Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's half past one in the night, and I am just back from the Rex theater. I had gone to watch a movie in a theater after a long time. I have never liked watching Hindi movies in a theater suspending doubts over dis likeness for any Bollywood movies, but its just that I can't take these stupid gaana bajana sentiments bentiments for a long time, in these case 3 hours.

But, in this case it had something to do with Rock music, and I had to be there.

Farhan Akhtar has been the nicest thing to happen in Bollywood in 2000. Maybe, he could testify that his craftness skills has something to do with genes. He usurped a seasonal change in DIL CHAHTA HAI that rewrote script writing in Bollywood.

So, I had great hopes in him. I saw him anchoring or a celebrity judge in couple of Television music shows, and feel carried an awe of charmness and dignity in him. Happy to note here: Farhan lives to that in ROCK ON.

Arjun Rampal, long locks of hair with a guitar in hand and superb looks is always a killer. There is no doubt that his magic appeal and voice have infused teenybloopers for ages, and much like my friend Balaji, inspite of everything was not getting the all important LUCK factor going.

Farhan gave him a meaty role in DON followed up with ROCK ON. I am admiting that this has been Rampal's most matured performance. Look at his eyes when he speaks. He has his shades of disappointment for inspite being the talented lead guitarist, he could never make it in the music industry.

Purab Kohli is definitely a very cute and lovable character in the movie. But if I am not mistaken this dude is invaded by his own identity. Right from his telivision soap HIP HIP HURRAY he has over and over again played more and less same character barring. Purab definitely his timings well.

Luke kenny not much to say but he didn't disappoint though. Debbi and Prachi did their jobs well.

I wondered if Farhan would ever make a sequel of DIL CHAHTA HAI. Will he take a risk? Assuming he did, he would have to show the post-married lives of Akash, Sid and Sameer. Here, Akash is Farhan, Sid is Arjun and Sameer is Purab.

The fact is they showed a band which broke up due to indifference of two of his key members (DIL CHAHTA had Akash and Sid clash). Now, they have another reunion (Saif, Aaamir and Akshaye patching up owing to Dimple Kapadia's illiness) and this time for their buddy Luke, who has a brain tumor.

I am happy that this movie came to the market since I really wanted Bollywood to dwell on ROCK music. It's been ages since this industry has given something really worthwhile to take notice on.

ROCK ON clicks in the urban groups; it will be a smashing hit.

I just wish that it brings more musical scripts in place . We have the talent and we shouldn't be afraid to experiment.

This is the new age of Bollywood Industry. Let's Rock on

Saturday, August 16, 2008


[I have a mother who kept me in her womb for nine months, took uncontrollable pains, just to bring me in this world. Are you going to kill your mother by raping a woman?..]

"Please don't do it, Akhil. Please spare me. I am your girlfriend.AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Those were the last words from Sania's lips. She is lying unconscious for the last 5 days, and her accused boyfriend Akhil has been absconding. Mr. Zameel, their lawyer has been waiting in the Civil Court impatiently. They were supposed to get married today.

"Tick Tick Tick..nurse, the patient is sinking"

I have narrated a true incident that may seem to some people as "surprising." I might also get a few brickbats from men accusing me of putting spots on their characters, but I am afraid this is fact. I am not a feminist, but I do wish that we man could have treated woman in a far superior and dignified fashion.

The dreaded Rape has been in news every now and then. Before I wrote this article, one of my friends, surprisingly told me that for every 27 seconds, a woman or a girl is raped in this world. Shocking!Shocking!

When Akhil was nabbed by the cops, everyone was in for a surprise. He was calm and composed during the interrogation, and here are a few reasons as cited by him:

1)Dominion: Girls are supposed to not voice their opinion in every matters. She kept on telling me what to do and where not to go. I felt so insulted. It was important that she knew who was running the relationship.

2)Controlship: Man like to dominate over their partners, and if it means making a women feel as less weaker, I do it. I took drugs and empowered her. She was resilent. Akhil busted into a laughter that seemed to shake the 'a sweet lover' and overcome it with 'notorious' love.

3)Physical Needs: I always have needs. Don't you have too? I mean, I watch a lot of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. They all are advocating that man should have sex more with a woman satisfy her.

All the above reasons cited by Akhil sounds absolutely rubbish to me. I don't know how rape could be prevented, but yes man have physical needs. But in no fashion, it should mean that you should force on a woman.

Rape to me affects more a woman mentally rather than her body. She not only loses the dignity to live but also the basics rights to enjoy life.

Our society has this logic that it mixes kindness to a potion. It asks a woman to drink that potion to the fullest till her life. Sympathy is good, but oversimplifying sympathy is bad. Do encourage Woman. Treat her with care, but don't make her feel that she is at a down level anyway.

The Law has to take a strict action. I am not supporting death penalty, but am going overboard on this. You have to teach the rapists a lesson. The best thing is to chop their sexual organ. Yes, do this once and than you see how it will affect.

Lastly, common sense. Why all I do it at first case? I have a mother who kept me in her womb for nine months, took uncontrollable pains, just to make me see this world. Are you going to kill your mother by raping a woman? Think about it man- Real man never rapes. Let's all join together to stop this. Now!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ms. Kareena Kapoor Speaking

Sunday evenings are always meant to unwind and relax at home. Most of the professionals that I know chose to do that, but a certain elite class of profession called Journalists decide to make Sunday the most happening day of the week.

Well! oh aise, kay Sunday happens to be time when these masala journalists forecast the impending week's masala. I happen to know such an anecdote shared by a friend of mine, who works for a leading Bollywood e-zine. Her name is Nusaibha Azeem.

A couple of days back, when Bangalore witnessed a series of blasts to infuse hatred and scare amongst the people, I got a call from Nusaibha. Apparently, it was there in every news headlines, and the tragic news had spread like anything in every part of the globe and Mumbai was one such place.

Anyway, due to the jamming of cellphones,Nusaibha wasn't able to reach me immediately, but finally she did. "Oh Allah! you are hale and hearty, Raj! I am so glad to hear your voice.", the melodious voice crooned from the other end of the cell phone.

I solemnly pronounced "Nus dear, I won't die before producing 12 kids", and both of us busted into a hearty laugh. It so much reminded us of her college days. Anyway, it was really sweet on her part to call.

She did only to share an interesting anecdote. "Hey, Raj! guess what's happening in Ms. Kapoor's life" Star's lives do not interest me as much as cricketer's lives do.

"Hey Saif, I just called up to say that I won't be doing the sequel of JAB WE MET." "Lekin kyun nahin?" Saif asked in his usual crooky voice. I sometimes feel his voice sounded more like Rani Mukherjee counterpart.

"Well, it seems Imitiaz has signed up Shahid again for the coup, and it would be ugly to pair with him again." "Not really! says Saif. I heard that they have been quite a pair in KISMET CONNECTION, and so if you would pair with him, not only you get the limelight, but I get a hook up to."

"Really, hows that?", Kareena's eyes seem to have protruded out as she spoke the words. "You see off late the media has been highlighting on our personal lives, and if it has helped anyone is Shahid and Divya Balan. So, now if our lives are messed up like this, we can see that theirs can be affected too."

"Pray Continue"...

"Now, if we can manage to get the attention towards them instead of us, we can carry on with our work imperturbably and managed to be in limelight."

"Wow" Kareena screamed and added more to it "things will be the same without anyone even noticing the faintest of ideas. Hey you know what to get things much more heated I shall appear in one of the mushy interviews, and show how much I care for Shahid. Added to the twist, maybe show a little bit more of compassion."

“Oh Saif,you’re such a sweetheart, I love you.” And I love you too Rosa, Bips, Lolo".

Break- "So hows the story for the Sunday masala edition, Raj". "Well Nus in a nation where Shahrukh Khan and Sex sells, I won't be surprised that your picture doesn't hit the headlines." Anyway, I have never understood this filmy affairs and world. It’s such a big puzzle that celebrities can stoop to any level of stupidity in order to attain popularity. I just took the instance of Bollywood’s Kareena.

In real life, don’t we stoop to substandard levels. Just think about the last time you have done such thing to get popular. If you do remember, try to think could would you have avoided it any way. The answer is within you. Just seek for it.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Molested Baby Screams for Justice

“Aami said I shouldn’t visit dark places,”...oom but am I a stranger, beta? I am your uncle Feroz. Nissar knew that her uncle was correct.what if she could go walk upto the amusement park. Her abbu, aami had been always supportive of her going out with uncle.

But this time, it was a raining and the past few days had witnessed scores dark alley. Her uncle had promised to give her something special this 5th birthday. She holds Uncle Feroz’s hand and goes out with him.

“Did you see that there’s something strange with Nissar,” Firdausi spoke as Dr.Shabaz Ahmed looked furtively glanced over the newspaper. Firdausi knew her husband had never paid any attention to Nissar for not because of his professional engagements. But he wanted a son. It pinched me off-lately as Firdausi was expecting their second kid, and looks like the reports showed that it’s a baby girl again.

Firdausi went to Nissar’s room. It was a side wide open. Right from her childhood, Nissar had kept her room open while sleeping. She is scared of darkness. “beta Nissar kaha ho tum?”...”she could hear the gushing of waters from the tub. The door was ajar. She could see Nissar‘s feets.

Those tiny feets had been rinsed in water for some time. She peeped in and was shocked to see her Nissar sitting there with eyes wide-open.

She walked off to Nissar, called her names, but to no effect. Nissar was speechless. She called her husband whom came running back and together they took her to the bedroom. She was rinsed properly with a towel.

As Shabaz went to call for a hospital ambulance, Firdausi discovered something wet and sticky in her daughter’s skirt. Ya Allah! It was blood...she was bleeding profusely.

“I am sorry, Mr. Ahmed but your daughter was forced “. Mr. & Mrs Ahmed were numbstruck. They didn’t know what to say forget about any actions.

They held their hands as they entered into Nissar’s cabin. Therein lays their daughter holding a doll crutched to her arms. Salinated water from bottles had been continuously given to her. Tears were rolling from her dad’s eyes. He knew he had never loved her daughter and now ...he was all in tears.

Who could have possibly done this to their daughter? She is merely 6, doesn’t even understand what she underwent and how could someone be so inhuman. They were searching for the answers. In comes a visitor’s shadow.

It is uncle Feroz. The moment he enters, he greets Firdausi and Shabaz and goes up to Nissar. Suddenly, Nissar starts wrestling her arms and screams. As the doctors rush in to medicate, Nissar lets out a scream “Feroz uncle, please don’t climb on me. It’s paining...”

Dr.Shabaz looks at Feroz. He knows the answer to his every query. Feroz shivers.