Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The most memorable moment of my life

Sometimes things which are anticipated and wished to be fullfilled at the corner of your heart happens, you are just startled. The first reaction that comes is "is it real?" and "oh! my God!! am I seeing the person in front of me?" I do not have a fancy habit of shitting in front of the public or an over reacted emotion. But I was apprehensive of the fact that certain actions are spontaneous and they come form within.Meeting the my IDOL was one such occasion and I still cherish that moment!

As I slowly treaded across the green lawns of infosys, I was startled to see a man in a blue chiffon shirt and a black pant. I quickly adjusted my tie, gave a quick glance at my watch and greeted me " Morning SIR! The man gave a quick glance, took his hands out of the pocket and shook hands..Both our hands were locked and he smilingly responded "Young Man, Hows work going?" I stuttered for a while and quickly responded, "Fine, sir". He quickly left..

Oh! there were so many questions that I wanted to ask Mr.Narayan Murthy; questions that have always been accumulated but never popped out of mind; I wish I had some more time to be with this great achiever.Infact, I had expected him this to happen but at the very start of my career, didn't thought.

Sweet Dreams are made of those and this moment will surely signal out the best of the lots!

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