Saturday, March 27, 2010

Candid Love!

I love early morning candid conversations and occasionally over a jog. A childhood buddy of mine who had been to the Garden city for a short-time professional assignment accompanied me to these early morning trips. This fine day, when we had finished with our usual round of jogging, both of us sat down on a neat wooden bench.

The park usually at this hour had visitors of all ranges. While some were seen strolling, most of them were engaged in Yogashanas, some found time to sit around a cup of chai and so on. The scene gets a completely different look in the evening when most of the young couples invade the park, and then the mundane routine of laughter is overspread with romance.

Rony wasn't looking in his best spirits today, and I could make it out. He is that out-of-large humorous guy who keeps on spreading love everywhere. Incidentally, he had a breakup sometime back and though he told me about it, I never quizzed him on the serious aspect of it, but I sensed that he was a little disturbed and kept staring at the cell phone for time and again. Unable to resist myself I finally asked, "what is wrong?"

At first Rony was not willing to open up and share the thoughts but after sometime he started talking. It was about his past relationships and how he missed her. This is not something new. I knew Rony was a committed person and spend a great deal of time in adjusting and nurturing his relationships. But, apparently, he did not understand that girls sometime fall in love just to come out of a bad relationship.

And, this was true in his case. His ex had never cared for his emotions, never cared to understand what he had seeked in their relationships and left him all straddle. She came into Rony' life after an immediate break-up in which the guy used her for physical gains. Rony gave her the support she needed in
that emotional relationship, but she used him and left him of a saddle.

It was Rony' birthday and after whatever had happened between them he still thought she would ping her. But she did not. "Fine, we didn’t work out. I’m not gonna talk to her again. Not in a million years. Not even when she sends me a message to say she’s in some trouble. Am I being hard hearted? No I’m not. After whatever happened it’s only logical that I maintain a stony silence. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I’m not a saint .

I can’t behave like one either; forgive/forget and speak to her is not possible any more. If in a relationship one person doesn’t respect the other, calling her/his only in the hour of need then the whole thing stinks- not of friendship, not of lust, but a rotten kind of love. There’s love here. No denying that. But it’s gone bad. And what do you do with something rotten? Throw it away… "

Rony felt relieved now. It was time to leave the place, but this time Rony left with a peace of mind.

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