Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coffee Day or Ramu Kaka's Tea Stall

I have visited Jayanagar 4th Block Coffee Day three times during my stint of 8 years in Bangalore. This phase has been routine mainly by the constant endeavor of my friends to shell out some bucks out of my pocket.

Please note that I have never enjoyed visits to Coffee Days leave Jayanagar Coffee Day out. Of course, it was a different case altogether when Infosys Coffee Days is spoken about. But than, I used to get a capuchino for Rs.16, and that is nonetheless trifle compared to how much I shelled out.

This coffee day is situated at a very prime place for religious people. There is a temple bang opposite to the coffee day, so in case you don't get a seat in the coffee day, you end up in a temple. If you have a girlfriend, she might ask you to go to 'Sweet Chariot' down the lane, don't go there! The shop owner's daughter is rude.

At the first visit to the coffee day, get ready for a beam of onlookers. A surprise direction of swarm of bees from all the various quarters may struck you if you aren't that cautious. Next, are thee 4 steps of the staircase,which reminds me that of my athleticism. I climb the stairs in quick succession and looked here and there.

A couple of facts that I wish to put across about the coffee day whether it is in MG Road, Lavelle Road or Ganga Nagar are not empty, and I don't see it will be empty don't blame only recession, it is because of their own fault, the management became over confidence with initial success and they neglected the basic things like food quality and service.

Yesterday, my friend got stale sour samosas and when I asked the waiter he had no answer, he just denies that they are stale, but I have never in my life had such sour samosa as if the masala was spiked with nimbu. The coffee was served almost cold and the waiter was always absconding although there was hardly any crowd, more than 80% of the seats were not occupied.

CCD does not offer any value anymore, even the good smiling staff have also disappeared from all their outlets and the grumpy ones are left. It is a different atmosphere, the juke boxes are not played anymore, still yesterday the whole lot of cakes meant for Christmas and new year were unsold. It is a clear sign that Bangaloreans are rejecting CCD.

As for the statement- a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, there is a Ramu Kaka's tea stall in Koramangala 8th Block. Buy a cup of tea there, sit on those rocks, and you can keep chatting for hours. Understand yaar! It's recession time.

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