Sunday, January 24, 2010

Smoking with a Skeleton

For many a days, Afreen has been getting this sudden pain. A pain that arrests her stomach for a while and leaves her in complete agony for the next couple of hours. The pain scaled up with the passage of time, only to find the ignominy of a smoke-
addicted husband, Mubarak. Afreen was not possibly sure of the cause behind this pain, but she took a tablet as and when it occurred, and it subsided.

As time went on, she was expecting her first baby to the arrived in the beautiful Ahmed Inn, a bad news arrived. Her husband, Mubarak had some problems in business, and the tension had arrived in the abode. Day and night Afreen started receiving various tantrums thrown by him. But, what was more disturbing were the countless cigarettes smoked by him.

It never occurred to him that those cigarettes were causing a lot of disturbance to them and their relationship. Afreen started feeling this pain more now. The usual routine of visit to a doctor showed that the baby growing inside her body was finding it to breathe.
The day came of her delivery, and though Mubarak took her to the best hospital and showed her the best doctors, he was unable to save the baby. The baby born suffered a major lung disease and died of respiratory disorder. It did not occur to Mubarak for a once that his habit of smoke killed the baby. He remarried.

This real-life story is one of the instances where smoke or smoking kills a newly developed body and relationship bit by bit. What is worse that inspite of the education and awareness of its pitfalls, people do not understand. What is the cause of Afreen' agony? She tried her level best to comply with her husband' situation, but what does she get in return?

This comes to the important conclusion: does smoking really reduce stress? I do not think so because if it was, then people would have stopped smoking after the stress went away. They do not stop. It is more of one belief that one 'kash' can make them happy.

Once upon a time, my dad used to smoke occasionally, and now he does not. The other day, while he was taking a bettle leaf, I asked him "baba, tumi kene paan kaiyrai?" (why are you taking a pan?), and then he said that it helps him to stay away from cigarettes and so on. I think it makes sense to me now, for I am drawing a comparison now- which is deadlier between my dad' habit smoking or taking paans? I think the latter will be little less deadlier, but a fact is both are harmful and should be restrained to the core.

I do not smoke though I tried once in college but never felt that it would make me a hot shot. After all, if a puff of smoke can make you a hot shot then there would have been nothing to fall to. Anyway, the important thing is strike a balance between what you do and how much you should do? Also, important if this is something that can be harmful to a passive smoker, in this case the unborn baby, I think logically we are killers. You have to decide- kill yourself or kill others!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When you Girlfriend Prepares Chilly Chicken!

The last few days have been quite tension-filled for Prachi. She had never faced this situation earlier, not even during the board exams, but now she has to. Prachi studying in Lady Sreeram College of New Delhi had to cook for Raj.

Interestingly, Raj is a good cook, not in the terms of Sanjeev Kapoor, but well, he knows a few things. Praci’ tension scaled up a few days earlier when she quietly quizzed Raj on the Facebook forum, “What gets you turn on?” Raj, as smartly can told her “your cooking.”

In the deepest corners, Raj knew Prachi would have got the hint. In a few weeks of time, there was not much of activity to be noticed in Prachi’s Facebook forum. Quietly, she had started preparing various menu dishes looking at the various recipes. In times, she invited wrath of friends by cooking various recipes and getting their feedback.
I am not sure if the feedback went fine with her, because there was an attempt to dissuade her from kitchen. Often at times, she used to check her mother’ quotient of recipes, and cook them. Interestingly, her mom was not pretty pleased with her cooking, and told her “tumi raana gharer paase jeo naa” (do not go near the kitchen)! It infuriated her so much that she decided to stay away from kitchen.

But then Raj’ birthday was drawing near; Prachi knew that she had to surprise Raj. That day she woke up early, went to the market and bought some chicken. She decided that she would prepare Chilly Chicken for him.

Fine! so the assignment started- the entire locality had by now known that she was cooking something. The clanking of utensils sounded more than as usual and somehow or the other the dish was prepared. Now, she has to wait for Raj.

Prachi, who has managed to speak 50 sentences hardly, was waiting for Raj to come. Soon, Raj arrived and without exchanging pleasantries or anything, she dashed off to the kitchen and bought the dish, “here, taste it.” Raj, taken aback, by this sudden situation did not know how to react. His facial expressions bore a quizzical look, enough to get Prachi shoot another command, “khao ekhon. (eat now)” Raj for the first time looked at Prachi- the fragile beautiful face showed traits of sweetens and handiwork.

Raj felt it was ugly on his part to turn his sweet little sunshine to a pale cook. He tasted it and told her it was wonderful. “Dhopash! came the sound”…Prachi fell down on the bed. The doctor was summoned and he gave two bottles of salinated water.

After a few days, when Raj saw that Prachi had recovered, he went to her, took her hands in his hands, and told “that was the best chilly chicken, I ever had sweets”. Tears flowed in from her eyes. They collapsed into a hug, only to discover a roasted chicken in the refrigerator to be cooked by Prachi. Guess, it is love!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Fine Morning with SpiceJet

The last time, I glanced at my watch, it showed me signs of desperation. A desperation to push it further and get connected to the tidings. News that can bring a smile in the face of a traveler, who seldom likes to grin at things. But, today it is different. I have had enough of it.

Each time, I faced this issue, I kept reminding myself that Aamir Khan too faced certain complexities in life in 3 Idiots, yet reminded to say 'Allz is well'. But, this is different. I had enough of this nonsense with the airports and airlines in India. The same make-shift logic of running the best airlines, yet we have to face some nonsense issues.
The flight to Bangalore from capital city New Delhi by SpiceJet is supposed to leave at sharp 6. I have reached the Indira Gandhi Airport from Vasanth Vihar in a span of 20 minutes, half-numb, half-shocked and half-awoken. Numb for I have never experienced such a winter season in my twenty-six years of life, shocked because I am so used to Bangalore traffic that an empty street looks a distant dream to me and awoken for I never awake before 10 on a Sunday morning. Anyway, the driver dropped me to the airport, and then I had to rush for the trolleys.

I entered inside, and a cheerful yet so fake SpiceJet official gave me a shocker "Sorry sir! the flight has been canceled. We cannot put you into next flight. You can only leave on so so date". She posted this news in such a hurry that it would have beat the flurry of movies' releases that Ramgopal Varma has.

I had not yet overcome this jeopardy when she announced that I should get on queue for more details. I was like 'hello!, are you inviting me for KAUN BANEGA RUDE WITH ME"

I just vented out my whole frustration on her, but she answered that with such a fake smile. The airport looked like a mess to me at that time. No queues for boarding passes, everyone standing wherever they possibly could and no helpline. Luckily, I got a flight to Bangalore but that was a flight via Ahmedabad. I had to shell out some more money to travel.

But that is not the point- the callousness and the recklessness of these airlines for the passengers. It is their duties to report to the passengers about a delay of the flight, and take necessary precautions that they help the passengers to board another flight. But why would they? Because, all the carriers are the same in India, be it Jet Airways, Kingfisher and so on. It is about the price tag that all are concerned about. The rest 'passengers' can go to hell!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Musings of an Idiot outside IIMB

For sometime now, comedy in Bollywood has turned itself into a slapstick-vulgar note. We witness comedies where in the name of humor, double-standard languages are used. I am quite tired of it, because maa-behen ki gaalibaazi comedy is not my cup of tea, and I am sure it is not yours too.

So, when a Rajkumar Hirani directs a comedy, you know you will get something nice, which you can enjoy it with family. Like Munnabhai, 3 Idiots conveys a very serious message in terms of our educational system, and does that with some brilliant comedy.

It is good to start the year with laughter because where do we get to smile these days.I am running helter-skelter in paying premium policies and documentation stuffs which I am not sure will be of any help to anyone. But, I have to do it. But, when I get a chance to see a movie like 3 Idiots, I am compelled to tell myself, "Allz is well."

The movie has 3 protagonists and though all of them have been brillant in their respective roles, Mr. Chatur Singh steals the show. This movie is incomplete without this guy's presence.

If you watch Sholay today also, you will marvell at Gabbar Singh. His character is that of a person,who is like most of us, in our colleges, dying to secure good position, then get a million-dollar job, and yet cribble over things. He is not satisfied, and that is so common to us-are we? Right when he starts with his intro "I was born in Uganda, but brought up in Pondy" to "Tu ki hain..teacher abhi", Chatur is a master in acting ship.The story has been nicely told and each of the scenes kept me engrossed. The songs are very situational especially "Doobi Doobi"--well-choreographed. Aaamir, very honestly is someone I have marvelled since Bachchan.

After Dil Chahta Hai, I never thought you will play the role of 22+ college going folk with such wonder. Does he anywhere look like a 45+ guy? His quizzical expressions were so natural- he is intelligent but foolish at time. His voice is dubbed a few times especially when he tells Kareena, "Tum apni Maa ko Bahut Miss Karti Ho naa...".

Madhavan as usual does a niche job. I guess my ex-gf would be happier to see her favorite crush. Sharman is one of the best actors of Bollywood now. Like Saif, he does not mind playing second fiddle at time. I am not sure if he is a guy who can carry a film alone in his shoulder, but he is trying.

Kareena is good or may I say I enjoyed her short role. This movie is based on Chetan Bhagwat' 5 POINT SOMEONE. I enjoyed that book, but it is not something that I can recommend you for any serious think. If you want to read it for fun, you can do it. So, if Rajkumar has taken the characters and made it into a powerful story, I think Chetan should be happy for it.

There were so many places that connected me- for example my parents pushing me for Science course, when I am basically an Arts guy, Running and still running after money and so on.

I liked and enjoyed the movie. I hope you can enjoy this comedy with your family. I think parents need to be advisers and not push their kids with their views. Well, fortunately, everyone is not an Idiot like me at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

From Delhi with Love

I am presently strolling in the beautiful North campus of New Delhi, and I simply cannot have much of it. To my disappointment, I could not get a space near Miranda College to blog my thoughts, so am at this moment 12:44 PM inside ST.Stephen's College. I have somehow manage to invade the security of Stephens courtesy my folks in News X channel.
Beautiful! I love this city-the more I get to see of it, the more I fall in love with it. Be it the kacories of Gopal Dambal house in Kamla Nagar or the monstrous meal of Moti Mahal, Delhi had something to offer everyone. Here's what I explored and wanted to share this with you:

There are 2 kinds of people you get to see in Delhi: foodies and f******. There is a section mostly in the North conservative to the core; they would give scant eyes at the very moment they see you with a girl. While it is totally different when you travel to Southern or Western part of New Delhi.

If you have not experienced cold and want to define winter season, you need to visit and stay in Delhi. I have never experienced chillness like this before, and will like to say I am nursing a frozen shoulder now.

You will never get chance to be bored in Delhi since there are so many things to do and so many places to visit. Every four-steps that you take, you land up yourself in a park. I am of the opinion that Kolkata and Delhi are the only few places left with places of social networking and rest have been camouflaged.