Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Anybody who watches and understands the game of cricket need not visit an eye specialist to realise that their eyesight witnessed the ironical holiest of events in Sydney.

It wasn’t India or Australia losing the match, but the loser was
the game. I have had great respect for the way the Aussies approach their game and play it with so much of professionalism, but as they say sometimes your success can become your greatest enemy.

At the moment the Aussies are the biggest losers or crying babies when it comes to accept defeat. I may be a little biased here to say, but yes Aussies are the poor losers. Success has made them greedy, and they cannot accept the fact that anybody can challenge them and that also in their backyards.

Questions and investigations are pouring as I write this piece, but history will bloody remember this Ponting’s team as 'cheats'. Yes, and as Ricky who calls himself as a self-integrated man looks back at his cricketing days, he might have to reassure himself that he is clean.

Amongst all this hustle and bustle and the dramas that happened, one man who showed firm composure was the Indian captain Anil Kumble. I have always been captivated by Kumble’s determination and his panache to be perform to the fullest.

Yes, he might have a bad day in the game, he may not be the best fielder but take nothing away- he will fight it out. Yes, he will give his 100 percent to the game and his 4th innings of 44 unbeaten testified that.

What was going through Anil’s mind when he was viewing the white collared men giving one after one incorrect dismissals? He must have thought that there was no way he could defeat the Aussies if these people were busy in giving incorrect decisions. Yet, he showed firm grit and character and was tactful with his words.

We Indians have always been defensive in our approach to sports. Some say that’s the way we are brought up and play the game. Correct! But that doesn’t mean you can take us for granted and that also not once, twice but infinite times. Why should we take it anymore?

Does Ricky Ponting who in the past had a history of drunken brawl come up and say he is man of character. How could him? Wasn’t him the same person who stood at his ground when the replay clearly showed an edge a big knick? Than while fielding he took a catch of Dhoni that clearly showing him bumping into the ground and still he keep on yelling.

I never understood that; yes, you play hard cricket, but it doesn’t allow you to be cheaters. Would this pic below mean anything to you ? sorry mate! I don’t think I can trust you on this.

Sportsmanship is the much debated word of the day. It is defined as ‘conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport’.

The unfolding of events at the SCG has tarnished the image of cricket as a gentleman’s game. What happens in the field stays in the field- what happen Mr.Ricky to that? In an era where ego and money drives sport, sportsmanship and gentelman valueship are a lost virtue. Yes, it is lost somewhere in the cloud nine.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Go for Visual Design

One of my all-time favorite advertisements. The above advertisment reflects the brand of Shaadi!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Awesome Taare Zameen Par

“Raj, you look like that kid-Darsheel”, said my roomie. I was little taken back. Do I consider it as a compliment or something else?

It is interesting though I resemble a bit like Darsheel, but I am sure I can never deliver a performance oriented role as Darsheel has done in TZP. Pheew! What a breathtaking performance from this kid and equally too from the other starcast in Aamir Khan’s maiden directorial venture Taare Zaamen Par.

It is also amazing to find that Aamir' sincerity of movie making etches out his actingship. Aamir could have done another hero oriented role after RDB and FANNA, but instead he chose to do TZP. Why?

I was trying to get this answer when I was safely couching in the Chennai theatre with a friend, and when I left the theatre I am happy to announce that it did satiate my queries.

I am not going to tell you the story as most of you by now have watched or read it from any other websites. I will narrate a quick 8 point summary of why TZP is the best movie in the year 2007-08.

1)Bollywood has a history of quickly tagging any non-masala movie as an "Art cinema". Sometimes it results in youngsters like me staying away from the movie. But sometimes when you watch the movie if your favorite actor is there, you think you could have missed out something. Trust me, I am not being biased here.

I admit TZP is not an out and out masala movie (though it has its share of gaana bajana), but it makes you sit and wonder. A question: why a kid is pushed always and not allowed to make his or her own choices is very much prudent here.

2)Darsheel undoubtedly is a great hero material. His performance is better than most other child actors in Bollywood. Forget child actors he is brilliant than most of these Salman Khan or Aftab. But you might say. Well he had a strong role. So what he had to perform? I can only think of the character Anjali in Mani Ratnam’s classic ANJALI that was laced with so much brilliance.

3)Let’s admit one thing here- Direction is not a piece of cake. Add it to the direction of kids and you know you have a mammoth task.

Aamir though he had shot few scenes in GHULAM must have few butterflies in his stomach when he started shooting. But like an ace director he brought out the anguish, smiles, emphatic, dreams and mostly important he connected with the audience. Mani Ratnam’s ANJALI was too off a kid who is also physically challenged and at the same time you could feel the sheer determination.

4)The script is so beautifully written. Dialogues are fresh and not smell of any superficiality.

5)Some of the scenes that stand out and made my childhood memories sink in are Darsheel play to his parents for nursing his dreams.

As a kid I know quite a few parents who force their kids to take up an Engineering or Medical career just for their status and name. Do they even realize what the kid capable of doing is? If they understood a kid psyche, I am sure they are going to be surprised by his or her latent quality.

6)Music is top-notch and Prasoon Joshi deserves all the applause for the lyrics.

7)I perceive the movie to do very well- especially in the multiplexes and overseas. It would make a major difference if this time we see TZP competing instead of EKLAVYA or PAHELI in Oscars. I am sure we won't be again a nation of duplicating errors. Please!

8)Like LAGAAN the climax opens up another interesting phase in the film. I believe it is where the movie actually takes a sharp turn of critics opining it as ‘thik-thak’ movie to a 'classic' one. The crew seems to understand the audience pulse pretty well.

I have seen quite a few movies that had children as the central character namely- baby Anjali in ANJALI, Jugal Hansraj in MASOOM and you expect them to learn as the time progresses. But when you see such a flawless execution of actingship, all you could do is stand up and applause the entire team. Watch it! I give it a five star *****