Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Just Don't Understand Girls!!!!

Believe it or not- it's better to keep moving in life. You move in everything be at any aspect of life that I speak of. Work, relationship or any other shit that I can remember of. It's 12 of the night, and am penning this sitting in a friend's room, while a couple of friends are busy drinking in the other room. I had just finished watching a romantic comedy SEX DRIVE, much in the lines of AMERICAN PIE & ROADTRIP.

In between these, a message flashed on the Gtalk client. An ex-girlfriend, who suddenly developed a huge likeness for me is missing me, and when I asked her the reason for her likeness, she said she doesn't know. Of course, she does not. How could she? I was a puppet to her when she played around with me, and never thought of even asking me what the hell was I doing all throughout the life.

Now, she turns up suddenly. I cannot understand women. At some point they are so much into you and then they suddenly leave you. It's ,like their job with you is done. They complained guys do not understand. Ya hell! we don't. How can I understand when you play so many games sweetheart?

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Anita said...

good one!!!..