Saturday, December 15, 2007

Writers Day Out!

This is still a family-oriented blog but the characters are not at all normal :)

Whenever these bunch of idiots meet, something or the other happens..and mind you, all for good reasons. My association with the central character of the piece dates back to the good old days of Orkut, when I was sneaking to have her smile reflected in my profile, and somehow we hardly fail to understand till today that how on the earth we became the best of buddies. Gresh and I met again on 15th December 2007 after a hiatus of 6 months.

I had finished presenting 'Almost Humour'@ Sun Microsystems and was finishing the last minute rituals of socialising when a message flashed on my mobile screen: "what plans for lunch?" We ended up having lunch at Koshy where the lady smilingly declared her 'commitment' status. I said, "God, poor chap!" but lucky!

Since the last time I saw her, she has now become calm, matured and more slim ..interestingly the foodie she is...she was busy eating while I was conversing with her. God knows, even if she heard me once :)but I love the way she is shaping up her career and am so delighted to get a friend who like me talks about books, films and is serious about her career..I know she is giggling post reading it..

Post lunch we decided that we gonna do some shopping in MG Road. When we were done with the shopping, the lady and I decided to end the day with a quick coffee in Bombay Stores. But lol! as we are trying to exit the machine beeped.

Lol! we were caught for shoplifting, Interestingly, as the shopowners came, her first reaction looking at me , " did you take something, Raj?" I was furious.

Instead of being on the same side, she was..grrrrrr...anyway, the lady's bag was searched and nothing came out..and we finally made a respectable exit after the glamorised farewell speech by the lady to the owner.

You should have seen the owner..He was all at gaga over her..Post-investiagtion her chin was up with an expression of delight and containment as if to say " look nothing can happen to me".

We had our coffee and this time a kiddo fancied the lady's mobile phone. I quickly took a snap of her with him. Boy! she was all coochie--pooh with him :)btw the baby, Ayush had given quite a few glances at her (Let's not discuss here where, this is still a family-oriented blog); boy! she was getting all the attention :)

A wonderful day come to close with she getting into an auto.

Fantastic day with some nice people sharing knowledge. I wish the very best to my Orkuttian--and as I say her repeatedly "You are the best thing that happen to me in Orkut", and I am hopefull that our friendship keeps on flourishing with a great deal of warmth in the days to come. God bless and have a fantastic new year, Bunny!

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