Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Experience at # 3 Apartment

Don't end
Your perfect life

"Hello! Anjali" The #3, 22nd Rupert Street of Worli, Mumbai broke a distant sound. No body in the housing complex had much of an idea on #3 household. The family had been a complete stranger to the folks since their occupancy. Inside the apartment lived Mrs. Anjali with her two little dogs. Mr. Kumar had passed away couple of years back in a plan accident; nobody can understand why Anjali never remarried.Anjali is 36 years old. It was an arranged marriage.She grew up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and is quite conservative, quiet and very shy. In many ways, she is the traditional Indian wife. She is a housewife, spends most of her time in housework, knitting, watching Hindi soap operas, and listens to everything what her husband said.

She had the most beautiful dimples and attractive eyes to make any man crazy. Locks of her hair falling on her curvaceous shoulders can redeem a man from his deepest slumber. Yet, why such a beautiful Indian woman of 36 years is has kept her life locked in this apartment. The voice broke Anjali’s thought.

The sentence reiterated--- Anjali, Anjali…it sounded familiar. Anjali is aware of the fact that I’m surrounded by people, but my husband is one of the few that understood me. But the voice that boomed across the telephone sounded so familiar.

It was a voice of authority, familiar and sweet. She had forgotten in ages of someone calling her name in such sweet baritone. Prakash had been dead for long and she was not acquainted with any other voice that had more soothing effect. Ji aap kaun’..Anjali stuttered to answer. There was a momentary silence before the caller’s voice boomed again- I am Raj…your Raj..remember Xavier’s college.

Of course, how could Anjali forget him. Her long lost love. Anjali stands before the mirror, and touches her navel. It has been so long that a male has touched her body. Things keep on coming on her mind. The moments with her husband keeps coming back. Nothing is permanent.

Ah, sometimes it’s a good thing that nothing remains permanent in life! And it’s even better that Anjali' problem was only a state of mind. This situation was a good reminder that the only person that her happiness depends upon is herself. If Anajli just work on changing my thoughts and perception a little, Anjali won’t have to go anywhere or be with anyone to be happy again.

So, Anjali thought of giving herself a kick in the` bum, and jaldi sab thik ho jayega! She took her bags and got out to meet Raj.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scent of a Woman

This post is in response to Abhijeet' query of asking a lady to dance. Watch this short clip and you will be marveled by the great Al Pacino's sheer class of acting ship. One thing that you need to understand is when you see a girl at a party or nightclub, observe her eyes carefully, instead on her other body parts. That will tell you a women's inner desires.

A woman will NEVER lie with her eyes. All her secrets are stored in there. See, how Al Pacino marvels with a Tango dance in this clip. You will get a good idea of how a guy needs to approach,converse and request a lady for a dance. All with respect! Nowhere in the scene it will look cheap to you.

Do not be afraid Abhijeet, I am sure your girl will love your company; just be good to her. Also, here's wishing all my dear readers a very fantastic Dusherra!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Long-distance Relationships

First and foremost, take an advice from me- All relationships take work. But a long-distance relationship is even more difficult and it can sometimes seem impossible to keep love alive when separated. But love can be a powerful motivator and, if you're dedicated enough, you can make a long-distance relationship work.

Here are some tips from my end in order to get your long-distance relationship work:

1. Compose love letters or emails

You don't have to embarrass yourself with gooey sentimentality, but the more detailed your love notes, the better. As long as you're sincere, you really can't go wrong.I have written couple of poems and most of the times, she has been sweet enough to understand it. It helps in understanding each other feelings and more than enough ignites passion, which can be a good enough in the process of love making.

2.Live in the present.

Focus on the love you share every day, and how grateful you have each other to rely upon.Do not brag upon on the future much as it will spoil the times you live in. You should not spoil the present.

3) Build trust

If both of you agreed to be true to each other while in separate cities, states or countries, or continents, then you should trust that neither of you will risk your love too easily.

So if you let him know you're confident in your relationship ' and reinforce that you're happy to wait for your partner ' the two of you will have more of a chance of succeeding.

4) Surprise your partner now and then

Sometimes you just need a little reminder of the physical connection you two have, not just the emotional one.Save up for a weekend ticket and surprise your partner

A long distance relationship does have its differences as well. It takes away your ability to see each other on a frequent note, as well as the choice of being intimate whenever you desire, not to mention that there would be major trust required. Being unable to spend time together in a physical presence makes it harder to hang on to, but does not spell out doom for your relationship.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to earn a Date in 5 Minutes

Asking someone out for a date doesn't require rocket science or an expensive car. Get to know her and ask her about her interests. It would help if you are an all rounder, meaning that you know lots of stuff, even women's stuff. This way she'll be attracted to you and you will have something in common.I'll share some insights though I am a shy guy and have never tried it out in real life.

"It only takes a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone & a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone."
- A letter R to a letter RAction, action and action! Most of the time we always brag that we can do so many infinite and impossible things in our life, but as usual, we lack action! Of course dating a girl requires action and the action requires you to actually ask her out. You might freeze up usually when we get close to a girl that you like, it seems like there's nothing or no thoughts in our head.

When you do have something in common, just look for some excuse to ask her out.If you just met her or just got to know her, she might be a little uncomfortable going out with you. In that case, look for an excuse like your birthday or a friend's birthday.

The most important thing in my list of dating tips, is that you should be yourself. If you try to be someone else, then you may have to keep up pretenses for real long. It is always advisable to create a very good first impression, hence, arm yourself with really good first date questions.

If you have been dating for a while, start doing some really good activities together, such as cricket, fishing, oh and the best one, shopping. Well girls, this is the best way to know that your guy, for not only will you understand his tastes very well but you can also enjoy the shopping. One must also bear in mind that one must avoid some awkward dating questions, such as asking your partner about previous relationships.

Also, never plan out a conversation, because it often leads to one person getting bored. Asking opinions or narrating some hilarious incidents always helps. And most important of all, never get worked up or even nervous for that matter, just be comfortable and cool. In the first few dates, get to know your partner. It is quite
possible that the person sitting in front of you is the one you were always waiting for.

Have great fun! I wish all of you success with your loved ones, and yes, don't forget to get a date for me. I am still single.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been kicking this stone with my feet for a while. And though, I do not belong to the class of NERD-YANA, I am little disturbed that it is not going towards the intended direction. I am so lost in my thoughts that I have failed to notice a big black Honda Ford hitting my bums.

I am of course in the streets of Pondycherry, and though they are hardly any faces, which can scream "oh! my God! that is Raj!" I am actually thinking about my people.Life has always been an interesting ride for me. Since my schooling days, I have always been in pursuit of things that have an appeal. I do not like mundane things. I still remember in class 7,there was this beautiful and hot babe called Sakshi. Everyone wanted to go on with a date with her.

I was in fierce competition as there were seriously some hunks riding in the isle. I had lost any interest for her. But then when I came to know of her interest for me, I was why me? though in my heart, I wanted to date her. Honestly, she could not believe when I turned down to go out with her.

My family is very special and I owe a lot to them for whatever I am today. But then some of my special ones forget it. They have completely forgotten what parents are all about. A small meager of financial amount will not and never buy my parents happiness. Respect is what they crib for and would my special ones understand their folly before its too late.

My life has been interesting and quite unpredictable. And as I pen this blog piece on my Nokia Blackberry device, I view a ship on the distant waters. Slowly, its invisible. I hope I burn out soon before I fade away slowly.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Walk in the Hatred Zone

The truth is I made a mistake. No,it is more bigger and greater than a mistake. It is a blunder. I have done something that has made me ashamed. Yes, I tried all this to express my anger. An anger that comes unlikely to me, and yet it came. No one likes to be ignored by someone whom you consider special; someone whom you thought to be special.But even if I have committed the blunder, I am surprised of the negative feelings that she has against me. She kept on abusing me,calling me all sort of names. Why is she doing it? Is she finding it amusing? I have never questioned her and neither have anytime asked her why did she behave like this. But, what she did was shameful. She even called me a fiend.

It is not something that I am not sorry for, but the fact is I have done it. It is a fact, and I guess I just have to live with it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are Just Friends

My ex-girlfriend had a habit of being humorous at odd times. I recall an incident during our break-up when she said no matter whatever happens, we will continue to be good friends. That we will still be calling up each other regularly, exchanging notes here and then and then meeting at odd times.

It looked to me practical during that period, but no sooner she walked out of my house, she behaved just the reverse. She blocked me on her social-network portals and tried behaving as if it was difficult for her to keep in touched. When I quizzed her friends about them, they all told me it was difficult for her to keep in touch and be friends.That is my story. I have had friends, who are mostly girls and they are all very genial in nature. But, I have to admit that it has been not easy to just 'be friends'.

Imagine spending a Saturday night with a best friend, who is stunning looking and is just irresistible. I have found it extremely difficult to face these situations and more so when I had break-ups. I think I feel guilty.

Yes, it is a guilt that makes me feel so boorish of how could I even think of fancying my best friend like this, but then it happens.

I have been working for some time now and make enough to have a decent living. At workplace I tend to easily make friends who are extremely cordial in nature. The ladies whom I encounter at workplace do not mind having a drink at the end of the day.

During the conversations, these ladies feel that when you spend exactly more than 8 hours in a day with a male counterpart, obviously there is a channel of communication flowing between two individuals, that ultimately results in a bonding, physical may be just one more thing that happens.

I think a man and a woman can be good friends, but in friendship it is liable that you share a lot of things with a fellow human being. These thoughts and feelings are unshareable. Often when you share at times, a small peck on the cheek, a cuddle on the arms gives a different name to the friendship.

The subject of male/female friendships is intriguing and debatable, and everyone seems to have an opinion. What both men and women should keep in mind is, as someone told me, that true friendship requires shared experiences where trust and loyalty are proven over time. "It's harder for men and women to get to that place, particularly if they become lovers," he says.

Well, I guess I have to simplify my life a bit.

Friday, September 04, 2009

KAMINEY does not Arrest Me!

It can be frantic tired to be in a loop of movie admirers and still have nothing to admire upon. Being realistic is a natural thing for me, and more or less, I am trying to low-down with the hype for the movie KAMINEY.Seriously, there is nothing to go ga-ga over the movie. A Vishal Bharadwaj movie is always awaited with rapt attention, but honestly, it fails to impress me and is far below the stature of class of MAQBOOL and OMKARA.

Shahid Kapoor, a rising star, is in the front headlines of every newspapers these days, and he attempts to do what Ajay Devgun did brilliantly in PRIMAL FEAR remake DEEWANGEE.

Undoubtedly, Shahid spent hours in trying to pick up the hakla na, but then, it does not look realistic at all. There are places where Charlie, the protagonist speaks at a higher pitch, pushes his character to go that extent, but alas! It leaves no impression on me.

It is a dark movie shot at locales, which smells of underworld booh and middle-class lifestyles. The locations impressed me. It was realistic to see a bathroom door of a chawal having a caption “apna haath jaganath”. Priyanka Chopra is good; I found her extremely natural and spontaneous in her dialogue delivery.

Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchies movies have made a strong comeback in this movie. I sense,Vishal took a cue on the darker aspects of the movie from these directors' movies and has tried to portray their darker vision in the movie, only to discover the audience a little amiss.

I am sure, the movie has caught the nationwide attention and critics have loved it, but then I could not relate it much with the story. There were ifs and bits of the stories clubbed together to make this movie.

Whether the junta will be ready to digest and understand such a movie is to be seen, but then these days no one can say what can click in Bollywood. All the best, Vishal!