Friday, March 09, 2007

Aati kya date main?

Oom, New year plans---

1) ZERO G--1500 rs/ inclusive of dance and drink-- a place filled with IBMites in Residency Road.

2) Speedzone--Lil far- good place to shake your booty!

3) Purple Haze- Residency Road- Good music, nice dancers, good hunks and well-served food.

4) Firaangi Paani-The Forum, an ideal place if you want to get drunk, and let your friend kill you.

5) Styx-Brigade Road, good music and dark places to get naughty!

6) My house-- a sad place- you cook and I eat

If you want your guy to come along, then select from the above options.

Well, if you wanna go out with me alone, then I might let you know more plans:

1) Ozone: New freshness, plays Beatles..goes well with Susi wine

2)Java Green, a candle night dinner and a play..My first date in Bangalore and lasted 10 minutes; dated the coffee waiter than

3) Baskin 21 Robbins, Koramangala: Melting place and no distraction; your chick will love it and it's worth

4) Leela Palace: I can afford it for an evening; great place to have wine and your chick might get hit on the first dose

Let me know, I am waiting, and you know it's worth waiting

Guy with a heart wide as Framemaker document.


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