Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Take on the Website ORKUT- Google pls Consider :)

I am picking up the website Orkut as one of the best websites in terms of usability factors. It's clarity, consciouness, ease of colors, accessibility and findability makes it an end-user's delight.

A couple of things that goes for it are:
Simple login interface

Left Menu allows easy selected links

My Friends and My Communities are borderlined neatly

The background color gels with the content

Search is pretty excellent

What needs to be there:
Help link on the Home page (Currently on all the pages except Home Page)

Just next to the 'Friends' names' on the home page, one can have an option of right-clicking and sending across a message or scraps.

Today's fortune doesn't interest much; we can add a link saying latest on Orkut-- that can feature the most visited profiles or communities. Think about it.

Run a Contest. Why are we not thinking about it. Google needs to ponder on it. Not only it increases end users visits but also revenue comes. Participation gets more.

It's a fantastic websites in recent times, and one of the big compliments for it would be just the other day a lady was asked instead of her cell no "do you have an orkut profile?" ..Changes are welcome..isn't it Mr. Bernokutten? :)

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