Monday, August 21, 2006

Prey on a hunt!

It has much to do with our society at large. Questions and introspection have been over and over again made no sooner we get another minor being raped. The girl who was the victim of a police constable Sunil more is in a state of coma. What happened on that night would be frail to assume what is transpired for the girlýs future. Shamefully, India accounts as one of the leading country for rapes per year. Does it ring an alarming bell that our girls and women are unsafe? If it does also, the shameful incident by a cop does raise fingers to our law. If the law protectors become law- breakers, then whom are we to commute our worries?

Ha, itýs all because the girls wear indecent dresses, says my fellow friend. As software professional he finds his colleagues wearing outrageous dresses and are blind to the comments made by people. They believe being democratic citizens of a republic they have every right to wear and do anything. Well, honestly speaking this carefree attitude does let you fall in mud slinging sometimes.

But, are not Indian women being subjected to humiliation every night? Ask my fellow lawyer friend in Bangalore
And he points out an interesting link. He says most of the women filing divorce cases points out to them they have been forced to have sex during the marital period, and then to know the guy as your husband is a disgusting thing. Our constitution has clearly stated that any sort of force being thursted during sex is termed as Rape. Almost 1 out of 10 housewives have complained that their husbands have raped them. How do you explain this now?

To me media is partly responsible for the crime on women in cities of India. Just the other day, I switched on the television and happened to see a female model for a gutkha advertisement; how on earth do you explain that? Itýs one of the areas where everyone need to focus; every girl wants to wear the best outfits in town, but does it crosses the moral of obscenity is the all important question?

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