Monday, July 03, 2006

A night to cheerish!!!

Though I reckon myself to be a first-rate dude, something which is very easy on my part to put on, I don't find myself comfy in the shades of people. I tend to become a little introvert than but when you have a bevvy of beautiful girls with you, I am freezed with cold...Such anticipation to make most of the situation--na don't get stumped here..I am just trying to make a point--how important it is to outshine yourself when it comes to the girls. I have never been a run after girl type and my issue has always been that I expect a woman giving me as much attention as figuring her dress for the ALL IMPORTANT FRIDAY PARTY.

Corporate culture has sometimes left me choked. I really can't figure out why people throw rave parties and then dash out cash only to make them feel that an 'INCH' higher..But, then they are thrown and you gotta put a mask and pretend that you are enjoying the show. No harm in that, but these days everyone wears a mask..
Alright, then let's get on the track. We at Infosys had our UX3 outing at Tuscan Verve and believe me it rocked.

I had a great time amidst the cacophony of girls (each trying to depict a Sharon Stone) and guys proving themselves to be first-rate drunkards (We literally won it!!!). The girls gave us a very tough fight both in drinks and in dance and they won it..easily!!! By the way, when it comes to dance, yours truly is a ROCKER..something or sorry! someone called Sunny Deol would find tough to battle it out.Let's not get into the shoes of Dancing!!!

I remember the post-drive that we had and the horrendous HSR Layout..ANYWAY, My first Infy wasn't bad..made some friends and got some numbers to keep floating..Sometimes, being a SINGLE status always helps!

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