Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wicked Dreams!!!

I think apart from being such a beautiful and soulful track, the fact that the video features model Helena Christensen makes it even more hotter. The choreography is also something to look about. Enjoy! It remains one of the most popular chartbusters in my library.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Love You!

I've never seen you.
Or touched your skin.
I've never felt your lips
Or held you tight.
But, I know I love you.

Not because of the way you look.
Or because of that sexy voice.
Not because of the things you say.
But because of whom you are.
When we meet I will kiss you.
And hold you all night.

I love everything about you
Because it's you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The 'Backless' Theory of Kareena Kapoor

No offence to all those lovely women and girls. I love and adore beautiful women, and to an extent would pray that I date quite a few before I die and go to heaven. And, in heaven, date those beautiful angels.

Trust me! as Akhila tells me: what is Raj if he is not dating? :) Once such prominent personality, and a much talked celebrity is Kareena Kapoor, soon to be affiliated as Saif-leena. I would ask "Miss, what is with your backless theory?"

Seriously, I am all sickened up of watching news channels who have nefarious business but to showcase 'how much is too much' for Kareena. All the channels talk about the bold scenes and her backless postures in Bollywood flick, KURBAAN. But then, it is the adage of marketing:"sex sells', and I am sure we buy it.

There is something inherently sexy about the display of a woman with a sexy unfettered back. Awakening to see the vision of a shapely female naked back, one can easily be transfixed by the sheer beauty of what is surely one of the most sublime aspects of the feminine form.

The contours, outlines and the unblemished skin are all pure poetry in motion.

And so it is at parties, sure your standard cleavages, leggy-ness and pertness will win many admirers, but watch a creature enter any room in an elegant backless dress and the warning signs are on - men and women get drawn to the top of the neck downwards as the woman is quickly elevated to femme fatal status.

A simple backless dress is sure to dazzle. It’s a guaranteed show stopper. Of course, it has to be reasonably well-fitted dress as any slack will retract from the full effect.

I am sure a backless Kareena Kapoor may be the talk of the tinsel town, but then it is the provocation that makes it more striking. I do not find it something big, but then if it makes a statement then be it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have been 'in' and 'out' of relationships since the age of 18, and thankfully the tears have dried up for me to shed anymore. It makes me an emotional fool in my friends circle, where until today, my friends have never accepted that I had not slept on my first date and that it happened with me: Love. But it does.

Same with Soha and Emran in TUM MILE. Both of them have been emotional fools, Soha to an extent clearly demonstrates that Bharati naari, be it living in Capetown has no issues in sacrificing her career for her live-in-partner chauvinistic Emran. I feel such men are jerks of first-rate, who except that their girls should be running and caring their luggage everywhere.

But, what struck me in this movie is how important is to 'talk' in relationships. At times, when a couple has been seeing each other, they quite frequently ask each other both online or offline " say something' or 'you say'. Often, it makes the other person especially woman impatient. A man on the other hand seeks an excuse to come out of the meeting.

I think it is imperative for a man to share things with his girl. It is where, a good sense of humor comes into picture. Often, in difficult times, as seen in the movie, a crack of joke during the climax relieves the tension.

I think eyes talk a lot; maybe a girl understand the importance of love through the eyes of a man. In this movie, Soha was constantly trying to look into the eyes of Emran and search love there.

I agree that today' generation are calculative in love. We think much more before taking a decision to get wed unlike our parents. The habit of Live-in relationships did not come all of a sudden, but was borne out from the issues of compatibility and financial constraint. But, then can a relationship of today run like our parents for next 25 years?

I am not very sure for a very simple reason- today no one is willing to continually sacrifice for the other. Tell me will you for your partner for 25 years do it? Be honest!It is a nice movie, though became a little dramatic in the end, but then it is Bollywood.

If you love someone, be sure to let her know, but also, understand that you have to respect each other priorities for all throughout your lives and not changed all of a sudden.

The Fear

You think of situations and maybe the last thing that comes to your mind is FEAR. Yes, fear that strikes a round of anxiety and a sort of commotion that starts making you feel nervous.

Situations that can be left out of box, but suddenly with little objects and earmarked actions, it becomes suddenly dangerous and before you know fear creeps in from nowhere.You start associating yourself with each and everything that has some dark elements attached to it. Before, you know, you are scared.
Meet Neelam, a student of DPS school, New Delhi studying for her board exams. Her parents have gone to a neighborhood wedding. Unlike in Western cultures, it is extremely important that Indians attend their neighborhood weddings and every sort of rituals as a customary thing. Normally, you feel that this also brings gossips to the board tables.

Anyway, after a prolong two-hours of studies, Neelam was thirsty. She went to grab a glass of water. As she opened the refrigerator, there was a thud beyond her back. The door banged! she thought it can be just a flip of wind. It did not get into her nerves yet, but the second time, she went out, the fear struck.

She came back from the bathroom and found something, somewhere misplaced. She could not understand for a second, if she had been feeling the after effects of her drugs. There she had kept her book in the table, but then it was lying across the chair. What the freak! she hooted a scream. The rocking chair was not stationary anymore. She was scared now. She was perspiring. She had no idea what to do. The only place that she felt safe was beneath the bed.

Neelam was reading a book, which had first few lines consisting of words: Thirst, cat, doors and chair. I am not sure if there was really a supernatural figure present in that room, but it definitely was an emotional response to a threat.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Do We look Beyond Beggars!

Every day and night, as the traffic lights turn from 'Red' to 'Green' or vice versa, another episode in the mundane lives of street beggars start and begin. 'They' are in every fashion, ugly, wretched, nauseated, filthy beggars, yet poor and dependent to the core.

To a city based person, these people make the cities ugly. You and I cannot like them for we are far above from them in every ranks, atleast that's what we think about. I am a part of the society that considers begging to be a social evil, and I pray that one day it ceases to act.
But, I have seen people considering begging to be a pictorial scene of our India. To them a SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is nothing but bloody India, where still we ride on elephants to office, where it is Malaria infected and kids never go to school. Thus, human existence seem still to be in a dark world.

Some how in India begging has an image of respect since many people in olden days unknowingly claimed they would bring up children even if they have to beg or borrow and charity too is encouraged by many religions.

This has lead to rampant begging around places of worship. Many beggars may be able bodied and capable of even manual work but lazy and find and easy way out. Ours is country of contrasts- one side crorepatis are growing in huge numbers and other side poverty is increasing. There is no sincere effort to discourage begging and make them self-reliant.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Guide to a Man' Wardrobe

Let's admit it today: few men have got a taste for good women, and those who do, have a good wardrobe. You may be wondering why did I start of the topic with wardrobe and how does it play in identifying and managing good women. It is not a rocket science, but years of experience made me come to this logic.Na! I am not that papa-sugar-daddy of yours,I am pretty good in taking notices and identifying it.
The first time, I started living on my own and had a girlfriend, she was furious at the way I kept my clothes. On her pressure, I admittedly started taking notice of my wardrobes. And, as time rolls on, with few more feets touching my abode, I discovered them noticing my wardrobe then anything in my room first. So, I decided to put my wardrobe straight into the living hall. Don't tell me later about the danger.

I am not a specialist of clothes, but I generally manage to keep a decent wardrobe. The first thing that you should know is that your wardrobe needs to have in-season colors and clothes. So, if its summer, I would like to see some good-tshirts in there. Maintain a good casual attire of trousers and formal shirts. For people who perspire a lot, good deodorant is a must. Keep it right next to your set of watches.

And because, it's the time of Winter season in India, I chose to keep a party jacket, a blazer and a pullover. If you fancy wearing scarfs, you can buy one from Provogue or Proline showroom. It looks really good.

My wardrobe has always a Black shirt since I love the color. It is sexy and very appealing. So, go for it always.

Wardrobes are the most important item of furniture in your bedroom, bar the bed, so they must look good. Most high street stores now do a good range of wardrobes that have a fashionable look, but if you want something extra special think about buying an antique, or you could get one custom made.

It's fashionable to have a string bikini these days for men. Keep all your innerwears nicely tucked. I suggest Jockey and Levis. And, the colors that I choose are again Black and White.

Maintain a nice wardrobe. It just makes a very good impression. Over to you, Caroline!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Tears of Love

It is not always that I get upset and start crying. Infact, I am hardly a person to shed tears. But, today it rolls.I am very upset today,and I could not even imagine what went wrong.

After all, it was a decision taken by two matured people. How can then I be so stupid and feel bad about it? Why, why, and why?
It's been a few years that I have broken up with her, and we never kept in touch with her except a few pleasantries.But, when I saw her today with her beau, a chill went through my veins. I could not stand there seeing her with someone else. Is there something still between us? Am i jealous? Naa! it cannot be.

I can only come to this conclusion that I am an emotional guy. I made love with her and spent a great deal of time in exchanging ways to life. She gave me her everything, and was so loyal that this fool could not understand what is 'life without her presence'. It's true that we have come a long way. I have had girls in my life after that, and she has moved on the same.

But, I still think, you feel an emptiness in your heart no matter whomever occupies it. I am gonna miss you. Guess! it was love.

Monday, November 02, 2009

To Delhi with Love!

I love this city-Delhi. I love everything about it. Be it the beautiful Delhi rains, or the wondrous escapades of morning life, there is everything that a human being longs for.

My love for this city begun when I came as a baby boy in mama's arms. We were in the trip to North at that period. I think dad took us to Delhi, Agra, Dehradun, Rishikesh and so on. To me these are not mere places that I visited, but beautiful moments that I keep on reminding myself.
I woke up early today, had managed to get a decent late night sleep in the flight. Jet Airways have always taken great care of passengers. The frequent trips earned me lot of friends and especially a beautiful JetAir hostess..oh! that is another story. Maybe some other day.

I am sitting in this park and looking at the passerby. Some are jogging, some trying to warm their bodies with an early cup of tea and of course, some love birds romancing. I jogged a little bit, not that I have an athletic body, but it is in these period that I manage to capture DELHI in my lenses. Yes, I love photography.

Had not my ex-girlfriend stopped me in Bangalore, I would have been selling moomfallis in Agra or Delhi. Someone actually told me the other day.

Delhi is a historical place; everything seem to happen here. We got Independence here...a walk down the isles takes me to Red Fort, where I can feel myself as a proud countryman. I do not think I am patriotic. No one can call themselves patriotic because we are too busy in this materialistic world to even care about our nation.

We are a bunch of selfish, self-obsessed Indians who wants a pie for them first. How can we be different? I do not know. Delhi also happens to be a place of foodie. Oh! right from Reshmi Kabbabs in Chandni Chowk to Biriyani of Nizamuddin.

I actually freaked out here a few years back with Sonal, who used to work in a call center. We used to come in groups and spend awesome nights sipping coffee and talking..just talking. I am told by few people that I do speak well. That's one of the reasons, I get my coffee sponsored.

I have a program in some hours, but then I wanted to write this. I just wanted to thank this city for all its beautiful histories. It is not always a guy like me gets nostalgic, but then 'Sex' and 'Raj' are good when they are high. So, let me say adios. I am gonna run for my show, and as usual this time it will be with pride. God bless!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Parting

Traveled a hundred miles with hope and dreams
Traveled a hundred miles with cherished smile
It was the 5th of April my dear
It was the 5th of April when they said hi

Dressed in a white T and Blue Jeans,
She strolled in a Red Santro
Ten hours and forty minutes, when she said “finally”

She was down with all cold and all
But still the sun’s rays couldn’t keep her from smile
Arms with bangles of all colors
She shined in that nosy ring.

Coffee day with Assam Tea, she started speaking
But! Her fingers were texting while her eyes were searching
As they converse stories of many a fold
The guy couldn’t stop pulling her legs,

They shopped and shopped
Till she said “kuch thikka ho jahee” (let's have something spicy)
He wished she could stay
But she didn’t wish to.

As they departed, she shook his hands
He wished he could just caress her face,
Bye my dear! Bye my touch
She stopped,and winked me.

Traveled a hundred miles with hope and dreams
Traveled a hundred miles with cherished smile
It was the 5th of April my dear
It was the 5th of April when they said hi