Saturday, March 24, 2012

My love for Kormangala Restaurants!

When I came to study in Bangalore little did the young heart in me realised that I would have fallen in love with this city. A city that I see now as my own city and have unlike most of the Bongs hardly face issues with food. In years that passed away, I have been living in Koramangala. In fact, I can't think of staying at any other place except Kormangala. Amongst all the glitz and glamor the place offers my heart goes to its numerous restaurants and the delicacies that these offer. I chose to mention two places here. Both pretty old and still retains its charm. 
Chicken Parmigana

The first of them is Casa Piccolla (now Casa Rivera). My memory dates back to couple of years when I chose to take my loving friend to that place. We had a good time and I do remember she complimented me on the place and the food. In years to go and more visits to this place, I had a whole bunch of delicacies. The Restaurant itself transformed offering Chinese with its usual Continental food. 

For starters, you can try Roasted Egg Plant and an Organic Mixed soup. I chose to go easy on the starters and have it with much time at hand. Then for main course, there is a lot of things in the menu but and there is a but if you wish to have a dish that would in any day be my favorite then please go for Chicken Parmigana. It is a Southern Italian dish made with a shallow-fried sliced filling, layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked.Variations are made with breaded meat cutlets. For a single person you can have all this dishes for in less than US $ 10.

The next place that I haunt regularly is FRIENDS. It is one of Kormangala's oldest and popular restaurants. And just like Casa Rivera it also offers taste buds Chinese and Continental cuisine. For starters you can go for Chilly Chicken with Hot and Sour soup. Then, if you love steaks then I suggest you can try Mushroom Steak or Whiskey steak. Both of these are served with a bowl of rice or mashed potatoes and I can vouch you would love the flavor and content.

Kormangala houses a lot of restaurants and these days there has been a sporadic increase in the numbers. I hope all of them have scores of eaters and may the locality and city continue to grow. 

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