Friday, November 09, 2007

Reflection of Myself in SAAWARIYA

There's a dream every man would like to see getting realised in his life-love a very special and beautiful girl even though he wakes up and finds her non-existent, he still searches for her. This 120 minutes of Sanjay Bhansali's SAAWARIYA will make yo search for that beautiful one and when you realise that you almost got her, she will slip away from you.

As a story I don't think SAAWARIYA has much to tell people; one might just ask ok Sonam Kappor (Sakeena) got her lady love Salman Khan (Iman) who leaves her and than suddenly comes on an EID and says "God is still creating you". No logic!

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Acting wise, Ranbir Kapoor impresses; I am so happy to such natural acting from a newcomer. He is young, vibrant, confident and above all he is a charmer. He profuses a sense of charm in his movements, dialogue delivery. This guy bared a lot in the movie ( so what if Dimple Kapadia bared a lot in 70's with his dad Rishi Kapoor in BOBBY). Ranbir's character had shades of Raj Kapoor's 420 and Ajay Devgan's character of Hum dil de chuke sanam.

Ranbir has a steamy body, dances well and his emotions such as the one in which he says to Rani I love you is excellent.He can have a great career if he becomes the young lover boy of this country! bTW i hit upon a girl in the theatres and instead of saying Sorry, she said "Oh! Ranbir's back". Now, you know how impactful is Ranbir Kapoor!

Sanjay Bhansali has given both Ranbir and Sonam equal share of screen but Sonam to me needs to work a lil on dancing skills. Her character is that of a Muslim Girl Sakena and while she is waiting for the man whom she loved she doesn't mind with a smile. Sonam acts well, has that grace which I witnessed in Madhuri Dixit. A little skiny but that;s good.

Rani Mukheerjee seems to be the female version of Aaamir Khan. Her role as Gulabi, a call girl is so breathtaking natural that for a while you might just wonder it's real. Salman does what he should do-- acts with a penchant of attitude. Sometimes I wonder if he's speaking Hindi in English.

Sanjay's Bhansali cinematography is speachless and contuning with the tradition of DEVDAS and BLACK, the movie shot in R.K.Studio, Filmcity, Filmistan and Mehboob Studio had such sets that you have to see in the theatres to believe.

To cut it short and crisp, the songs are a huge hit..the movie leaves me a mark with Ranbir Kapoor but it doesn't stand a very good chance of competiting with OM SHANTI OM. But having said that both are diffrent type of movies. Farah Khan has made another masala movie with SRK, so if you wanna watch something different you watch SAAWARIYA.

I give it a 3 star out of 5. Go and watch in this DIWALI and do clasp your lover's hand. You will enjoy the touch so long you are watching the movie.

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Sujoy said... u went for Saawariya instead..
Didn't know you too write movie reviews. Chk my review of Om Shanti Om and Jab We Met here:

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