that expectedly would be much greener and wealthier..This being my last day at Xora (name of the existing company), I've decided to share some experiencs.

I am not a real job-hopper, so in case you're wondering if I make myself available for every job interview, it would be wrong. My tryst with job-hunting has always been fascinating with much of the time being wooed or booed rather by the HRs. But, hang on those pretty HRs with a 24x7 smile surely have a job to do; mind you, recruiting me isn't an easy job. I was thinking of switching over to Technical Writing when I received a call from an HR of Xora. I was asked to attend the interview sharp at 10:30 hours, and I still remember doing a last minute change to my resume.

The job location was Indiranagar and after an initial written test that tested my english grammar and html skills, a technical interview was taken. After the interview was taken, I was asked to come the following day and meet the MD. I was prompt in clearing the test and on June 9, 2004 I was given the appointment letter.

I had some very good and some horrible Xora experiences--woh Karan Johar kehta hai naa "Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham". Let's keep the good things for later purposes...

Firstly, I had this quarrel with the man who thinks he knows all 'under the sun'. I am not really sure that if this BOSSY character is going to stay like this forever. Secondly, occasional verbal fights with my Manager left me strong. But he's a real nice guy; its just that I am bad. Thirdly, some guys robbed my money and all on my way back home. Fourthly, a chauvinist of every sort who made my life miserable with his TIME MANAGEMENt

Right Here, Bite Now with a Kutty!

I remember Salman in the days when he could identify something called 'shirts' made a statement "Dosti Kiya Hai to Nibhana To Padega Hi". Ashraf has visulized and incorporated that statement in his first proposal.
Ladies and Gentelman, the author is proud to show you moments of India's first proposal Online-Ashraf and Mili

Post=proposal--Do you want me to say "I LOVE U' in Urdu?

Let's get naughty Kutty!

To catch a Fly!!!

It’s a city of dreams- dreams, which are of paramount and weird. Bangalore also dreams: dream to catapult itself in Singapore’s identity, but don’t one sense danger too! The recent months have witnessed an increase in the rate of Sexual misdemeanors in India. Be it two school kids or an old man preying over his daughter-like-renters, its certain Voyeurism has come taken a new fold in India. Though Bangalore hasn’t been still glorified by its existence, but can you be sure that there are no Spy Cameras hovering around? Is Voyeurism here to stay or are we late in realizing its existence? Even as I write the article, I can sense something wrong happening somewhere. Are women really safe or have privacy of women under threat?

How do you define Voyeurism? Well, secret act of viewing others in sexual situations involving erotic play and taking the pictures without the consent of the others is what we can say for now. A person who has this peeping eye is called a Voyer. It would have been an easy task had we some tool for identifying a voyer. Interestingly voyer is not a hidden person. They are ordinary persons whom we encounter in day-to-day life. Often people suffer from the notion that Voyeurs are a class sitting in some cyber cafes or sexually perverted minds but these are wrong.

Consider the real-life scene. A woman in a crowded bus and manages to get a seat. A man of middle age goes near to the ladies seat though there are enough spaces in the bus to stand. He gradually puts her body over her or there’s an attempt to touch her. The woman noticed that but hardly can do anything. The writer happened to witness these scenes but was helpless since my fellow passenger thought it was pretty common. I could sense the amount of harassment that poor school and college girls have to undergo everyday at every point of the time. It’s pretty easy to write the stuffs sitting in an air-conditioned room. Let’s if we can analyze for sometime why do we have so much voyerous?

Education would be the topmost priority to begin with. Over half of the population remains desolated from literacy. Add to that they are introduced to all C grade movies at an early age. Things take a strange turn as they take their expeditions to youth. It’s tough to single out education to be the only cause of mockery for education in turn brings out latest technologies and technologies have harbored sexual fantasizes.

The first thing that generally crossed my mind when I heard the word ‘Internet’ was Sex. Yes! And I am not shy to admit that these have been quite an unusual experience for the first few months. I am much more wiser now and the Voyeurism in me has shielded quite a lot. But still am amused with the way things are shaping up these days. Every day you take up the paper or view the Television you have some sex-scandal or the other. Often the technology has been blamed for these actions, but my query is we not the guys behind this voyeurism or has voyeurism lead to technology.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Turing over a new leaf!!!

Ah here it goes again, you wont learn from your mistake. Right from day one this has been quite a common statement from my Manager to me. I have been blasted on many occasions for documentation. My manager’s review carried strings of comments (wide range and colourful!) and many of them pointing: I am unable to explain the message in a simple and concise manner. Now, initially I was reluctant to explore the mudholes, but finally when one day I had a look into my document and found out- it clearly lacked a simple approach. My redundancy to acquire the basics KISS has never been easy since I was simultaneously doing content writing.

Typically, when you are documenting something you need to keep your target audience in mind; your writing varies according to the audience. Obviously, the documentation your message will be bit different

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Getting Hazed in Purple!!!

Love comes in many forms ala Friends who would even in your grave to see that your are fully drunk. Meet the man who calls himself 'Princess of Darkness'--Balaji..Here, we are in Purple Haze and Bala dutifully checks out that yours truly is drunk. This is a moment that I am cherishing since I'm going berserk after that drink.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Wah Mere Dulhe Raja!!!

Dulhe Raja ---Shaddi ke kuch din pehle Jaynagar Shop Main

Thursday, June 01, 2006

TO be a Virgin or NOT!

"Virginity can be lost by a thought", is the possible explanation to my conclusion. It all started when Adam decided to obey what Eve said. The event didn't only trigger the henpecked era but also led to the civilization.

Questions are raised why did Eve did it? Was she married? Well we all doubt. She was a virgin who collapsed the gates because she couldn't stand guarding it.

Times changed. When the films of 'American Pie', 'Road Run' and 'Forty Days and Forty Nights' used to hit the stands, I used to sneak somehow to get two tickets and make into the hall with my girlfriend clasping her hand. And I felt great because we were not married and she was a virgin.

Once during a college fest I had met a beautiful American blonde and during our tête-à-tête I asked whether she prefers virginity or not and she said "it's a wonderful way of getting popular in school". I guess a clue had been taken from that by the youth in Bangalore.

I agree its quite hard for a teenager to be virgin but then keeping your virginity until you reach a mature stage and knowing the ifs and bits of birth control, and possible STD is important.

My girlfriend used to get wild sometimes, she wants me to pamper her but I am firm that if she is going to have it then it's only after marriage.

Am I harsh to her, or she doubts by manhood? That's a thing of ignominy. But whether she knows herself well enough that is the all important question.

The girl, whom I am going to date in future is probably going to be my wife. What are the things I require from her? Love, care, and most important 100 per cent trust.

Its all case of trust when it comes to live with a girl, if she had a pre-marital sex, she should be bold enough to dispose the matter to me, the same case holds for me too.

I may sound too vague but I don't understand the concept of casual sex. For me there has to be some emotion involved when I am going to sleep with someone.

And that emotion can only come when the particular person has rapport with me and I believe getting married for sex is" like buying 747 for free peanuts."

Men in general are better than women to talk to, I see I can talk to a man more than a women. Most of my friends believe that I am very conservative in my outlook.

That a girl clamors for sex and the ‘TDH’ (Tall, dark & Handsome) factor works, but to me marriage is an institution, the more compassion there, the more investment you do in it, the more valuable it becomes.

I would never want myself to be confronted in a situation where my wife come to make a statement that she resorted to pre-marital sex earlier and now she has problems.

I don't like myself to be the lover who said that he would go hell for her and now married he is undergoing hell.

This is the worst case think in a socialite party when someone tells you that your wife had been in his bed earlier that would make the situation really grim.

I don't curse women for pre-marital sex but in future there should be no excuse. If a man thinks that by love and compassion it would be quite reachable to solve the matter, then its ok.

But I am of the notion that I want someone whose true to me in her words .I think man who have pierced ear are better prepared for marriage and I am one since I have experienced pain and brought jewellery too.

I don't know what fate has stored for me but definitely yes! I will go by the lines as I frequently tell it my girl, "when a man holds a women hand before marriage its love, after marriage it is self-defense."

And who would not like to be protected by a virgin, after all Mother Mary was a virgin too.

Indiscrimination at Xora!!!

Oh Lord!! Why this indiscrimination--Check it out

Boys using Toilet

"I can see boys you inside, this is boys' toilet door and Boys are doing urine inside." - Pet Man

Girls Toilet Door
"I sawed you again and Lipisitick culture leads to these activities and boys cannot see through it and increase productivity under the orange suns. " - Pet Man

Party Time at Xora!!!

Lunch at resort: 1:00 PM
Facilities at Resort: Swimming Pool, Cricket, Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Table
High Tea: 4:00 PM
Departure: 6:00 PM
We also have some games organized to make this event more enjoyable.
Those of you want to use the swimming pool please do not forget to carry your swimming trunks. (Strict NO NO to skinny dipping, I don't remember seeing this on our Employee rule book)
If anyone is planning to come directly to the resort here is the address and contact numbers.
Ramee Guestline Resort
#112, AIADB, Industrial Area
Hosur Road, Attibele
Bangalore - 562107
Contact person: Sushma (Guys looking for a Date could give this number a shot)
Contact no: 22295485/86/87

Prakash Sir ke Zabardast Email!!

The earlier mail was cleared from my out box, when we restarted the system, the same old mail has come( please check the date not the delivery date).
Ali we know you are healthy and have come to office.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Manager -HR & Administration

Ali's response to Prakash's email:

I am very much well today. Had been some misunderstanding to you or must have got wrong info/stale news. I was sick but that was two weeks back.

Prakash wrote:

Ali is sick today.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Balaji-Reincarnation of Devdas!

I have always believed that Software Engineers and Boozing are inter-linked, and they lead you to mass destruction. But, there are some positive aspects too--you get to shout at your friends, you are appreciated and revered (as a drunker), you learn how to swipe clothes and off course most IMPORTANT --You become famous and get a room in the great Raj's BLOG OF FAME..You don't believe, right? How about some outrageous photos staright from the abode of Pooja Hostel. They are much dangerous than Ripley's BELIVE IT OR NOT..

For those who think they have understood, I just have 2 words: GOOD LUCK!!
For those who think they have not, I just have 2 words: DONT WORRY!!
For those who have understood & failed to implement, I just have 2 words: OH BOY!!!

Presenting Balaji Kottaram, Embedded Systems Guy for the innumerable post-boozing periods sweeping and cleaning his pukes..Thanks to Photographer, Shani for his morning contribution!

Please note: this is only meant for first-rate drunkards and people who drink cheap and filthy drinks in Konian Bar and Resturant and puke later.

Venue: Pooja Hostel
Time:8--8:30 am on 17th March, 2006
Enjoy Maadi!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ek Phool Aur Char Malayali!

People meetup accidentaly and when you do think that your life is all calm and happy, somewhere down the lane-you meet up some really lousy buggers. My life changed and it wasn't the same from the day I met up with this Mallus.

I still remember the date (actually am forced to remember it), the day the Mallus came to our abode. Life has been different altogether from that day onwards. It has changed and in one word-survival of the fittest.

May 8th, 2005 somewhere at 20:00 hours, as I was busy watching SRK dancing to the tunes of Mallika's KAAL, six MAHA KAAL's entered the room. Initially, they looked sceptical and buggers of every sort, you might say-straight from the jail.

My first recollection was "oh my God! do I need to share my room with this dirty buggers?". But you know what, sometimes life offers you a chance to experience the best in lieu of Prabheesh, Balaji, Sooraj, Zulfi and Sachin

Now, am not here to actually give you a day-by-day experience of these pathetic mallus. I will just share certain anecdotes of them. It's not going to be a 3 hr Bollywood movie cos we have a certain heroes out here and not to forget one sweet heroine.

So, fasten ur seat belts, take the pop-corns (Bala, don't snatch those, so just ask for it) and let's begin it..

Please note all the above characters are real and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely intentional.

Producer: Pooja Hostel Films Pvt.Ltd
Directed by: Rajdeep Gupta

Tong Tong Tong......and the curtain rises.......Applause Please!!!!!!!!!

Name: Prabheesh Kattambil aka Shanku
Age: 40 physically, 10 mentally
Occupation: Junior Software Engineer in Accenture (God knows!)
Residence: Pooja Hostel
Awards: Voted as India's answer to Undertaker (Ask Zulfi)
What to watch out! A weekend comedy session at TIME
Marital Status: Single and yet so romantic

Presenting the coolest, suave and dynamic professional Prabheesh Katambil. Pardon me, if you have already broken some teets pronouncing his name. Prabheesh or prabs or prabu or shanku works for Accenture as a Junior Software Engineer. Now, that's what you know!

Though sometimes, we have been told he has been downloading softwares for his project manager, asked to learn adobe photoshop and do NOTHING-yes, simply don't do anything. He comes from a place called Calicut (The land of...fill in the blanks and get a toffy) and everytime he opens his mouth, you know he is straight from there. Prabs was working in Convergys as a Technical Support before he decided to jump into Accenture. The CBI is still investigating as how prabheesh got selected in Accenture. Ask him and he will tell that he was worth of it.

We know his worthyood. Prabheesh stays in Pooja Hostel and has a very unpredictable mood sometimes. He had to constantly bear the brunts and kicks of his boss and more than often Balaji and yours truly have to calm him.

Above all, Prabs is a very nice guy, always ready to help others and share things with people. Bala am I right?

What to watch out?

Prabheesh's memorable CAT stint in March.

For further enquires, contact Balaji Kottaram.
HERO N0 2:
Name: Ballaji Kottaram aka Bala
Age: 25 physically, 5 mentally
Occupation: Software Engineer in Wipro (God knows!)
Residence: Pooja Hostel
Awards: Voted as the next Arjun Rampal of Cochin (Ask Zulfi)
What to watch out! His habit of asking and using prabheesh things.
Marital Status: Commited and seeing Himangshu

This article is incomplete without the mere touch of the style icon. I call him the 'Mallu with a difference'. Needless to say, Balaji Kottaram or is it Kuttaram, shocks me everytime with his accent. He is very stylish and takes a good care of the clothes he wears--maybe a 89 rupees t-shirt from Cabana wouldn't do his justice but so what, Aamir Khan's Tapori style in Rangeela wasn't bad too.

Off-late, Balaji has started to remodel himself in the looks of Arjun Rampal. So much that he even remodelled his hairs in Rampal's looks. This is evident more since Balaji, a constant bankrupt (earning 20, 000 rs now)would never buy toothpaste, soaps, hair cream, mosquitoes repellent but Sir! wants every luxury element in his life.

Balaji works for Wi-pro---and guess! he's in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS (Pun intended!)I share a great deal of rapport with this guy and has been consoling him for the past month or so after his famous 'appraisal'. Likes to hit the Purple Haze on weekends and has a crush on Himangshu. Now! did I'say 'guy with a difference'

What to watch out?

Balaji's much sponsored marriage in December 2006.

Name: Zulfikar Ali aka Zulfi
Age: 60 physically, 2 mentally
Occupation: Networking or maybe Line Man in ITN-Emirates Bank, Sharjah (Onsite professional!)
Residence: Some Tent in Gullllf...
Awards: Voted as India's answer to Charles Sobraj and Harshad Mehta (Ask Citibank)
What to watch out! His long distance calls ....
Marital Status: Dating Tanya Mathew

Oh boy! this guy is so far off from me now...Read an extract of his mails:

What happened guys?? No messages from you guys BACK in INDIA… hey, Is that true, bali and simon from IT coming to dubai for a project?

Ask them to contact firoz for any kinda assistance.

Now, Zulfi presently is in Dubai right now and in case, you are wondering how is he doing in his life, read the below email:

Though I am cherishing the moment now, I’m not happy.. I miss my country and my friends.. wish I could serve my India also in avaya ip configuration etc.

What to do guys… time and destiny have taken me across the “arabi kadal” and made me serve here. But no issue.. raj as I always say .. money is not a prob… it’s the mental satisfication. Of course, they pay me good, but mentally I’m there in that Pooja hostel.

At times I even consider myself to be shahrukh khan of swades. One day u can see me configuring BSNL phones of State Bank.(hope it doesn’t happen)…..

The bank is VERY MUCH SATISFIED with my service… I have fans now.. I have looks, money,style,personality..everything… but I miss my friends…..

Tell me buggers… what u want….. feel free….. ..please… atleast for now.. atleast for JOKE demand something…

Now this great gentelman has records--CITIBANK, CONVERGYS AND Pooja Hostel, Zulfi hasn't spare anyone. A very hardworking individual, when he was in Bangalore, used to look after our rooms while we were working hard in IT companies.

He had to bear Asharf's spit, Balaji's farts, Prabheesh kicks and , but he didn't complain. We gave him a small space to stay in the hostel and was happy since he had the world's most desirable girlfriend Tanya Mathew.Tanya in her words, "I desperately need your friendship."

Zulfi has achieved both success and recognition in his life now. In his words (I don't know if this mail is also a tampering one)
This is to bring to your notice that Zulfiqar was here till late night to reconfigure all the IP phones after the sudden power shut down

That we had today at 6:30 pm and will confirm to all of you by tomorrow morning before 7am that all the phone has been reconfigured

And ready to use.

Raed A. Hammoud
BUZz Contact Center Solution
I hope you guys have to understand that this famous personality.

Ha Ha! so the introduction doesn't end here-- I have to say, it's a long awaiting (though prabheesh has awaited more in Swagath Theatre than these), we have a heroine too...

Himangshu is the darling choice of all of them. He has had a crush on Balaji for many years now and as prabs will says "Bala, where u going?" Himangshu had a time with Zulfi too and they regularly played some pranks. Read this mail to know all about it:
Zulfi: Da plz send me himangshu's mail id.. I wanna send hima a mail.

And the Leading lady is .....

Name: Himangshu Kumar aka Chahcu
Age: 28 physically, 45 mentally (Bihari hai bhai!)
Occupation: Software Engineer in Accenture (Prabheesh's colleague..did I hear Bala falling down!)
Residence: Pooja Hostel
Awards: Voted as the next Indian Cricket Commentator
What to watch out! Expert in any issue..can talk nonchalantly for hours on any topic.
Marital Status: Seeing Balaji and Zulfi (Onsite)

"Hi Zulfi
I am fine here.i came to know about you from shanid.Everything is working fine in pooja Hostel .But we are definitely miising your prank.

Hope to see u soon in Bangalore.

With lots of love

Well guys ! Lemme end here---I really understand that all of you are trying to build up in your career and I wish you all the best!

All the best for the coming years!

The author is a prolific and dignified name in the world of writing. He is the author of many Bollywood reviews and works as an Information Developer for a leading Mobile technology company. An outstanding performer, he has been often been called 'India's answer to Shakespeare'...In one words--simply the best. You can reach him at

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Acting as a Matriomonial Guru!

This was probably one of the most memorable incidents of my life. Actually, it all started when I received a call from my Dad. Now, my dad don't call me that often unless and untill it's highly important. Somehow, we son and father don't know what to talk over the Phone. Going with this episode, I was on the way to my German Classes at Jaynagar, when I received a buzz from him. The No.always beckons me with anxiety as if something is amiss or 'sign of a trouble'. I won't get in much details here, but readers should know that I carry a Reliance C3305 Phone.

My dad said that I should call up mom at 11in the morning. Alright, I attended the German class and as soon as I done with that, I gave a ring to my mom. My mom would be occasionally working at that time and even though I have tried my level best, to make her realise that her health was precious than her work, she wouldnt lissen. Anyway, after 6 or 7 beeps, mom picks up the call and puts a bomb on my head. There is an alliance for my brother, and I am supposed to meet the lady. Though I was a No-No initially, but after much persistence agreed.My mom gave me the girl's cellphone number and asked me to meet her on the weekend.

I went home and tried calling her up, by the way, her name is Rumi. She works in an IT firm and ya guessed right, based in Bangalore.Each time I tried calling her up, there was no response, then suddnly she picks up and I was little nervous. Anyway, the lady tells me to meet her at 7(IST) at FORUM. For those of you who are unaware of what FORUM is. It's a place where people usually visit for they don't have any other place to visit. Situated in the Isles of Kormangala 7th Block, it's a place where boys have wonders with girls,money and gifts are dished out, auto rickshwallas have a great time and I get to date some poetry. Let's not get into details.

So here, I am reaching FORUM sharp 7 in the evening in a black t and a white jeans. I guess, I had followed the IST like a punctual dog.We are supposed to meet in Java Green, by the way, it's the best place to go round with your girl..doesn't cost you much-coffee is pretty cheap and u can sit and write poetry--if u dont have better things to do.

Anyway, let's come back to the track. I received a call from her that she has arrived and I reached at the venue. Rumi was all dressed up in Pink--dont ask me all those reasons behind all this. I said a quick 'hi' to her and sat besides her.We ordered for Coffee and started talking.

As we started speaking, I asked her questions what would be her role in the married life and how was she going to make the married life last? She went to tell me about her ambitions and how she thought married life required dedication and empathy to work. This wasn't the regular way that questions were bound to be asked, but I kept on asking and she went responding. A time came, when I realised that as if I was looking for a wife..

Anyway, she quizzed me other stuffs of my brother and after I told her, things need to be chalked out between my brother and her, she was quite OK by it. Later, I dutifully paid the Coffee bill and gave her a big NOMOSKAR and came out of the bill.
I took a breather! Phew! wasn't a very easy job, but at the end of the day, I thought I had done quite a decent one.