Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Anybody who watches and understands the game of cricket need not visit an eye specialist to realise that their eyesight witnessed the ironical holiest of events in Sydney.

It wasn’t India or Australia losing the match, but the loser was
the game. I have had great respect for the way the Aussies approach their game and play it with so much of professionalism, but as they say sometimes your success can become your greatest enemy.

At the moment the Aussies are the biggest losers or crying babies when it comes to accept defeat. I may be a little biased here to say, but yes Aussies are the poor losers. Success has made them greedy, and they cannot accept the fact that anybody can challenge them and that also in their backyards.

Questions and investigations are pouring as I write this piece, but history will bloody remember this Ponting’s team as 'cheats'. Yes, and as Ricky who calls himself as a self-integrated man looks back at his cricketing days, he might have to reassure himself that he is clean.

Amongst all this hustle and bustle and the dramas that happened, one man who showed firm composure was the Indian captain Anil Kumble. I have always been captivated by Kumble’s determination and his panache to be perform to the fullest.

Yes, he might have a bad day in the game, he may not be the best fielder but take nothing away- he will fight it out. Yes, he will give his 100 percent to the game and his 4th innings of 44 unbeaten testified that.

What was going through Anil’s mind when he was viewing the white collared men giving one after one incorrect dismissals? He must have thought that there was no way he could defeat the Aussies if these people were busy in giving incorrect decisions. Yet, he showed firm grit and character and was tactful with his words.

We Indians have always been defensive in our approach to sports. Some say that’s the way we are brought up and play the game. Correct! But that doesn’t mean you can take us for granted and that also not once, twice but infinite times. Why should we take it anymore?

Does Ricky Ponting who in the past had a history of drunken brawl come up and say he is man of character. How could him? Wasn’t him the same person who stood at his ground when the replay clearly showed an edge a big knick? Than while fielding he took a catch of Dhoni that clearly showing him bumping into the ground and still he keep on yelling.

I never understood that; yes, you play hard cricket, but it doesn’t allow you to be cheaters. Would this pic below mean anything to you ? sorry mate! I don’t think I can trust you on this.

Sportsmanship is the much debated word of the day. It is defined as ‘conduct (as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport’.

The unfolding of events at the SCG has tarnished the image of cricket as a gentleman’s game. What happens in the field stays in the field- what happen Mr.Ricky to that? In an era where ego and money drives sport, sportsmanship and gentelman valueship are a lost virtue. Yes, it is lost somewhere in the cloud nine.

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