Sunday, April 22, 2007


It’s been sometimes now that I have been provided a room in Orkut, and my neighbours (70 and still counting) have been excellent in all fronts. Be it the girl from Christ College, Bangalore or a Technical Writer from Mumbai, my neighbors have been co-operative in all fronts.

Harddone the scraps have been sometimes very sweet, though a few people have blasted me for my photogenic snaps. I also had the fortune to meetup with some of my neighbors who have been touchwood very sweet. The only drawback after meeting them is that I’ve become little diabetic to say, notforgetting the ooom taste of Appam,Arabian Chicken and what not!...Thanks all!

Testimonials have been written, and I seriously thank each one of you including those of non-testimourners. I am now aware of my latent qualities..

I joined a few communities, which have become so overcrowded these days with questions pouring like ‘would u date me?’ 'how would u rate the profile?'…I sense, we have quite a few writers, painters who have demonstrated their skills and created new norms of art. They are likely to get Nobel Prize soon.

Well if that’s not enough, sometimes Orkut has treated me very badly. Often, at times, my password has been hacked only to discover my neighbours were playing hide and seek with me..
All said and done, and as I doze the ball in Orkut’s court, I respect each and everyone who has visited my profile. Please don’t hesitate to drop a line or two. I am sure there are enough nice words in the dictionary to use.. You can ping me on Yahoo. I am available as potatobuck…I will respond to you if my company lifts out the ban on Orkut.

Wel, all the best to all of you! Happy Surfing and remember that anytime you wish to see your hands get colored, Matrimonial Guruji or Raj or Jersy is always there.

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