Monday, August 27, 2007

Advertisement for Team India's Coach

If you meet the criteria stated below you can apply for the job. Your CV should reach the Honorary Secretary, Board of Control for Cricket in India, CRICKET CENTRE, 2nd Floor, Wankhede Stadium, 'D' Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020 on or before September 15. Email: / .


a) Working closely with the Selection Committee and interacting periodically with the Review Committee to be set up by the Board.

b) Should have the ability to plan and manage programs for the elite cricketers

c) Should be capable of building positive relations with the public and media.

d) Should be capable of motivating players and thus helping them to optimize their performances at all times.

e) Should be familiar with the use of performance analysis software packages.

f) Should be available to conduct clinics and workshops for the local coaches

g) Should have excellent communicating skills as he is required to communicate at different levels like players, team management, selectors and the Board

h) Should be capable of providing the team with tactical expertise


a) Should be a qualified coach with minimum level III coaching accreditation from Cricket Australia, England or India

b) Should have played at least level of First Class cricket.

c) Extensive coaching experience and expertise in working with elite cricketers

d) Should possess basic IT skills to be able to operate the match analysis program

e) Should have been a coach of an international or national team or a coach at an elite Coaching Centre of international repute

f) Should have basic knowledge of Indian cricket, Indian player pathway and Indian culture and ethos

g) Should have basic knowledge of Sports Science and Sports Medicine

h) Should be capable of handling the team under high pressure situations

i) Should possess outstanding organizational skills

j) Should have knowledge of the international coaching trends

k) Should have experience in using the video technology.


a) The appointment as coach shall be for a period of two years, starting from October 1, 2007.

b) The job requires a great deal of time away from home traveling with the Indian team both in India and Abroad

c) Terms and conditions are negotiable

Friday, August 17, 2007



Fellow Neighbours,

This profile comes from the locales of Javacity, Koramangala.

I never thought I'd say this, but I am all grown up. At a declaration meet recently, someone
over the coffee table looked at me and asked,"don't you Orkut?" I painstakingly responded's waste of time to which she gave me a pitying look usually reserved for endangered creatures.

It's a different story although that within next few days, my entire routine had turned topsy-turvy, but hell! who cares- writers are always perceived to be those nonsense fellas with grin on their faces. Just ask any fellow software developer and get ready for some amazing comments. As for the lady, well she chose to go out for me a date, which lasted only for 10 minutes. But before she went out with her BF, I was made aware of Shakira's Hips, Liposuction creativity, blah blah..

I searched again- this time a Coffee day waitress (studies in Christ College)- I thought God! Cappucino would really taste well this time. Well, early Sunday morning we were in Thomas Chruch- the lady prayed (I was praying with two hands folded), and she looked at me and uttered those golden words, "I'm engaged". I looked into the yonder sky..couldn't see God. Much like that cloudy sky, I too felt my life had engulfed in dark clouds.

And then this writer walked in; she made me believe that I needed to smile more and talk less. Why? For she does that job so well. Bunny, as I fondly call her gave
me an Appam treat and also a lesson in punctuality. I decided that here's someone who had a thought for every topic and holla! a guy like me bowed down and said "Thy care to be respected lady". She is one of the best friends I have till date, and we both are pleasantly surprised by that.

And the seasons rolls on..the last time I went out with a girl from Orkut, we landed up in Amoeba. The good part is this Balwdins chick has become my Bowling partner, and
ya! when she rolls that ball, I am too rolled or bowled over.

Thanks guys for being a part of my life! I enjoyed each and every second of this Orkutting phase.

Thanks Mr.Bernokutten! Is he a Turkish or a Malyalee? A big round of applause for you conceiving this stuff.

But just like every good thing, this too ends here. I need
to get hold on my career! But girls, guruji is always there to help. You can find me on weeknights at Brewhaha, Koramangala (Near JNC) somewhere between 8-10.

Adios pals!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Don't Run In Courts-Get an Online Divorce

What is this world coming to? Just too advanced? Is she reading this.....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

FUGA Rocks

Ya the party continues..awesome girls and dogs watching them..........sssssssssshhhh sssssssssshhhhhhhhh

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poster of the Night: Identify the Autowallah?


When I Smoked for the First & Last Time

Do I Inhale in or out?

Awful feeling.........Purple Haze, Koramangala with Nirvana in the Background