Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Balaji-Reincarnation of Devdas!

I have always believed that Software Engineers and Boozing are inter-linked, and they lead you to mass destruction. But, there are some positive aspects too--you get to shout at your friends, you are appreciated and revered (as a drunker), you learn how to swipe clothes and off course most IMPORTANT --You become famous and get a room in the great Raj's BLOG OF FAME..You don't believe, right? How about some outrageous photos staright from the abode of Pooja Hostel. They are much dangerous than Ripley's BELIVE IT OR NOT..

For those who think they have understood, I just have 2 words: GOOD LUCK!!
For those who think they have not, I just have 2 words: DONT WORRY!!
For those who have understood & failed to implement, I just have 2 words: OH BOY!!!

Presenting Balaji Kottaram, Embedded Systems Guy for the innumerable post-boozing periods sweeping and cleaning his pukes..Thanks to Photographer, Shani for his morning contribution!

Please note: this is only meant for first-rate drunkards and people who drink cheap and filthy drinks in Konian Bar and Resturant and puke later.

Venue: Pooja Hostel
Time:8--8:30 am on 17th March, 2006
Enjoy Maadi!

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