Sunday, January 21, 2007

My take on GURU

Come Feb’ when Abhishek flaunts Aishwarya with a garland, we might just have a déjà vu. Mani Ratnam’s Guru is an epitome of Indian Cinema coming of ages, and I know Faran Akhtar and Ashutosh Gowarikher have seconded that. Mani Ratnam has done a fantastic job of bringing dreams to a middle-class household and asking one to reach for it. The only thing that he asks you is have confidence and a belief in yourself. It was that belief which made Rakesh Mehra made Rang De Basanti and it scored and certainly Guru is an icing on the cake. Gurukanth Desai (Abhishek Bachchan) runs helter-shelter in Istanbul selling petrol bumps neglecting his father’s advice to pursue higher education in the village. Guru grows up with prosperity and wealth often ballying with Mallika Sherawat but for a not a single moment he shields away from his dream- to make India marked in the global map. Rejecting a promotion he travels back to his village where his dad fancies his idea of starting a business. Guru confides with his friend Aryan Babar and marries Aishwarya for a dowry. Next is the episode of how Guru makes it to the global map, sets up his SHAKTI Empire, accusations and how he braves all this.

Though people are showering accolades on Abhishek Bachchan’s performance, realm is this guy was a prospect from the day1. He had a good start in Refugee but did some blunders in TERA JADOO CHAL GAYA and all..but what a character he has portrayed in GURU. Full marks to Mani Ratnam for utilizing the potentials of Abhishek as Lallan in YUVA and now as Guru. Mani has centered on Abhishek’s posture and his eyes in the movie. If akshaye kumar could be the nation’s hero for his delightful laughter in JAANEMAN, Gurukant desai’s smile too is matchable. Ash is pefect and matches well in her role. Mithun Da gives a power packed performance and added to that Madhavan’s fight with Abhishek. Vidya Balan does a good job and shares a great chemistry with Madhavan. If Dhoom pictured Hrithik-ash smooch, Vidya and Madhavan too had a spontaneous smooch. Full marks to the talented Rajiv Menon for brilliant camerawork. Rahman’s music is top-notch.

The movie will be remembered for Abhishek’s stupendous performances. His interactions with the people; the cunningness of the business trades he employs; his romantic liaison with Ash; softness for Vidya Balan; his break-up amidst the people and a delightful speech in the courtroom. Guru promises, delivers and ushers a season of hope for future entrepreneurs. It justifies that business is not a mushy path rather filled with thorns. But someone who believes that he can bed both roses and thorns is only going to be successful. It teaches- Dream Big and believes that you can achieve. Salute to such crafted movie!

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