Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Corporate Love Affair

In my career spanning some years, breezy hours and awesome seconds,I have never witnessed the tragedy of back stab. It may lead to some brows in a corporate world where often the deals happened in the wee hours of early mornings, parties thrown in the name of projects, sexual ladder are taken to reach certain peaks and so on is done for a price. I have tried to keep myself aloof from a lot of socializing in office.

Even at times, I have distanced myself from having relationships with a colleague, who is one of the hottest looking glamorous woman in town. It is due to this I sometime curse myself for not going with this path.

Then she came. She was Farha- the most beautiful women that I have had seen. Infact there was not a piece of iota of doubt that Farha would be the next spring of sunshine in our boredom official life.

In the due course of time, Farha stepping into my cubicle and discussing things with me made me too a special person. Being a teetotaler sometime can be unusually blessing at times. I was invited to parties that no one would have ever fancied of. And, that is only because of Farha. I chose not to be offended by the ignominious expression of disbelief and shock.

When you are in the presence of someone who make you believe that you are an incomplete person without her touch and presence, you think it is nice to be incomplete. I see myself as a failure rather than an achiever. I am contended or how should I put satisfied with it. Because, I learnt it in 2009 certain things are out of my league.

Over the next few moments, in the uncountable mugs of coffees and teas, I discovered that falling in love with an attractive young woman is not an offense. It is rather a time of elation. But, then when you realise that the very moment used you to as a medium for getting higher in the ranks you are revengeful. I was for a moment speechless when Farha said that certain things could not be worked out, and we were not to be couples. But, then over the next few days, over drinks and pornography movies, I realised that there is a life except love.

I may have been used in this corporate ladder, but such things are redeemable in this world only. Whatever you do, good or bad, you have to pay it back to the society in this life only. I heard that she is seeing Arun now. For a moment, I opened my drawer, there lies the beautiful snap of Farah. She still invades me at will.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I have some deep feelings inside
Wish I had words besides
Wish I had words besides

Words to make you feel happy and smile
Words to make the long lips wave miles
Words to sail you in the bottom of my heart

Alas! thine is far
And i got to whisper "will you feel my touch?

I have some deep feelings inside
Wish I had some words besides
Wish I had words besides

Sunday, December 13, 2009

India: A Nation of Division

As of today I reside in a country that had once 25 States and 7 Union Territories. I have lost count of it now. I do not even remember the last time I heard a school kid being asked how many states are there in India in the infinite quiz shows that are held in hundreds of private television channels across India. College guys and working professionals do not have much idea of the same, anyway.

Understandably, the quizmaster considers that question to change any day. I say this in a public forum and am totally clueless of how many States does this country has today? But, does this answer really matter since tomorrow every locality will have their own identity. I do not know where all this will lead but one thing for sure I am against it.

Story goes that Gandhiji had told Sardar that if partion happened it will result in more division of countries. His prophecy did not have to wait years; it happened soon and enough. Our politicans made it sure that they will do anything in the book to crush and roll these countries to pieces. After ravaging this nation and crushing it inch by inch, with skyrocketed prices and corruption at every nook, it decided to divide and rule.

I will not want to get into the root cause of why is this division of places? My question is can we not co-exist? Is Telengana separation essential? What happens to Gorkhaland tomorrow? Will Assam became a separate country? My question is if all of the states start thinking of the logic that these are neglected and they need to come out and have their own independent state.

But do these states think that having an independent State will make them free from anything that is remotely past? Do they think the center will be start taking more interest in their welfare and zillions of bucks will be spent to set up and start off with implementation? I am not a financial analyst, but my conscience suggest that a country with GDP ratio of 7.5 has lots of economic instability to look into rather than planning schemes for hundreds of other states.

I cannot understand the logic behind the rationale of a separate State. Why cannot a States co-exist and function as a unit together? Power crazy politicians will not delimit here. Taking a hasty decision such as has invited wrath and more challenges before the government. I have nothing more to add here, but I do not see any future of India. This county has gone to dogs!

Friday, December 11, 2009


As I reclined on the couch, my eyes go back to the memory lane,
with sweet memories round the corner creep up now and then,
Memories of sweet and ugly flashes with vigor again.

Somewhere could I still hear the lullaby she sung,
perhaps mom was calling me from dark woods,
Memories of attempts to fulfill my parent' desire
But,could never be the one.

Sweat she bore with all her desire,
left behind is her memories.

Memories such sweet as mine, are
only memories to die for.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I have not Puked Since 93'

This is one of my all-time favorite scenes from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Try this sometime! It may just work...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wicked Dreams!!!

I think apart from being such a beautiful and soulful track, the fact that the video features model Helena Christensen makes it even more hotter. The choreography is also something to look about. Enjoy! It remains one of the most popular chartbusters in my library.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Love You!

I've never seen you.
Or touched your skin.
I've never felt your lips
Or held you tight.
But, I know I love you.

Not because of the way you look.
Or because of that sexy voice.
Not because of the things you say.
But because of whom you are.
When we meet I will kiss you.
And hold you all night.

I love everything about you
Because it's you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The 'Backless' Theory of Kareena Kapoor

No offence to all those lovely women and girls. I love and adore beautiful women, and to an extent would pray that I date quite a few before I die and go to heaven. And, in heaven, date those beautiful angels.

Trust me! as Akhila tells me: what is Raj if he is not dating? :) Once such prominent personality, and a much talked celebrity is Kareena Kapoor, soon to be affiliated as Saif-leena. I would ask "Miss, what is with your backless theory?"

Seriously, I am all sickened up of watching news channels who have nefarious business but to showcase 'how much is too much' for Kareena. All the channels talk about the bold scenes and her backless postures in Bollywood flick, KURBAAN. But then, it is the adage of marketing:"sex sells', and I am sure we buy it.

There is something inherently sexy about the display of a woman with a sexy unfettered back. Awakening to see the vision of a shapely female naked back, one can easily be transfixed by the sheer beauty of what is surely one of the most sublime aspects of the feminine form.

The contours, outlines and the unblemished skin are all pure poetry in motion.

And so it is at parties, sure your standard cleavages, leggy-ness and pertness will win many admirers, but watch a creature enter any room in an elegant backless dress and the warning signs are on - men and women get drawn to the top of the neck downwards as the woman is quickly elevated to femme fatal status.

A simple backless dress is sure to dazzle. It’s a guaranteed show stopper. Of course, it has to be reasonably well-fitted dress as any slack will retract from the full effect.

I am sure a backless Kareena Kapoor may be the talk of the tinsel town, but then it is the provocation that makes it more striking. I do not find it something big, but then if it makes a statement then be it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have been 'in' and 'out' of relationships since the age of 18, and thankfully the tears have dried up for me to shed anymore. It makes me an emotional fool in my friends circle, where until today, my friends have never accepted that I had not slept on my first date and that it happened with me: Love. But it does.

Same with Soha and Emran in TUM MILE. Both of them have been emotional fools, Soha to an extent clearly demonstrates that Bharati naari, be it living in Capetown has no issues in sacrificing her career for her live-in-partner chauvinistic Emran. I feel such men are jerks of first-rate, who except that their girls should be running and caring their luggage everywhere.

But, what struck me in this movie is how important is to 'talk' in relationships. At times, when a couple has been seeing each other, they quite frequently ask each other both online or offline " say something' or 'you say'. Often, it makes the other person especially woman impatient. A man on the other hand seeks an excuse to come out of the meeting.

I think it is imperative for a man to share things with his girl. It is where, a good sense of humor comes into picture. Often, in difficult times, as seen in the movie, a crack of joke during the climax relieves the tension.

I think eyes talk a lot; maybe a girl understand the importance of love through the eyes of a man. In this movie, Soha was constantly trying to look into the eyes of Emran and search love there.

I agree that today' generation are calculative in love. We think much more before taking a decision to get wed unlike our parents. The habit of Live-in relationships did not come all of a sudden, but was borne out from the issues of compatibility and financial constraint. But, then can a relationship of today run like our parents for next 25 years?

I am not very sure for a very simple reason- today no one is willing to continually sacrifice for the other. Tell me will you for your partner for 25 years do it? Be honest!It is a nice movie, though became a little dramatic in the end, but then it is Bollywood.

If you love someone, be sure to let her know, but also, understand that you have to respect each other priorities for all throughout your lives and not changed all of a sudden.

The Fear

You think of situations and maybe the last thing that comes to your mind is FEAR. Yes, fear that strikes a round of anxiety and a sort of commotion that starts making you feel nervous.

Situations that can be left out of box, but suddenly with little objects and earmarked actions, it becomes suddenly dangerous and before you know fear creeps in from nowhere.You start associating yourself with each and everything that has some dark elements attached to it. Before, you know, you are scared.
Meet Neelam, a student of DPS school, New Delhi studying for her board exams. Her parents have gone to a neighborhood wedding. Unlike in Western cultures, it is extremely important that Indians attend their neighborhood weddings and every sort of rituals as a customary thing. Normally, you feel that this also brings gossips to the board tables.

Anyway, after a prolong two-hours of studies, Neelam was thirsty. She went to grab a glass of water. As she opened the refrigerator, there was a thud beyond her back. The door banged! she thought it can be just a flip of wind. It did not get into her nerves yet, but the second time, she went out, the fear struck.

She came back from the bathroom and found something, somewhere misplaced. She could not understand for a second, if she had been feeling the after effects of her drugs. There she had kept her book in the table, but then it was lying across the chair. What the freak! she hooted a scream. The rocking chair was not stationary anymore. She was scared now. She was perspiring. She had no idea what to do. The only place that she felt safe was beneath the bed.

Neelam was reading a book, which had first few lines consisting of words: Thirst, cat, doors and chair. I am not sure if there was really a supernatural figure present in that room, but it definitely was an emotional response to a threat.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Do We look Beyond Beggars!

Every day and night, as the traffic lights turn from 'Red' to 'Green' or vice versa, another episode in the mundane lives of street beggars start and begin. 'They' are in every fashion, ugly, wretched, nauseated, filthy beggars, yet poor and dependent to the core.

To a city based person, these people make the cities ugly. You and I cannot like them for we are far above from them in every ranks, atleast that's what we think about. I am a part of the society that considers begging to be a social evil, and I pray that one day it ceases to act.
But, I have seen people considering begging to be a pictorial scene of our India. To them a SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is nothing but bloody India, where still we ride on elephants to office, where it is Malaria infected and kids never go to school. Thus, human existence seem still to be in a dark world.

Some how in India begging has an image of respect since many people in olden days unknowingly claimed they would bring up children even if they have to beg or borrow and charity too is encouraged by many religions.

This has lead to rampant begging around places of worship. Many beggars may be able bodied and capable of even manual work but lazy and find and easy way out. Ours is country of contrasts- one side crorepatis are growing in huge numbers and other side poverty is increasing. There is no sincere effort to discourage begging and make them self-reliant.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Guide to a Man' Wardrobe

Let's admit it today: few men have got a taste for good women, and those who do, have a good wardrobe. You may be wondering why did I start of the topic with wardrobe and how does it play in identifying and managing good women. It is not a rocket science, but years of experience made me come to this logic.Na! I am not that papa-sugar-daddy of yours,I am pretty good in taking notices and identifying it.
The first time, I started living on my own and had a girlfriend, she was furious at the way I kept my clothes. On her pressure, I admittedly started taking notice of my wardrobes. And, as time rolls on, with few more feets touching my abode, I discovered them noticing my wardrobe then anything in my room first. So, I decided to put my wardrobe straight into the living hall. Don't tell me later about the danger.

I am not a specialist of clothes, but I generally manage to keep a decent wardrobe. The first thing that you should know is that your wardrobe needs to have in-season colors and clothes. So, if its summer, I would like to see some good-tshirts in there. Maintain a good casual attire of trousers and formal shirts. For people who perspire a lot, good deodorant is a must. Keep it right next to your set of watches.

And because, it's the time of Winter season in India, I chose to keep a party jacket, a blazer and a pullover. If you fancy wearing scarfs, you can buy one from Provogue or Proline showroom. It looks really good.

My wardrobe has always a Black shirt since I love the color. It is sexy and very appealing. So, go for it always.

Wardrobes are the most important item of furniture in your bedroom, bar the bed, so they must look good. Most high street stores now do a good range of wardrobes that have a fashionable look, but if you want something extra special think about buying an antique, or you could get one custom made.

It's fashionable to have a string bikini these days for men. Keep all your innerwears nicely tucked. I suggest Jockey and Levis. And, the colors that I choose are again Black and White.

Maintain a nice wardrobe. It just makes a very good impression. Over to you, Caroline!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Tears of Love

It is not always that I get upset and start crying. Infact, I am hardly a person to shed tears. But, today it rolls.I am very upset today,and I could not even imagine what went wrong.

After all, it was a decision taken by two matured people. How can then I be so stupid and feel bad about it? Why, why, and why?
It's been a few years that I have broken up with her, and we never kept in touch with her except a few pleasantries.But, when I saw her today with her beau, a chill went through my veins. I could not stand there seeing her with someone else. Is there something still between us? Am i jealous? Naa! it cannot be.

I can only come to this conclusion that I am an emotional guy. I made love with her and spent a great deal of time in exchanging ways to life. She gave me her everything, and was so loyal that this fool could not understand what is 'life without her presence'. It's true that we have come a long way. I have had girls in my life after that, and she has moved on the same.

But, I still think, you feel an emptiness in your heart no matter whomever occupies it. I am gonna miss you. Guess! it was love.

Monday, November 02, 2009

To Delhi with Love!

I love this city-Delhi. I love everything about it. Be it the beautiful Delhi rains, or the wondrous escapades of morning life, there is everything that a human being longs for.

My love for this city begun when I came as a baby boy in mama's arms. We were in the trip to North at that period. I think dad took us to Delhi, Agra, Dehradun, Rishikesh and so on. To me these are not mere places that I visited, but beautiful moments that I keep on reminding myself.
I woke up early today, had managed to get a decent late night sleep in the flight. Jet Airways have always taken great care of passengers. The frequent trips earned me lot of friends and especially a beautiful JetAir hostess..oh! that is another story. Maybe some other day.

I am sitting in this park and looking at the passerby. Some are jogging, some trying to warm their bodies with an early cup of tea and of course, some love birds romancing. I jogged a little bit, not that I have an athletic body, but it is in these period that I manage to capture DELHI in my lenses. Yes, I love photography.

Had not my ex-girlfriend stopped me in Bangalore, I would have been selling moomfallis in Agra or Delhi. Someone actually told me the other day.

Delhi is a historical place; everything seem to happen here. We got Independence here...a walk down the isles takes me to Red Fort, where I can feel myself as a proud countryman. I do not think I am patriotic. No one can call themselves patriotic because we are too busy in this materialistic world to even care about our nation.

We are a bunch of selfish, self-obsessed Indians who wants a pie for them first. How can we be different? I do not know. Delhi also happens to be a place of foodie. Oh! right from Reshmi Kabbabs in Chandni Chowk to Biriyani of Nizamuddin.

I actually freaked out here a few years back with Sonal, who used to work in a call center. We used to come in groups and spend awesome nights sipping coffee and talking..just talking. I am told by few people that I do speak well. That's one of the reasons, I get my coffee sponsored.

I have a program in some hours, but then I wanted to write this. I just wanted to thank this city for all its beautiful histories. It is not always a guy like me gets nostalgic, but then 'Sex' and 'Raj' are good when they are high. So, let me say adios. I am gonna run for my show, and as usual this time it will be with pride. God bless!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Parting

Traveled a hundred miles with hope and dreams
Traveled a hundred miles with cherished smile
It was the 5th of April my dear
It was the 5th of April when they said hi

Dressed in a white T and Blue Jeans,
She strolled in a Red Santro
Ten hours and forty minutes, when she said “finally”

She was down with all cold and all
But still the sun’s rays couldn’t keep her from smile
Arms with bangles of all colors
She shined in that nosy ring.

Coffee day with Assam Tea, she started speaking
But! Her fingers were texting while her eyes were searching
As they converse stories of many a fold
The guy couldn’t stop pulling her legs,

They shopped and shopped
Till she said “kuch thikka ho jahee” (let's have something spicy)
He wished she could stay
But she didn’t wish to.

As they departed, she shook his hands
He wished he could just caress her face,
Bye my dear! Bye my touch
She stopped,and winked me.

Traveled a hundred miles with hope and dreams
Traveled a hundred miles with cherished smile
It was the 5th of April my dear
It was the 5th of April when they said hi

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My First Kiss

I held back, I had to resist.
All I wanted, was to be kissed.
By your lips so soft, so very nice.
So very full, So full of life.

You laid me down, And looked at me.
Said, "It's alright, I can see."
Just go to sleep, I'll hold you close."
You touched my lips, and pinched my nose.

You held me close, all through the night,
I held your hand, so very tight.
I felt complete, so full of bliss.
Knowing that I just had, my very first Kiss.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autobiography of a Navel

Identifying one's assets at a primal age is important. Navi understood that at an early age. She knew that I am special. I am special for she is within me, and she cannot hate me for that. Initially, she did not like me that much.

I was small and candid, and she was shy. She allowed her mommy to touch me, and I used to hate that. Why does not she touch me? Why does she not understand that navel is where my heart lies? And, then Jagannath came into her life.

Jaganath is Navi's boyfriend. They have been dating for sometime now, and in course of the love making Jagan shivered with each time the wetness of her navel touched his naked flesh. And of course, in the wildness of compassion, Jagan flashed that poppy question "Navi darling, navel pierce kar lo naa".....

And then, Navi got a navel piercing..matlab she pierced me...ah! how I got wounded. But, I feel it always arroused the question : How to care for a Navel Piercing. So, here is Jagan, acting as doctor caring Navi's navel

**Do not wear tight clothing, tights or pantyhose while your navel piercing is healing, as that may irritate your wound. Try to wear soft fabrics and avoid wearing jeans or any other restricting pants if possible.

**Stay away from peroxide or rubbing alcohol when choosing products to clean your navel piercing.

**Do your best not to sleep in a position that puts pressure on your navel piercing and try to sleep with your head propped up above the level of your heart to promote circulation and prevent swelling of the pierced area.

**Avoid strenuous physical activity, especially sports that involve physical contact, to best care for your navel piercing.

And one thing more, seems like take good care of me girls. Most of the Capricorn guys' heart lies within me. What say, Jaganathan?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where is the Axe Effect!

“Where the f*** is the Axe effect? I’ve been waiting for it for over seven years. Right from my college to now in my office, no girl ever agreed to even go out for a tea or coffee with me, even though I’m sure they could smell my perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves.

I always applied them in abundance to make sure the girls get turned on as they show in the television.

Finally, I thought I’d try to impress my lonely bai who had an ugly fight with her husband and was living alone for over a year. Axe effect my foot!” Prakash expressed his unhappiness.

Prakash claims that he had been using all the Axe products as per the company’s instructions even since he first bought them. He argued that if he couldn’t experience the Axe effect despite using the products as directed, either the company was making false claims or selling fake products.

“I had always stored them in cool and dry place, and kept them away from direct light or heat. I’d always use a ruler before applying the spray and make sure that the distance between the nozzle and my armpit was at least 15 centimeters.

I’d do everything they told. I even beat up my 5-year-old nephew for coming near my closet, as they had instructed it to keep away from children’s reach. And yet, all I get is a broom beating from my ugly bai.” Prakash expressed his frustration.

Prakash claims that he had to do go a lot of mental suffering and public humiliation due to the lack of Axe effect and wants *** to compensate him for this agony. An advocate in Juhu court, who happened to mistake Prakash for some deodorant vendor when he entered the court premises with all the bottles, has now offered to take up his case in the court.

"There is no data to substantiate the supposition that unattractive and unintelligent men don’t attract women. In fact some of the best looking women have been known to marry and date absolutely ghoulish guys. I’d suggest that the company settles this issue out of court.” noted lawyer Rajdeep Gupta said.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is arguably the best opening scene in all-time movie history. I am a big fan of Quentin Tarantino, and in this movie RESERVOIR DOGS he shows how characters cannot be classified as big or small. It is just sheer dialogues and acting ship which makes a movie rock.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Come back with an Answer!

Sitting outside the doctor's cabin, Anmol was finding it tough to acknowledge what she was meant to be doing. "Come back with an answer" is what Dr Asma had told her in last visit. She has an answer now but she is not sure that if it would cater to a correct decision. There is a huge gap between correct decision and a decision.
The needs of an ever growing baby inside Anmol' belly seems to be no body's concern, but she had a motive behind the same. To bring this baby into this world and to show him/her happiness meant that there was a purpose in her existence.

A nullified expression of hope added to her sublime surprise made it difficult. That she was going to be a single mom,whose husband had deserted her was a case. For a moment, the society seem to be an ignored task for her.

She didn't know how to raise this kid coming into the world. A chance of lifetime need not results to a growth of love. To care for her and to do her upbringing in the society was a serious issue but done to the same to compensate for the loss and then the idea of love was losing out.

She tried smiling at bliss but it was meant to be a smile, that could spread only if she could bring this baby to the world.

"Yes, I want to have the baby", Anmol looked into the doctor's eyes as she reiterated her statement. Dr. Asma pressed and gave her compassionate embrace. Why is that every girl has a same story to tell? The sun in the horizon was setting itself for an early set. It may be just the perfect end for a beginning.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Deepawali 2009

Dear Readers,
I wish each one of you a very Happy Diwali.

Let us all be happy and share our life with friends, family and loved
ones. Diwali is all about new beginnings and making sure our spirit of
living, smiling, trying and succeeding always lives on. Thousands of
years ago, whenever people would have tough times and there was darkness
everywhere, people sat together and lit lamps. These "diyas" brought
light and smiles to faces of people.

The true spirit of Diwali is when you feel that you are a part of the
sorrow and happiness of everyone.
Happy Diwali!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Romancing in the Rain

The rain itself, dances all around
As I kiss my sweetheart, without a sound.

The rain glides through the air and I hold her tight
It’s like the angels are crying, such a beautiful sight

Her tongue touches mine and its ecstasy
A kiss in the rain sets my emotions free.

She pulls my lower lip and it takes its toll
My whole body tingles, like I’ve lost control.

As the rain falls down I just can’t believe
That I need her to move, to think, to breathe.

I take a step back and I look in her eyes
She tells me she loves me and my heart just flies.

Friday, October 09, 2009

You know Rachu....

1) When there is a calm breeze flowing, and you are left doing nothing but to wait for a sudden storm.
2) When you are done complimenting her, but still she is expecting more and more.
3) When you are done with the main course of your lunch, and you need a desert.

4) When she looks into this eyes and says "I know what you did last summer!".
5) When she is inconsolable and you know you are going to face a real tough time now.
6) When she makes those simple moments into precious occasions.Trust me! she has made my infinite moments special.
7) When she chooses to dream and make you dream too.
That's my special guidya!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When you get your Girfriend ...

Never allow your girl to see your wardrobe. A guy’s wardrobe is not more precious than the Swiss bank.It is so filled up with dirt and shits,and a very bad impression will be created.

Keep your room clean and tidy. See it is very tough for guys to arrange the clothes properly. So have a lot of time at hand before you call her up.
The kitchen is the most unlikely place that a girl would like to visit on the first day. But then when she keeps on repeatedly visiting your place, she will land up there occasionally. I think for some obvious reasons, a girl appreciates immensely if she checks out her boyfriend is a good cook. But, a good cook keeps his kitchen clean.

Make sure the sink is neat, no grains of food lying here and there, spoons and plates in proper place. Important thing..keep a nice mug with the tea bags, sugar nearby. Do not search for the stuffs when she is in the house. It makes a bad impression. 9 out of 10 girls will tell this to her friends, so make this visit more sweet.

Get your laptop a new screensaver; have her snapshot as a screensaver. She will just love it.

Please have lots of scented candles in the room. Your bedroom should have dimlights. Run some light music.

If you guys are going to do something special, (ofcourse, I will not share how to do it. Someone suggested that I am a boring guy) as a boy, get the protection near at hand. You do not want to be in the middle of the things, scream and start searching for it.

Manners, Manners and Manners first. Do not ever force her for anything. Just because she has come to your place does not mean that she wishes to make out.Give her sometime. If you are smart enough, you will get the right signal.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Gosh! I am in love with her. Can anyone of you present me with a birthday gift-just a date with this beautiful angel?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wake up Sid

The last four days have been quite unusual. Aap sochenege what is 'unusual'? Honestly, a few people who know me quite a deal, are aware that I am always in an 'action' mode. Bas, click on your camera, and I am ready to roll. But, the last four days were not much 'action' oriented.

I spent nearly sleeping and sleeping. In between, I cooked a great deal ranging from Chicken Biriyani to Puliogare. That's not enough. I managed to invite friends for lunch too. And of course, I was with my special lady on sms', and each moment was special.
I am sitting now in McDonald restaurant in Brigade road. I am just back from watching Ranbir-Konkona starrer WAKE UP SID. Na! I am not sad; I am happy for two big reasons. Firstly, my ticket was sponsored by my friend. And, secondly, I could see my life in theaters.

I was not that ambitious in life, but I wanted to be something...something creative, something thrilling and of course being a writer. Sid is not aimless in life, he is just enjoying every moment of life. He likes his friends a lot and can do anything for them. But he does not want to grow up. I am sure, I never wanted too. I also like to be pampered as a baby. Ask any lady friend of mine.
Konkona is such a natural performer that when you watch her, you feel you are seeing life. She beautifully narrates 'aaj ki naari'. Today's girls are independent. They wish to do their own stuffs themselves. They expect their ambitious spirit to be motivated and not down upon.
WAKE UP SID did not bore me. Karan Johar kept it simple and fresh. You will see traces of Lakshya and DIL CHAHTA HAI, but then he has not dragged it much. He showed how a simple, aimless guy wants to do something on his own, and not get dragged by his dad's riches.

My food has arrived. Go and watch this movie!Ayan Mukherjee, being a Bengali you did me proud dude!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Things NOT to do after a Break Up

"Capricorns are the most devoted and loyal lovers..."

Alright, so you had a recent break up, and you are feeling miserable about it. You think your whole world has quashed, and there is nothing, really nothing in this world that can make you cheer up again. In a nutshell, you feel that your world has come to an end. But, trust me it is not. It has just begun. You may not heed to any of my advices now, but in future, it will be of some help. Just hear me, huh!I have some statistics that says almost 80 percent of folks specially teenagers find it difficult to recuperate from their first break up. But, interestingly, it also said that they get their loved ones no sooner, and they can come out of it easily.

It also mentions, that teenagers have a tendency of getting physical out of the first love, and then when realization sunks in, there is the 'guilt' cringing in. I believe, first love is special but in no way, it should end your life. I mean it should not stop you from moving on.

Now, I am have been writing this blog for so long, and in my life I occasionally meet people with varied tastes. Now, today I met Nitasha, a beautiful teenager doing her grads in Psychology from Jyothi Nivas college. I met her in Coffee Day near Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore. She invited me for a coffee and to discuss on 'what she should NOT do post break-up??'.

Here is what I suggest:

1. First and foremost, Never resort to alcohol or drugs. Drinking will never solve your problem and is only a waste of time. Alcohol and drugs will only lead you to making irrational decisions and consequently get you more problems.

2. Think about your FAMILY. It is very tough for anyone to think about their families when they undergo a break up in relationships. And, if a family in which a girl's opinion is never taken into consideration, then it is improbable that she will talk to her family. But then all said and done,do you have the balls to go against your family and carry on with the relationships.
It is wonderful to see Bollywood movies, where a guy and girl meet, romances under trees and elopes to live happily. But, in real life when you are 18 or 19, trust me do not ever think about it also.There is nothing better in the world than your parents' blessings.

3. Get Busy. It will be difficult for you to concentrate on anything and you may get involve in brawls and arguments as such. People, who have no clue about your matter will identify you as a loner and arrogant person. You will lose friends. It is important hence, to avoid hasty confrontations. Read books and lots of books.

4. Avoid visiting places which keeps on reminding about your loved ones. You have to slowly erase their thoughts. It is difficult but manageable.

5. God brought you to this world and so he had a definite purpose. You also have a purpose in life- to become something and make your parents proud. Work towards your goal.

6. Have a table and identify two good decisions and two wrong decisions that you took in last month. I guess or am rather sure, you have taken the right decision.

In conclusion, I recollect my personal experience-When someone leaves you, the worst thing you can do is ask yourself why. Because as soon as you know the answer to that question, you’ll just replace that question with another one—and no one should have that much power over you.

At some point, you have to let it go, and realize that you can’t make someone want to be with you. Either they do, or they don’t. Now if they do, then great; but if they don’t, then move on and believe that God has something better for you. You can trust a Capricorn guy like me on that as some special lady friend told me once "Capricorns are the most devoted and loyal lovers..." So, take my advice. Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Experience at # 3 Apartment

Don't end
Your perfect life

"Hello! Anjali" The #3, 22nd Rupert Street of Worli, Mumbai broke a distant sound. No body in the housing complex had much of an idea on #3 household. The family had been a complete stranger to the folks since their occupancy. Inside the apartment lived Mrs. Anjali with her two little dogs. Mr. Kumar had passed away couple of years back in a plan accident; nobody can understand why Anjali never remarried.Anjali is 36 years old. It was an arranged marriage.She grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and is quite conservative, quiet and very shy. In many ways, she is the traditional Indian wife. She is a housewife, spends most of her time in housework, knitting, watching Hindi soap operas, and listens to everything what her husband said.

She had the most beautiful dimples and attractive eyes to make any man crazy. Locks of her hair falling on her curvaceous shoulders can redeem a man from his deepest slumber. Yet, why such a beautiful Indian woman of 36 years is has kept her life locked in this apartment. The voice broke Anjali’s thought.

The sentence reiterated--- Anjali, Anjali…it sounded familiar. Anjali is aware of the fact that I’m surrounded by people, but my husband is one of the few that understood me. But the voice that boomed across the telephone sounded so familiar.

It was a voice of authority, familiar and sweet. She had forgotten in ages of someone calling her name in such sweet baritone. Prakash had been dead for long and she was not acquainted with any other voice that had more soothing effect. Ji aap kaun’..Anjali stuttered to answer. There was a momentary silence before the caller’s voice boomed again- I am Raj…your Raj..remember Xavier’s college.

Of course, how could Anjali forget him. Her long lost love. Anjali stands before the mirror, and touches her navel. It has been so long that a male has touched her body. Things keep on coming on her mind. The moments with her husband keeps coming back. Nothing is permanent.

Ah, sometimes it’s a good thing that nothing remains permanent in life! And it’s even better that Anjali' problem was only a state of mind. This situation was a good reminder that the only person that her happiness depends upon is herself. If Anajli just work on changing my thoughts and perception a little, Anjali won’t have to go anywhere or be with anyone to be happy again.

So, Anjali thought of giving herself a kick in the` bum, and jaldi sab thik ho jayega! She took her bags and got out to meet Raj.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scent of a Woman

This post is in response to Abhijeet' query of asking a lady to dance. Watch this short clip and you will be marveled by the great Al Pacino's sheer class of acting ship. One thing that you need to understand is when you see a girl at a party or nightclub, observe her eyes carefully, instead on her other body parts. That will tell you a women's inner desires.

A woman will NEVER lie with her eyes. All her secrets are stored in there. See, how Al Pacino marvels with a Tango dance in this clip. You will get a good idea of how a guy needs to approach,converse and request a lady for a dance. All with respect! Nowhere in the scene it will look cheap to you.

Do not be afraid Abhijeet, I am sure your girl will love your company; just be good to her. Also, here's wishing all my dear readers a very fantastic Dusherra!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Long-distance Relationships

First and foremost, take an advice from me- All relationships take work. But a long-distance relationship is even more difficult and it can sometimes seem impossible to keep love alive when separated. But love can be a powerful motivator and, if you're dedicated enough, you can make a long-distance relationship work.

Here are some tips from my end in order to get your long-distance relationship work:

1. Compose love letters or emails

You don't have to embarrass yourself with gooey sentimentality, but the more detailed your love notes, the better. As long as you're sincere, you really can't go wrong.I have written couple of poems and most of the times, she has been sweet enough to understand it. It helps in understanding each other feelings and more than enough ignites passion, which can be a good enough in the process of love making.

2.Live in the present.

Focus on the love you share every day, and how grateful you have each other to rely upon.Do not brag upon on the future much as it will spoil the times you live in. You should not spoil the present.

3) Build trust

If both of you agreed to be true to each other while in separate cities, states or countries, or continents, then you should trust that neither of you will risk your love too easily.

So if you let him know you're confident in your relationship ' and reinforce that you're happy to wait for your partner ' the two of you will have more of a chance of succeeding.

4) Surprise your partner now and then

Sometimes you just need a little reminder of the physical connection you two have, not just the emotional one.Save up for a weekend ticket and surprise your partner

A long distance relationship does have its differences as well. It takes away your ability to see each other on a frequent note, as well as the choice of being intimate whenever you desire, not to mention that there would be major trust required. Being unable to spend time together in a physical presence makes it harder to hang on to, but does not spell out doom for your relationship.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to earn a Date in 5 Minutes

Asking someone out for a date doesn't require rocket science or an expensive car. Get to know her and ask her about her interests. It would help if you are an all rounder, meaning that you know lots of stuff, even women's stuff. This way she'll be attracted to you and you will have something in common.I'll share some insights though I am a shy guy and have never tried it out in real life.

"It only takes a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone & a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone."
- A letter R to a letter RAction, action and action! Most of the time we always brag that we can do so many infinite and impossible things in our life, but as usual, we lack action! Of course dating a girl requires action and the action requires you to actually ask her out. You might freeze up usually when we get close to a girl that you like, it seems like there's nothing or no thoughts in our head.

When you do have something in common, just look for some excuse to ask her out.If you just met her or just got to know her, she might be a little uncomfortable going out with you. In that case, look for an excuse like your birthday or a friend's birthday.

The most important thing in my list of dating tips, is that you should be yourself. If you try to be someone else, then you may have to keep up pretenses for real long. It is always advisable to create a very good first impression, hence, arm yourself with really good first date questions.

If you have been dating for a while, start doing some really good activities together, such as cricket, fishing, oh and the best one, shopping. Well girls, this is the best way to know that your guy, for not only will you understand his tastes very well but you can also enjoy the shopping. One must also bear in mind that one must avoid some awkward dating questions, such as asking your partner about previous relationships.

Also, never plan out a conversation, because it often leads to one person getting bored. Asking opinions or narrating some hilarious incidents always helps. And most important of all, never get worked up or even nervous for that matter, just be comfortable and cool. In the first few dates, get to know your partner. It is quite
possible that the person sitting in front of you is the one you were always waiting for.

Have great fun! I wish all of you success with your loved ones, and yes, don't forget to get a date for me. I am still single.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been kicking this stone with my feet for a while. And though, I do not belong to the class of NERD-YANA, I am little disturbed that it is not going towards the intended direction. I am so lost in my thoughts that I have failed to notice a big black Honda Ford hitting my bums.

I am of course in the streets of Pondycherry, and though they are hardly any faces, which can scream "oh! my God! that is Raj!" I am actually thinking about my people.Life has always been an interesting ride for me. Since my schooling days, I have always been in pursuit of things that have an appeal. I do not like mundane things. I still remember in class 7,there was this beautiful and hot babe called Sakshi. Everyone wanted to go on with a date with her.

I was in fierce competition as there were seriously some hunks riding in the isle. I had lost any interest for her. But then when I came to know of her interest for me, I was why me? though in my heart, I wanted to date her. Honestly, she could not believe when I turned down to go out with her.

My family is very special and I owe a lot to them for whatever I am today. But then some of my special ones forget it. They have completely forgotten what parents are all about. A small meager of financial amount will not and never buy my parents happiness. Respect is what they crib for and would my special ones understand their folly before its too late.

My life has been interesting and quite unpredictable. And as I pen this blog piece on my Nokia Blackberry device, I view a ship on the distant waters. Slowly, its invisible. I hope I burn out soon before I fade away slowly.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Walk in the Hatred Zone

The truth is I made a mistake. No,it is more bigger and greater than a mistake. It is a blunder. I have done something that has made me ashamed. Yes, I tried all this to express my anger. An anger that comes unlikely to me, and yet it came. No one likes to be ignored by someone whom you consider special; someone whom you thought to be special.But even if I have committed the blunder, I am surprised of the negative feelings that she has against me. She kept on abusing me,calling me all sort of names. Why is she doing it? Is she finding it amusing? I have never questioned her and neither have anytime asked her why did she behave like this. But, what she did was shameful. She even called me a fiend.

It is not something that I am not sorry for, but the fact is I have done it. It is a fact, and I guess I just have to live with it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are Just Friends

My ex-girlfriend had a habit of being humorous at odd times. I recall an incident during our break-up when she said no matter whatever happens, we will continue to be good friends. That we will still be calling up each other regularly, exchanging notes here and then and then meeting at odd times.

It looked to me practical during that period, but no sooner she walked out of my house, she behaved just the reverse. She blocked me on her social-network portals and tried behaving as if it was difficult for her to keep in touched. When I quizzed her friends about them, they all told me it was difficult for her to keep in touch and be friends.That is my story. I have had friends, who are mostly girls and they are all very genial in nature. But, I have to admit that it has been not easy to just 'be friends'.

Imagine spending a Saturday night with a best friend, who is stunning looking and is just irresistible. I have found it extremely difficult to face these situations and more so when I had break-ups. I think I feel guilty.

Yes, it is a guilt that makes me feel so boorish of how could I even think of fancying my best friend like this, but then it happens.

I have been working for some time now and make enough to have a decent living. At workplace I tend to easily make friends who are extremely cordial in nature. The ladies whom I encounter at workplace do not mind having a drink at the end of the day.

During the conversations, these ladies feel that when you spend exactly more than 8 hours in a day with a male counterpart, obviously there is a channel of communication flowing between two individuals, that ultimately results in a bonding, physical may be just one more thing that happens.

I think a man and a woman can be good friends, but in friendship it is liable that you share a lot of things with a fellow human being. These thoughts and feelings are unshareable. Often when you share at times, a small peck on the cheek, a cuddle on the arms gives a different name to the friendship.

The subject of male/female friendships is intriguing and debatable, and everyone seems to have an opinion. What both men and women should keep in mind is, as someone told me, that true friendship requires shared experiences where trust and loyalty are proven over time. "It's harder for men and women to get to that place, particularly if they become lovers," he says.

Well, I guess I have to simplify my life a bit.

Friday, September 04, 2009

KAMINEY does not Arrest Me!

It can be frantic tired to be in a loop of movie admirers and still have nothing to admire upon. Being realistic is a natural thing for me, and more or less, I am trying to low-down with the hype for the movie KAMINEY.Seriously, there is nothing to go ga-ga over the movie. A Vishal Bharadwaj movie is always awaited with rapt attention, but honestly, it fails to impress me and is far below the stature of class of MAQBOOL and OMKARA.

Shahid Kapoor, a rising star, is in the front headlines of every newspapers these days, and he attempts to do what Ajay Devgun did brilliantly in PRIMAL FEAR remake DEEWANGEE.

Undoubtedly, Shahid spent hours in trying to pick up the hakla na, but then, it does not look realistic at all. There are places where Charlie, the protagonist speaks at a higher pitch, pushes his character to go that extent, but alas! It leaves no impression on me.

It is a dark movie shot at locales, which smells of underworld booh and middle-class lifestyles. The locations impressed me. It was realistic to see a bathroom door of a chawal having a caption “apna haath jaganath”. Priyanka Chopra is good; I found her extremely natural and spontaneous in her dialogue delivery.

Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchies movies have made a strong comeback in this movie. I sense,Vishal took a cue on the darker aspects of the movie from these directors' movies and has tried to portray their darker vision in the movie, only to discover the audience a little amiss.

I am sure, the movie has caught the nationwide attention and critics have loved it, but then I could not relate it much with the story. There were ifs and bits of the stories clubbed together to make this movie.

Whether the junta will be ready to digest and understand such a movie is to be seen, but then these days no one can say what can click in Bollywood. All the best, Vishal!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sylehti times with Maa and Baba

Sitting in a hair salon could be as terrifying and grandiose. It can be equally painful as I find my beloved mom testing my patience. It needs to go in my hall of fame, mom. I love my mom. She is my best friend. But sorry mom, waiting for u in the reception alley is tougher than batting for my college team.

This last weekend of the month of August 2009 was made special by by home-cooked Elish maach. Together we hopped to Madiwala market since most of the days I am stuck with ma routine work in office. So as baba kept on saying "ki bhalo hoyeche..ki syad syad"..I had to take maa for shopping.Also, Durga pooja is coming, and for we Bengalis, it is the much awaited major attraction of the year.so after purchasing stuffs for maa, baba, it seem obvious that I eat like a badhyo chele n sleep like a shubdho balak on a saturday night.

This morning, I called up Shruti and inquired about Benarashi silk shops in Bangalore and then went to purchase couple of sarees for Maa from Angadi Silks. It was worth checking out. Thanks a lot Shruti for helping this stranger out in the city.

In the evening,I am sitting here getting maa a facial pack. It seems great for here is a lady who toiled endlessly in her life for/her kids..and to give back to her means so much.God I love ma mom and thanks to Nokia E 63 for putting my thoughts in.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pain of a Cellphone

I have been lying in the bed for the past two days. But,it seems that it has been eternal. My cellphone has been a source of companion to me. It keeps me regularly updated me with my Facebook, Orkut and all my friends.Sometime, it is nice to be pampered and especially when your parents are at your side, I do not mind at all. I always enjoyed female company and attention; it makes me feel special. She has been to Oman for sometime now, and though there is not even a single dictum of connection between us, I wish she understood and come back.

The clock ticks 12 of the noon. It is generally when she is online, and I used to wait for her to login and ping. As a general tendency of a Capricorn guy, I used to wait for her to ping me instantly. I was in office, but then taking time out for her was something that I loved. Each and every instant,every bit of smile, her talks, her actions and so on was funny, but yet it had so much of love in it.

The deep passion with which they embraced each other was something that we shielded away from the internet zone and broke the tidings. Compassionate phone calls and messages at night made each of their heart beats faster. There was an attempt from each of us to get more closer than it seems. And, now there is a void.

Questions keep on trickling on my mind- what happen? is she fine? has her parents found about me? Random messages that used to flash in his screen were missing. It begin to hurt me. Questions poured whether I was showing more attitude to her that it pained me? have I ill-treated her? Could I change it? Yes, only if I could.

There is a sudden beep in my cellphone. A message flashed:Dawgy, dawgy!!1

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yellow Journalism at its Best

It is the 62nd year of our democratic Independent I N D I A. Like every Indian, I am proud of my nation and woke up to witness our beloved Prime Minister, DR.Manmohan Singh addressing the nation. In this world of Satellite television, people become confused when it comes to viewing, for people has so many channels to select.Anyway, as I continued to watch the program, a BREAKING NEWS flashed on the screen. What could be more breaking than the Independence Day of India? The news is Bollywood star, also known as King Khan had been detained and interrogated for two hours at the Newyark Airport,United States of America.It is believed as Mr.SRK told almost all the networks that he had been quizzed because of his name-Khan.

SRK is that rare individual, a mediocre performer who is also a great communicator, an actor who understood his acting acumen better than most, and a sharp thinker who, like a chess grandmaster, consistently thought half a dozen moves ahead. He is also fun-loving, a mimic, accessible, and wears the crown of greatness lightly.

I take this incident an insult and as a democratic citizen requests authorities to please take it as a major action item, so that anyone need not undergo the pathos in the name of religion and name. But, my piece is not against US. I am surprised as to why Indian media has had made it more important selling item than our Independence Day?

Over the entire day, the media be it Aaj Tak, Headlines India, NDTV India, CNN IBN and so on kept on televising SRK' interviews and were doing post-morterm on what Muslim stars undergo at US. But, there was hardly 5 minutes of discussion on why this country is celebrating this occasion, how did we attain this independence?

Musings upon these concerns will not result in anything. But, highlighting these incidents and selling them as much as it could be in the name of social causes is a deep blunder. As I write this piece, one of the journalists has been dying to get a a piece of masala from SRK that if he would seen an apology from US.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Late up!

Late mornings have always resulted me in performing things at a peril. Things that actually could be done in slow and steady rhythm are now chalked under the burning suns.

I observed a grave momentary silence when these things happen, but then during those moments of observation, I have nothing but words of consolation, that good things are happening round the corner.My roomie and I both share a common bathroom-infact we share a 2bhk apartment, so obviously there is a common bathroom. He gets up at 9, while I wake up at 8, and though long stretches of exercise makes me get up to that bathroom, it is not usually before 9:15 that I come out of the bathroom.

In between that period, if my roomie gets to find the bathroom vacant, he sneaks in. Of course, the urgency of the situation makes me tackle the issue very mildly. There are no harsh words exchanged. Only a cold stare that can mean a lot of things. It is a stare that says: "dude! seriously, understand my plight."

So, now we have decided that we will keep our alarm clocks a lit bit louder, so that I can get exactly at 8 and start my morning rituals. My roomie has also been a little understanding in waking me up if I have been a touch late. Things have been going well for now. But, with the onset of weekend, everything changes for sure. Watch this space for updates.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Take on Love-Aaj-Kal

I do not like watching Bollywood movies and am a very boring company too. Staying confined to a theatre for 3 long hours is a tiresome job. But, I am sure my ex-girlfriends would kill me for it, but then darlings- I just wanted to be with you. Enough said.

Last week I managed to get myself a free ticket for a movie called LOVE AAJ KAL courtesy my PR friend Sowmya. Her exact words were- Raj, write a beautiful review of the movie. You must be joking for I am known to murder movies. I am a staunch critic.
Anyway, I found myself in an alley of beautiful hot looking girls in PVR. I said chalo, timepass ho jayega. The movie started and I have to admit I loved it. It has been such a refreshing change to watch a movie with practical being its theme. And, nowhere in the movie, I found anything that had been taken off the mark or something congenial to the bore.

Imtiaz seem to be a master in handling today’s youth-oriented love stories. A successful JAB WE MET has given Imtiaz the confidence to direct Saif and Deepika. Normally, the movie can be clubbed into nothing major but a serious drama bazi, but then this movie has shades of interesting personas. I wonder if Kunal Kohli would have directed the movie better.

Deepika has a great smile, dimples and all, but that's really it. I feel for Imtiaz to see his dialogue butchered by his heroine, heartbreak heightening when she murders a lovely 'break me' line. Both Imtiaz's earlier films featured heroines of tremendous talent, and one wishes this one also had an actual actress.

Saif does well but his character is wishy-washy, offensive in both the brash way he speaks to Rishi Kapoor as well as the callousness with which he takes his British girlfriend to India.Saif is a much better actor, but I am still not confident if he can carry a movie all on his own. The depth of the movie lies in its music.

Love Aaj Kal is a refreshing change. Go and watch it with your loved ones.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Break-up

Does a broken relationship mean The END? Nope. No way. Life goes on and on and on and on…Maybe a little faster, now that I have so much time for myself. The weekends are so jam packed with activities; every Monday morning I wonder where the last two days went!

But in the middle of all the hustle bustle, laughing, giggling, shopping, partying, I stop for a few seconds and think of the past….
Speaking to her friend I say “us” like I’m still a part of the gang. Seeing something that’s similar to the one she’s viewed with me sends a jolt of realization down my spine that I’m not her companion any more. When I go to a restaurant, and am deciding what to eat, the menu very rudely reminds me of the stuff she hates eating… list too!

I miss hearing her groggy voice when she used to call to wake him up in the morning. I miss the chocolates she used to get me sometimes. I miss lazing around with her. Deleting her pictures from my phone can’t erase her memories from my mind…I just wonder if she feels the same way for me. Does she miss the way I smell? Does she miss my whining? Does she miss my touch?

Does she miss our Cricket matches? Does she miss the way I used to crinkle my nose at the mention of her “friend”? Does she miss the way I keep blabbering? But does it even matter now? Maybe it does. And that’s why I’m writing about it!

Fine, we didn’t work out. I’m not gonna talk to her again. Not in a million years. Not even when she sends me a message to say she’s in some trouble. Am I being hard hearted? No I’m not. After whatever happened it’s only logical that I maintain a stony silence. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I’m not a saint .

I can’t behave like one either; forgive/forget and speak to her is not possible any more. If in a relationship one person doesn’t respect the other, calling her/his only in the hour of need then the whole thing stinks- not of friendship, not of lust, but a rotten kind of love. There’s love here. No denying that. But it’s gone bad. And what do you do with something rotten? Throw it away…

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Musings outside the Operation Theatre

As busy as life can get, it was one of those chaotic morning in Bangalore. Amidst this traffic of human commotion,serenity is a rare thing to look for. Prem is not looking for serenity, but was searching if life could be more hospitable to his father.

His father is an ideal man, someone who lived his entire life based on principles and ideologies. Someone who vented out his emotions seeing oppression and injustice. Honesty is his clock, and he wore it with pride though he had a price to pay for it; a price that had financial stigma attached to it.A father of three kids in early 90's is a big responsibility added to a wife. Perhaps his wife inspite of all the grievances is his support, and stood with him in all his times. All his thoughts made Prem wait outside the Manipal hospital operation theatre much easier.

His father diagnosed with Chronic Pancreas ailment have to undergo this treatment. Prem had been on his toes running helter skelter for many weeks now. That he has been working professional made things tough bit at times, but an ever supportive girlfriend and a great mother had things easy.

His ladylove was younger to him in age, but her innocence and loving nature made things easy for him. Also, she had lost her cousin a few days back did not stop her from caring about him. It was due to this reason that their love blossomed.

As Prem discussed things at his own peril, his mother intimated him that he had been an unwanted child. They thought that after two boy kids it was no longer necessary for them to have a third boy child. They wanted a girl.But then the doctor pleaded them to have the baby and then decide.

But his parents feel that that would have committed a blunder for Prem watches the world in their eyes; he has made them realize the existence of happiness...struggles in life has made him weak to the core, but he has never let himself feel gloomy for that. As he sits outside the theatre, a silence mixed with memories of far and near creeps up.

The warm embrace of a compassionate father, the mercilessness in helping the kid take the first steps, unforgettable teachings in the form of plays, dinner and lunch table discussions slowly creeps in.

"Congratulations! your father is hale and hearty," the doctor's voice broke to get Prem out of the thoughts. It has been a sweet musing. Prem clasped doctor's both hands and rushed to intimate his mother of the news.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When you say Hello!

Make her feel special; she should feel that you are indeed caring and nice in love. Only when she allows you to enter the gate of temple, then only be ready to worship. Else, never never force a girl for anything. Always respect her!

Do you recall the first time you had spoken to that special boy or girl of your life? How did you feel then? And. If you could go back, would you change something? I recently conducted a survey in my website and was surprised to see almost 70% of the guys felt that girls are not self-starters and take a while to get engaged in a conversation.

While 20% of girls found that a guy can be a good conversationalist, 40% felt that they were totally different from the way they chat over the Internet, while the rest are so vulgar that dropped the phone at the first instant. So, what is it then to be kept in mind so that someone is interested to pursue a long-term interest to speak to you over the phone.I researched a little bit on this and here are few findings:

Boys: You have to be a good conversationalist; actually, you have to be excellent today if you want that special girl to talk further to you. You need to understand that she has given you her telephone number for she found you a nice guy to chat with, and she expects that you are equally good over the phone. You should be courteous and friendly over the phone.

Even if she does not speak much, it should not stop you from being polite and gentle. Remember: if you are going to ask her out, she should have some trust developed in you. She should find you interesting and not a boring date.

Girls: I understand not many of you would be hyper at the first time but if there is a less of drug overdose, try to speak a little bit. Boys assume a girl ‘uninterested’ when she does not talk and uses ‘hmmm’ more often. And, please do not use that standard line “I am a listener”.

Talk about the things that interest her rather than you. I understand it is tough for boys to talk about Paul Walker and Jude Law, but it is better to not get bashed by her, and then taking hours of messaging saying ‘sorry’. Airtel and BSNL have an agreement of making life hell. Ask the Agra people if you have questions.

It is an examination; you can laugh at me now, but preparation is so essential for most of us like me are unsmart fellows who hardly know a few things. When she talks about her interests say music, then keep on talking things about her. She will talk, pause and then ask you “what do you like?.” Do not say ‘sex’ please.

They say the heart of a man lies in food. I do not agree to it. I modified it and changed it to the heart of a man lies in his male organ. Seriously it is. He fancies it the most precious thing in the world. I mean he has just a single piece- blame it on God! So yes, it is tempting for him to get on that topic. Boys be careful of what you say.

Miscommunication may cause the relationship to end drastically. Even if you wish to be romantic, be a little inventive in your approach. Make her feel special; she should feel that you are indeed caring and nice in love. Only when she allows you to enter the gate of temple, then only be ready to worship. Else, never never force a girl for anything. Always respect her!

I hope you will keep the above points in mind, and hopefully I will see most of you boys and girls falling more and more in love. Summer vacations are getting over. It’s time you fall in love. As always you can write to me on the same email address. I will try my level best to solve your love problems.

As for me, well I believe in the above observations, but I don’t practice those since I believe I am more happy to be an imperfect dog. You can keep guessing on how I speak over the phone. Let it be a mystery until then. Till next time! Have a wonderful monsoon. Love and peace

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tears of Love

I’m sorry for my selfish love
I’m sorry for not caring enough
I’m sorry for my restlessness
I’m sorry for the losing grace

I’m sorry my friend I made you mad
I’m sorry darling you are so sad
Sorry for not giving you any happiness
Sorry because it’s my disgrace

I’m sorry for thinking of you so very much
I’m sorry I always miss your touch
I’m sorry of being so mad about you

I’m sorry and sorry again
I’m sorry of being insane
But believe me that I love you
Should I say sorry for that too?

Friday, July 10, 2009

When I Proposed Her...

I have always believed that sex is a token of love, a feeling of completeness and oneness. Agree that it is also a need for the body, but when you have sex with some one you dearly love then it is a completely different experience as compared to any lust-full relations.

At that time love overtakes lust, and sex is just a way of expressing this love. When you are in the arms of your loved one,then there is no better feeling than that.

Then arrived 'the day'. It was Valentine’s Day and luckily for us her parents were out of town. I some how convinced her to stay at her friend's place for the whole night. I went to her place.There was a watchman outside her bungalow, and we wanted to make sure that he does not come to know that there is some one else at the place apart from her. So I jumped the boundary wall and entered the house from the rear door.

I had prepared a lot of surprises for her. As soon as I entered the place she immediately closed the door. I could see how tensed she was and to ease it off I gave her a big and warm hug. That helped her in staying calm. She held me tight, and I could feel her breathings, brushed across my chest.

She was wearing a Pink night suit with her hair let loose,and she was looking very cute and beautiful. She asked me to freshen up. While I was back from the wash room, I saw the room was all lit with candles and some music was on. She came near me and said that the dinner was ready.

We had a very romantic candle light dinner, holding hands and lost into each others eyes. As she was tiding up the dining table, I held her hand and asked her for a couple dance. She agreed immediately and held me tightly. By the way, I am a pathetic dancer. Most of my dates have never met me again due to this.

She kept her feet over mine and we just rested into each other's arms dancing to the rhythm of the romantic music being played. I remember the song. It was 'Songbird' by Kenny G.

As the song ended I asked her to close her eyes. Bending down on knees I opened the box containing the ring,which cost me 2500 Rupees.I worked for Pizza Hut during the summers to earn it.

I asked her to open her eyes and as she did, I proposed her “Will you marry me sweetheart?”. She was speechless for some time, and then tears started rolling down her eyes. She said that she had been waiting for this moment since a long time.

She raised me up by holding my shoulders, looked into my eyes for some time and hugged me tight. I said, “You haven’t replied yet”, and she slapped me lovingly saying, “do u still want a reply? Of course I will marry you little doggy...”.And she kissed me passionately.

I woke up. I was rolling in the floor.It was just a Sunday dream.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Tale of Heart

Why do you make me cry, o Raj!
Why do you make me cry continuously
Seventy-two beatings in a minute ,
and you make hard every sec of it.

When I first beat, you're in school,
The English teacher was your crush
Alas!I beat double-when she
strolled you along the path.

You went and then fell for Priya,
Your musings never told,
Afreen cajoled me with her enticing talks
And Golu smothered it with kisses.

I still remember when you cried in pain
Morning tidings and December cold
You saved me barring smoke and drink,
I wish I had touch that old.

Now, I wish to beat more, but why can't I
That mask of yours I fathom why.
Why do you make me cry, o Raj!
Why do you make me cry continuously
Seventy-two beatings in a minute ,
and you make hard every sec of it

Monday, July 06, 2009

In Conversation with Shruti Hassan

You generally do not relate or identify me with a tall, vivacious, slender, and ‘hot’ looking girl everyday. Infact, to be more honest, you rarely will see this simpleton with a good-looking girl. No! I am being seriously honest.

Maybe, I do not look or have that charming factor to date beautiful looking girls. However,as the girlfriend says, "excuse him for his ignorance, he will be better informed next time".Anyway, last week was different. I think my luck has been quite misleading over a couple of weeks. I got chance to meet some interesting personas in my line of work, and she definitely was an icing on the cake.

I had gone to the Radio City office for my usual routine of audition only to find couple of whisperings in the air. The office bore an unusual look of excitement. I went over to the reception alley and in a flirting manner ask Joaana if I could smell something in the air. Joanna wished me luck and said you for a real surprise this time. Surprise it was!

When it was my turn for my recording, I saw this beautiful damsel Shruti Hassan. Boy! What a sight. At first notice, she looked straight from her father, the great Kamal Hassan closet.

Shruti wore a Black T and a Blue Levis jeans. Infact,dark Police shades had made her more strikingly attractive. There is something about girls in shades. There is this distant appeal that comes out.I can't express it in words.

She kept on or pretended to be chewing a gum. I said stars with an attitude. Anyway, after this I had a one-to-one round with her. By that time the feeling had sunk. I generally do not look a girl for long time, but if she knows how to talk, I definitely get attracted towards her.

After the conversation lasting not more than 10 minutes, in which she quizzed me on certain voice modulation and what else, we were about to break. But, I could not leave a girl without pulling her leg.

As she shook my hands, I quizzed her “you smell Channell” ..She was struck with audacity. She said “good’, how do you know it?" I just lied- saying that I was one of her greatest fans and read it in a magazine. She said what else? I told her she sounded awful in her performance in the Rock show at National Law School at Bangalore. She gave a witty look and said she knew it. Well, before parting, she complimented with ‘good voice’ and left.

Not bad! I would say. She has little more attitude than Sania Mirza, lesser than Nauheed Cyrusi, but is way ahead in being the siren hot queen. I guess it was worth meeting the awesome Shruti Hassan.