Monday, February 05, 2007

Invitation to Roomies for Raj's birthday bash


Greetings from Bangalore!

Just like every good thing has its own taste, so also every roomie has his duty to make his friends taste that sweetness. I take up this opportunity to invite all of you to my birthday bash

The details are below:

Chief Guests: Prabheesh, Bala and Shani

Dinner: 8:15pm
Venue: Tamarind (Opposite to IIPM Bangalore)

Followed up by
Movie: Rocky Balboa (Thanks Bala!)
Time: 10: pm

Popcorn + drinks: Prabheesh will decide (He owes me 11,500rs)

Special Treat: Raj’s pole dance

Auto Fare: Prabheesh + Bala

Mandatory: Third rate behaviour

Presents: Of course..Ted’s Black Blazer suits me well + Lui Phillipe .....(White)

Be there at time

High Five!

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