Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Mama's desk- Letter to an Unborn Daughter

To my dearest Daughter,

Last night was the happiest moment in my life. You know why? Your dad and I chose to see the doctor for Sonogram report. The beatings of my heart has not stopped a bit since than. As the lights dimmed and a bright funnel of ray emitted on the glass tube, I could see you. Yes, my princess! I could see those tiny legs of your moving. The feelings of your soft hands warming my belly. I cannot express it. I could only say your dad's hands were locked into mine.

My dear, I am waiting for the day, when you will walk into our threshold. This waiting has been a sweethoo for me since the time I met your dad. When the expectant mother braces the news that she is going to deliver a child soon, the joy went leaps and bounds as the d-day progresses. This just went a step further when we saw you in the tube yesterday.

Let me tell you about how your dad and I met. You would anyway ask me at future course of your life. We met each other in Orkut. It is a kind of a social networking community in the world of internet. For the time being, it is OK for you to know only about Orkut. We scraped and than conversed over the phone. Your dad has always been scared of me. He says that I have got large eyes.

Anyway, he came to see your granny and grandad and asked them for my hands. At first, they rejected overight and turned him down. But than, he did not give up. And, after much of the cooing and all the stuffs and my stand for him, our parents agreed. Today, they are proud to have your dad as in-laws. Btw..don't tell dad about it. I know you are going to be his pet. But stil. it's your mommy speaking.

I never expected to be like this. You know during my college days, I was like this hard crack pyscho. I used to love pulling each one's legs ,and used to get really annoyed when somebody pulled mine. And so to watch an expectant smile from me on your birth is more than friends to pull my legs. Last evening I received a call from a friend in Singapore, and he could not stop pulling my legs.

My dear, I chose to bring you in this world and usher you with happiness. I hope that when you walk take those small tiny steps in our threshold it would scatter more happiness in our lives. How I wish! I had conceived you on the onset of Diwali. Your dad has already started constructing a new room for you and will be filled with the toys .

Oh by the way, you need to stop those multi-kicks at night. It is so bad on your part. These kicks hurt added to the squeals you make. I can also sense the dreaded smile on your lips and the continuous grins that make echoes and beats faster. I have suddenly developed an urgeness to eat lot and some people say half of the food is eaten for you. How! i remember this

And you come into my life. Inspite of the pains that I am facing now, its the sweetness of your life that makes me happy. The fact that there is a new born baby growing within me is a joy that cannot be told. I am waiting for the day when you will see this world with your beautiful starry eyes. I am sure you too looking to be embraced by your mother.

When you grow up to read this letter probably you will think your mother was crazy. But trust me, when a girl gifts a mother to her child, she is no longer a girl. She has blossomed into a beautiful woman, and I cannot express that happiness to you in words.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Four Hundred Rupees Hairstyle

(These are lines written for a dear friend of mine, who chose to trouble the society at large by her new hairstyle. Let's say a Four Hundred Rupees hairstyle. I hope she does not murder me for writing this, though chances are one hundred percent.:) Have a safe and prosperous Diwali)

Four Notes of big Hundred Style

Flocks of hairs, here and there
Falling on those deep shoulders
Some say its the new hair stylo
I say four notes of big hundred style

Dressed in Black kurta and Red dhoti (I really do not what it is! sorry)
She guile in awesome style
Black hairs smell fine
A perfume coated hair
I call it four notes of big hundred style

Trimmed nicely, the locks fall in the bosom
A nice cute smile wave from behind
It looks like a coated angel
Waving magic through her smile.

Fashion statement she made with those hairs
Mama asks why?
She care to listen.
A singing beauty, rapturous smile
Oh! what four notes of big hundred style

And thus I say...

Flocks of hairs, here and there
Falling on those deep shoulders
Some say its the near hair style
I call it four notes of big hundred style

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Knock Knock! Girlfriend in your Castle

[I am sharing this due to one of my friends request to guide him on the topic of asking his girl to come down to his room. Girls, please in no way I am responsible for any sort of resentment that may arose after reading this.
This is a purely work of fiction and any resemblance to any characters is purely unintentional.]

Firstly, do not jump at the very instant you hear this. A perfect way to accept this great news is "ashana". Do you do meditation? My better half told me once, "Deep, meditate na. Everything will be at peace than."

Important thing is she did not tell me how long do I have to hold my breadth. By the way, I do not have any saying in front of those large eyes :) I'll have passed out had she not knocked at the door than :) Ask her, since most of the times she gives some weird reasons but this is life and death.

Clean your room. The first impression is that she would hate to walk into a house which is an epitome of dirtiness. Clean it. Spray some nice room freshener especially the living room. I am such a hygienic person. Don't trust me! check the police records. And, if that does not satisfy, check all my examination papers till now. Most of them are spotless white.

Now, decide what time she is going come to your place. Have a quick shower! Dress up light. Don't wear something glossy. If you are going to be naughty, dress seductively. A Kerala towel will do wonders.

When she is at your place, and she has come bit early, do not hesitate to invite her to your kitchen. Girlfriends have always this habit of sneaking and snooping here and there. Even, if she is there in the kitchen, she will make it a habit to scan each and every nook. Do not forget to hide those beer bottles and empty cans.

If she is coming to your place for the first time and your staying with a gang of roomies, be a gentleman. Throw your roomies out or politely ask them to take their assess out for a day. Never ever ask her to come before the 'enemies' are outside.

When you are at the kitchen preparing food or anything that may involve separation for more than 5 minutes, please carry any valuable articles or objects with you. Please check that your mobile phone has any traces of your ex-girlfriend's messages. And, huh! most importantly, never ever speak about your ex before them. Sure! turn off.

The first time, she comes, make it a habit to have a lot of conversation. Don't keep staring at her for long time. Most of the girls do not like it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Son of a Preacher Man

It has been another eventful day for Tom. Eventful-because he has managed to perform umpteenth tasks at minimal risks. These tasks that Tom regularly performs have nothing to do with domestic chores or studies. It has to do with his infighting with his father- Father George, a priest in Kollam, Kerala.

Father George, a stout disciplined preacher took the white gown at a very young age. Like most of the preachers, he too spent a great deal of time in advocating the tenets of Christianity. Father George is a lovable figure to everyone. But, to Tom he was a merciless father who did not have bestow any sort of love or affection to him.

Tom wanted to pursue a life of riches and pleasure. He wanted to dress up like those of the rich kids, and go to school by cars. He wanted to get the first seat in Sunday's mass at church for he was the preacher. But, Father George is a disciplined man. Though Father George was gifted with a car but he hardly used it. He was against any worldly pleasures. He has no qualms if these pleasures were meant for others, but he refrained it from using or anyone by his family.

Tom is the only child. He lost his mother during birth, and though Father George had raised him quite well, Tom found him guilty. He felt he was responsible for his mother's untimely death. George never made Tom realize that.

Tom was sent to the best of the schools in Kollam and given the best of education. Tom also proved to be a meritorious student averaging more than 60 percent in his board exams. But when Tom stepped in college, life took a turn.

He had friends who were constantly interacting and trying to balance the solitude between his college and personal life. Tom is a good student. But the society at large has been pain to check the constant interaction.

Tom fell in love with a girl and within a few days he turned himself completely changed. He wanted to spend more and more time with her. She wanted to give him an usherance of "everything's perfect".

Tom decided to take his dad car. Father George was in the dinner table...


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dada's last stint in Bangalore

Head high, shoulders broad and he walked away- upto a staggering Bangalore crowd that assembled to bade the prince of Kolkata goodbye. Chinawasswamy stadium has bear witnesses to many a befitting cricketers farewell, and the unlucky 13 October witnessed one more.

The aggressive champion, spinners nightmare, darling of the crowds and a fighter played for the last time at Chinaswamy stadium. I was honored to be at the stadium when beloved 'Dada' said "Goodbye' to M Chinawawamy stadium.

It all started with a call from my friend, Sameer inviting me to watch the 1st Test between India and Australia. Though I like cricket, but offlate I've been a little reticent for the game.

I had become busy with my work and maybe don't have that patience of watching 11 cricketers playing for the 90 overs. But, sameer was like "let's go yaar".

The following day I found myself in the B gallery of Chinawaswamy stadium. MG Road bore a look of deserted folks as most of them had assembled to see India batting. Quick wickets of India fell down and it was left to the old horses to see India through. Ganguly and VVS saw that India does not lose the match in any fashion.

It was the day of Prince right from the word 'Go'. He played all around the shots in the book executing each and ever shot to perfection. His timing was impeccable. He even decided to entertain the crowd by dancing down the track and lifting spinners over the long-on area- a characteristic touch of the Sourav Ganguly. The crowd cheered along.

Ricky ponting was on a misson. He brought on Bret Lee and Shane Watson who tried to exploit Sourav's weakness against short-pitch bowling. Shane in particular was lethal when he got a ball to jack from the pitch and hit on Sourav's nose.

The red kerchief came along to wipe out the blood stains. There was a minute break before the match started again. Sourav had a quick chat with VVS and no matter what VVS said the next ball found itself in the gallery. SOurav like old times, had the last smile.

Banners and vendanas depicting Ganguly's portrait as a loved leader of the masses were seen everywhere. It could be nostalgic for him since this is the very venue where he got his previous score of 259. The electronic board had a banner of Sourav saying: DADA WILL NEVER RESIDE AWAY FROM OUR HEART.

He wouldn't for sure, since he is a kind of a player, who infused the fiery spirit in the Indian cricket team, a captain with brains who always instigated youth and played with that passion.

One of the controversial cricketers of the game who played the game. I am so happy to see him playing for the last time in Bangalore. The match ends in a draw, and DADA befittingly walks back.

Michael Hussey calls him to stop and shakes hands with him. VVS Lakshman has a quiet word with him. Off comes the helmet and bandana, and a rotation of hands.

There was little emotion somewhere lingering by. Perhaps, Dada knew and so do well. It was wonderful to see this great player walk away. Perhaps if he had touched the milestone of 7000, it would have another feather in his cap, but it was not to be.

The BCCI seats in the gallery were empty; some police officials were enjoying the view. I chose to speak a lot. Perhaps, Sourav wouldn't play anymore in Bangalore, but the fact is this aggressive cricketer would be missed in the years to game. Truly! the prince calls it a day.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Fashion Mistake

Look, when you are between the ripe age of sixteen and twenty-one, lot of mistakes happen. Mistakes that are hesitatingly referred to as 'pain in the ass', and to my friends a fashion mishap. I have always liked wearing nice clothes. Who does not by the way? So, though the incident that I'll relate here has to do with clothes. Care to read.

I had just been to the college in Bangalore, and everything seemed to be 'drop-down'. Drop-down refers to the environment condition in which you feel yourselves pants falling down at will. Priya- freshness in every aspect, a St.Josephs student. Priya was in the eyes of every guy who wishes to have a life partner. I say life partner because you don't wish to freak out with her.

I thought I had to converse with Priya. My friend guided me that everything falls correct on the Valentines day, and I had to wear 'a low-rise jeans'-emphatically masculine. Many people still seem to think that low rise jeans and its blood relative, the ‘dangerously low-rise’ variety, cling tenaciously on in India.

I wore it and went to Priya. The moment she looked at me , she asked "what the hell! what happen to you waist". I ran away from there..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stop Manufacturing Cigarettes

"The decision you make today will decide your fate for tomorrow." is aptly true for the Health ministry of India. Mr. Ramadoss who has been leading the Health ministry for sometimes has regulated that from starting October 2, smoking in public places will impose hefty monetary penalty. It may in also in some cases result in imprisonment.

This decision of the government has led to quite a debate with most of the analysts trying to scrutinize the decision as 'right' or 'wrong'. Understandably, the Indian media with the dozens of television channels are trying to make it a more of a prime time issue than anything else and scaling up the TRP ratings.

I am not here to debate if it's the right or wrong decision. This article seeks to find out "why is the govt. not banning the manufacturing of cigarettes at first step?"

I am NOT a smoker though I tried it in once college; I somehow didn't like the odor of it and stopped there and than. SMOKING to me harms more than the AIDS. It results in the entire environment getting polluted.

Research has proved time and again that passive smokers are likely to be affected more than the active ones. In that context, I suggest those active smokers will now more smoke in their premises causing more pollution than anything else. Has the government given a thought about it?

Guess, we all know the revenue gathered from the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited (ITC) industry is enormous. The excise duties leveraged on these contributes more to the government's business.

It is a thriving and building business. To call it means a lot of revenue in the exiled zone, and its not that the decision process that needs to be executed properly.

A product that is launched in the market has to be nicely packaged and target properly to the intended audience. The audience are in need of the product. Any impact to the product distribution drastically affects the revenue as well as the package part. So, my question is why is this jeopardy?

In one hand, you are asking the government to keep on manufacturing cigarettes and on the other hand ban smoking in public places?

ITC has imposed a case on the regulatory body to stop this. It's important that certain legislation are passed by the public to quickly work on the ban imposed. To start with, the public should withhold the buying of cigarettes.

That would result in the dealers to stop getting them to the market.The government needs to pay attention to the root cause to the problem.

In a democratic nation like Indian, where every body has the damn right to express and use any sort of product for the personal use.

If you wish to impose the bank, stop manufacturing the cigarettes at the first step. Once we stop manufacturing them, rest everything will fall in place. Let's just do what we should do in first place and not just go on regulating ordinances.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

I must ask the readers before all of you start reading this post. What's wrong with me? Will I be ever lucky in love? I guess, a 'NO' would be the answer.

I don't wish to write about this or scribble about it. But than, do I need a reason or ask someone if I do this. What happened in the last weeks of September 2008 were the most beautiful and amazing moments with this little princess who walked into my life.

She not only infused me a belief of love but made me a nicer human being. A complete human being would be the right word. The long hours over the phone, the minute details in our respective lives were shared. For her, I was a baby, a person who infused charm and a belief that "love is special".

Unfortunately, her parent's pressure were too enough for her to withstand. She had to crush her feelings for that guy. I tried my level best to convince her, said I would wait years for her. She just said, "I'll think about it."

Parents play a role in every one's lives; they are special in every sense. They provide us with life's basic needs in terms of food, clothing and shelter. And one day, decides to take the pivotal decision of getting the kid married.

It's all nice and fine, but they just missed the important point-their daughter's wishes. She too dreams of a special person in her life, who gives her all the happiness and makes happy. Isn't that supposed to be important and not this caste and type?

Over the years, we have kept on debating on this ranks and frankly can you tell me how it has contributed? I seriously doubt, if it has help us in anyway. It has made life more miserable. Does money, ranks, caste matters to such an extent that you'll overlook the other qualities in a person.

To an extent, a girl is emotionally blackmailed at times and the girl succumbs to it. What can she possibly do also? She has seen her parents toiling hard for her, and she couldn't speak.

I don't blame her. What could she possibly do? In a society like India, we are dependent on our parents to such an extent that a girl or a boy takes years to get independent. I think that needs to be changed.

Every relationship teaches. This one did too. I guess this taught me how a girl succumbs to the pressure of her parents. She never gets a chance to live her life. What could be more tragic than this? A girl needs to break down the barriers and see her voice is heard and more understood.

As for me, it would be very hard for me to even forget this face. But, I guess I'll wait for her. Yes, I'll wait for her to come out from the shell. Be an independent woman. That's I wanted her. As for my life, well I have already lived it with her. :)