Sunday, November 28, 2010

Confession of a lover!

I have been in a relationship for quite sometime now. It has not been that quiet. We had our odd differences and arguments. I have been at faults most of the time. I sometime feel I could have avoided that argument or fight. But it just happen. I just feel I have not been able to do justice to her love. More so, when your lover is an eternal romantic. The only thing that brings smile to her face is me.

I know that she cannot even stand a day without speaking to me. Everything she does is to make me happy. It makes her smile whenever she watches me smiling. My goals, dreams and objects of interest are considered to be her own. I do not how she does it, but she is just too perfect. 

She is younger to me in years, and I know this is her age to be as naughty and chulbulli she could be, but sometimes I forget. I would forget and rationalize with her of not being practical. But, Raj how could she be? she is so young and she needs my love and support to make her feel that? I feel this blog post is in a way my reconciliation to the fact of those unspoken words and deeds.

I do not know if there is something called true love or lover. But, even if someone makes you feel that the person is just there for you, then it is love. Love is a beautiful thing and I hope I can do justice to it. It is a privilege to be in someone's arms forgetting all the sadness and pathos of life. I wish to be loved and you fulfill it with all your charms. We will have to travel a lot, but I am sure we will cover the distance with a smile. Thanks is not the appropriate word here, but I am in all awe of you.