Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Acting as a Matriomonial Guru!

This was probably one of the most memorable incidents of my life. Actually, it all started when I received a call from my Dad. Now, my dad don't call me that often unless and untill it's highly important. Somehow, we son and father don't know what to talk over the Phone. Going with this episode, I was on the way to my German Classes at Jaynagar, when I received a buzz from him. The No.always beckons me with anxiety as if something is amiss or 'sign of a trouble'. I won't get in much details here, but readers should know that I carry a Reliance C3305 Phone.

My dad said that I should call up mom at 11in the morning. Alright, I attended the German class and as soon as I done with that, I gave a ring to my mom. My mom would be occasionally working at that time and even though I have tried my level best, to make her realise that her health was precious than her work, she wouldnt lissen. Anyway, after 6 or 7 beeps, mom picks up the call and puts a bomb on my head. There is an alliance for my brother, and I am supposed to meet the lady. Though I was a No-No initially, but after much persistence agreed.My mom gave me the girl's cellphone number and asked me to meet her on the weekend.

I went home and tried calling her up, by the way, her name is Rumi. She works in an IT firm and ya guessed right, based in Bangalore.Each time I tried calling her up, there was no response, then suddnly she picks up and I was little nervous. Anyway, the lady tells me to meet her at 7(IST) at FORUM. For those of you who are unaware of what FORUM is. It's a place where people usually visit for they don't have any other place to visit. Situated in the Isles of Kormangala 7th Block, it's a place where boys have wonders with girls,money and gifts are dished out, auto rickshwallas have a great time and I get to date some poetry. Let's not get into details.

So here, I am reaching FORUM sharp 7 in the evening in a black t and a white jeans. I guess, I had followed the IST like a punctual dog.We are supposed to meet in Java Green, by the way, it's the best place to go round with your girl..doesn't cost you much-coffee is pretty cheap and u can sit and write poetry--if u dont have better things to do.

Anyway, let's come back to the track. I received a call from her that she has arrived and I reached at the venue. Rumi was all dressed up in Pink--dont ask me all those reasons behind all this. I said a quick 'hi' to her and sat besides her.We ordered for Coffee and started talking.

As we started speaking, I asked her questions what would be her role in the married life and how was she going to make the married life last? She went to tell me about her ambitions and how she thought married life required dedication and empathy to work. This wasn't the regular way that questions were bound to be asked, but I kept on asking and she went responding. A time came, when I realised that as if I was looking for a wife..

Anyway, she quizzed me other stuffs of my brother and after I told her, things need to be chalked out between my brother and her, she was quite OK by it. Later, I dutifully paid the Coffee bill and gave her a big NOMOSKAR and came out of the bill.
I took a breather! Phew! wasn't a very easy job, but at the end of the day, I thought I had done quite a decent one.

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N i t h i n said...

...after years of acquaintance with you, just realized why you are called so!! as always, well scripted :)