Saturday, April 25, 2009

Idly with a touch of Love

The people of Nagesh Apartment in JP Nagar need no reason for celebration. They celebrate for any activity or festivals that one can think of. If Mr. Ghosh has a kid, they celebrate. If Rani passed the board exams, they celebrate,

Quite a special achievement is it,hai na uttered Swaminathan finishing the last bites of Idli. Lakshmi his wife for the last 25 years, seem to remember the idli making him fall for her.

The next day, Swaminathan parents were there at her pedestal asking for Lakshmi’s hands. Lakshmi, now a proud mother of two daughters-Prathiba and Gayatri smiles at the very mention of the past.

There is something more to the Idly story. (Idly is a savory cake. The cakes are made of urad dal (lentils) and rice, which is steam cooked).Lakshmi has over the years been asked by her kids to share the part of her story, but she had a blush. In her 25 years of celebration,Lakshmi had dutifully been a part of Swami’s lives
offering him solace and support in everything.

Today as they stood hands in hand there is hope and expression of faith in both of their lives. Ideally, at this point of time. nothing would have mattered to this family except this awkward situation. For some reasons, known to a few Laksmi's Idlies were not tastier of yesteryear's.

They seem to taste something different. Swami had been reluctant to say this to Lakshmi. He loved her immensely. It has been with them for ages. But now
the love for Idly has taken it over.

In office, lazing with his friends, Idly was a concern for him. If he dare to speak of the situation it might earn him a divorce or apathy from their daughters or wife. Some might even question his love his idly more than his wife. Should he or not express this? Should he just ignore the matter? He was in a dilemma.

The stage was all set. Lakshmi woke up in the morning and ritual wise she prepared Idly for the family. She quietly went to her husband's room and kept those Idlies
in the table.

Swami woke up, took up a bath, wore his mundu and then very rulanctly took the Idly plates. HMMMM!!! the taste of Idly was something different.

But how would you express this to Lakshmi. He somehow manage to get her alone, but didn't how to say it. For some reasons, he was feeling ashamed. How can be he
so selfish? Swami still saw Lakshmi's face smiling-something that's been intact for the last 25 years. Swami could not believe his luck.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Song that Made me Cry

A song which bring tears to my eyes. A touch of emotional lapse maybe but we all need to look after our parents. We are here because of them :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Love with Biology

Professor Subramaniam hold a special place for the boys of First Semester of Computer Science of Junior Baptiste College. At any day his visionary and skills of human behavior were astounding. He was a gold medalist right from the word 'go'.

He was a Biology professor, someone who knew and understand what emotions of the plants were. He is what the great JC Bose was to India. But then what were the Computer Science students doing with a Professor of Biology?

It had a long story, but to cut it short Professor Subramaniam apart from boasting as the best teacher in the whole arena had a beautiful Mallu daughter called Payal.

No words could ever describe Payal. She is what any youngster girl in his first year of Engineering can be- hot, hot and hot. But, Payal didn't just boast of having a supreme figure of 36-28-28. She was the reigning diva of essence. Something spritual about here. Something classy. You know when you see her in typical Mumbai accent, you shudder to say "bole to Veeru, Shaadi karne laike baap".

But,Payal wasn't approachable. Like any first semester student of Engineering colleges, boys are never short of scanning very quickly of a girl. Typically, we find out if she was single or not. If she wasn't, maybe hire some goondas to beat that guy. Na, just kidding.

So, after a lot of research where we took pains of bunking college classes, nights
and days, shoots and offshoots in the bars, tricks and misleads, confusions and deamonors, things worked out finally.

Out came Gopi with an idea. Gopi is a friend of ours who works now for a major MNC at Bangalore delivering homemakers in US tips and tricks on troubleshooting issues of computer.Computer Science grads now expects to take Biology classes. Cause--Professor Subramanian's daughter, Payal. "Macha, let's take Biology tutions da". Tutions was it then.

At an early chilly morning, we assembled in Jayanagar 4th block,very near to the COOL JOINT. Everyone of us dreamt of taking Payal to the Cool Joint and taste the sandwiches over there.

I dreamt of something else. Na, Dosa Point would be better. Anyway, we got into the tution classes candid of the fact that Payal would be coming out in anytime, and we will then go out and propose her. How stupid of us!

Professor Subramaniam was an eccentric person. He never understood what the class was upto. He used to give us a big lecture and we used to take notes. But how long was this going to happen. And then fine day I could not take it more.

So, I walked in to Professor's house and asked for a glass of water. With hope in my heart and desire in my lips, I saw a vision not more than 5'5 inch tall walking. There she is Payal, with a glass made of Hallmark comes across to me.

Quietly she comes up and when she passed the glass, looked to me and whispered, "well- played Mr. Raj..I never knew Computer Grads like Biology." There was a gigling soon after which was too embrassing for me.

I walked out of the class and never set foot again in Professor' house. When we saw each other the next time, she elbowed her friends to me. And they laughed. God, Biology was never fun thereafter!

Monday, April 13, 2009

To Question Her Virginity

“Tell me Ashish,that I slept with another man the cause for the drift between us?” Joanna has been honest. Her eyes are motionless now. She is trying to notice the tension in Ashish’s face. He seems pale to hear about the news.

Unexpected tension added to his squatness cannot hide his grief. Is it the anger that is causing him to behave the way he is doing or is it the love that grew for her internally? Ashish feels like throwing up. He wants to leave.

The early morning flight from US had a late arrival to the Bengaluru International Airport. Ashish had been to US for nearly a year now. He is engaged to Joanna for sometime now. He met Joanna in a college fest of Jyothi Nivas College, and immediately sparks flied.

Joanna, a cheruby Malaylee from the district of Kottayam had been the center of attention for most of the teenyboppers, who keep on swerving their bikes near JNC. She is a beautiful damsel with wonderful long hairs, nice complexions and a poky nose to go by. That! she had extremely red lips were an icing on the cake. But, we will discuss them sometime in the future.

At first Joanna had no feelings for Ashish, but then his writings and poetry moved her. She seems to fall for him unknowingly. Though she addressed this issue to him earlier citing if no-commitment she started to fall for him. Times flied and things moved.

Ashish and Joanna had been a couple for sometime. Joanna is an excellent cook and ashish never minds her doing the household chores. But there was an area where both had varied opinions. Ashish complained that Joanna lacked the urge for sex and hence she never went to bed with him.

While Joanna denied it. She felt that losing virginity is not that of a big issue but losing it to a someone and an occasion is completely her choice. She needs to decide when and how and that is nothing to do with love.

"Yes, I have slept with Sid. Moreover, it has nothing to do with him being my manager.I am still contemplating if its your choice why it needs to be your choice and why you should question me on this. Have I ever asked you Ashish how many girls have slept around with in US? That! You had an Orkut profile and had in past two relationships isn’t much of a botheration, but to you it is? I don’t think I need to answer you but for your sake of benefit, Sid understands me."

"When you were not there and I was trying to reach you, Sid helped me. He comforted me when I took to alcohol. You were not there and you have been too busy." Ashish looked infuriated and tried to reason. "But, you know I had been busy. It wasn’t possible for me to be there. But, anyway it doesn’t mean that my love for has become lesser now, and you should go and sleep around with someone."

“Ah! So you mean to say by putting an engagement ring on my fingers, you can continually sleep with other girls. That I am a bonded labor of yours and every decision of mine has to be approve by you. Why? I kept preserved myself for you Ashish. Yes, I am an Indian girl, and its pity that the society bars women from speaking on topics that mars a difference."

Joanna continued: "Women are supposed to be a subjects of exploit for man right. You know what! If I had slept with you earlier, would your views for me changed? I am sure any girl who sleeps prior to her marriage is bad for you, isn’t? but, you want sex. You want commitment. You want a wife who waits for her husband to come from office, make his food and then warm him up in the bed, isn’t? I feel pity for you cause you are insecure and have no trust on me. Are you hurt that someone else enjoyed this flesh prior to you? What! Speak up you animal.”

Ashish contemplates for a moment. He wanted to speak but he was speechless. Everything Joanna said was true. It was true that he has been seeing someone keeping Joanna unaware. He had the wish to sleep with a blond and he did it in US. But, why is he then angry? Ashish shudders for a moment, but he cannot stop for a moment to say “B****”.

"Yes, I am now for you." A tear rolls down from Joanna’s eyes, but she swiped it away from the cheek immediately. She laughed at Ashish and threw the ring at his face. As she recedes, she looked back at Ashish and uttered “This bitch did the first right thing today..loser”…she walks away. The clouds were hovering around the sky. It was going to rain. Ashish screamed "Taxi, Taxi". It had started raining. The rain water seemed to take the ring near to the drains.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Potato falls for a Tomato

It has been quite an unusual day in the market. This market that I am referring here is an quite upheaval market of Madiwala. Located near to a shopping mall TOTAL the market bear quite a history of Bangalore heritage.

In comes a truck sackful of vegetables. Kantamma, tucked her saree nicely, and went ahead to mount the sackful of vegetables. Along with the cauliflowers, ladyfingers, carrots, brinjals, there were tomatoes and potatoes. Kantamma lays the sackful of vegetables and goes ahead to pay the vendor.

"Hey! long time, how are your brothers doing?" asks the potato. A bit of flirty attitude. The tomato has known for ages this behavior of potato. She tries hard in refraining from making any eye contact with him. At this point, by her ill luck there is a disgruntled rush of brinjals over them. The potato falls over the cute face of tomato, and pinches her cheek.

"Ridiculous! she utters. Don't you have manners?" The potato busted into a laughter as the face of the tomato flashed in red. The potato still kept on pinging her. "Hey! we can roll her for a while before we are made into an aloo ke chutney."

This was getting improbable for the tomato had not it been Miss Joanna's touch. She looked at the tomato pretty well and asked Kantamma to put that in bag. The potato looked pale.
The tomato seems to have the last laugh with the MTV Spiltsvilla 2 Queen, Joanna. Boy! talk about falling in arms.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I Used to Love Her :)

Does she even remember me? This song might remind all the folks what people experience when their loved ones are no more with them. Love you folks!
Peace and Love from the comedian- Raj

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Time to Cast Votes Online

No, for the hundredth time, I won't be able to cast my vote for the upcoming Assembly elections. How can I? I am put up in Bangalore and have to travel across to Bengal to cast my votes. I don't think its feasible. But, I would love to cast my vote. Specifically, because every vote is important.

We chose the leaders and it is a wonderful thought. So what if my votes hardly count? So what if I see every scum politician making crores and storing it in Swiss bank. I have the democratic right to exercise my powers, and if these politicians fail to do their duties, God alone can be the judge.

I want an online poll format. For us, who are far off to a distant land earning our livelihood, an online poll helps us. A site monitored and managed by the Election Commission of India can organize and conduct the polls online. Every online users gets a username and password for the 'Ballot'. Username can be the voters ID. Trust me, it will enable hundreds of NRIs and Indian citizens who cannot make it to the polls for distance.

Disadvantages may be few such as technological mishap and co-ordination. But, no system is proper without any trials. Let's give it a green signal. Anyway are you listening? Yes, that 5-year old kid what do you think about this idea?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

What the hell is the IT City Upto!!!

8 long years. Yes! 8 long years in the Garden city of India. I don't feel any more alien in Bangalore. The language Kannada isn't much of a botheration to me. I can understand it with no issues, and can give a bit or two to the authorickshawallas in their languages. The food has never been an issue. And, friends! I have more South Indian friends than Bengalis. Well BEN- GAALI isn't a gali dude!

But I am have been touch disappointed from the last few months on the Bangalore Municipal Administration. Na, I am not disappointed with the real estate or why I am looked as a stranger in the city, but on the Brand name 'IT City'. The Information Technology city of India looms in dark pale of shadow. I stay in a posh residential locality of Koramangala, and believe it or not get just 18 hours of electricity every day.

Early morning and there is no power. The fans are not moving and its sweaty time. And, then sit for a lunch or dinner with candles. How disturbing it feels. In disgust, I leave the house. Oh! some chill though. But right next to my house is a billboard with Deepika Paudoke giving a gleeful smile. I wonder if she understand the pathos I go through. There is pollution everywhere. IT City, my foot

Friday, April 03, 2009

Advantage Man!

It has not been the best of Summers for me. I fell in love again only to realize that standing up is better. Deep shit called Commitment and boy!she did not even look back at me again. Times changed and I possibly think I can never commit. Why would I? I am a Man. I am here to take advantage. Isn't? Let me ponder as to what are the advantages that man have.

As Man,we are hardly questioned for our actions.We can come at any point of the night, enact any actions and still get along. Nobody can question us. It becomes more easy for us to justify our actions and cross-question the person of the opposite gender.

As Man, we still are accepted in the society as soul signatory. How many times have we seen a man signing the report card or any authorized document? Have you seen a women doing that? See, how important we man are?