Friday, July 25, 2008

Fashion Designers in Rolling Cut

This has been so far the biggest event of the year. Everyone from the whose of whose of the world of fashion has gathered to showcase their 365 days of haute coutre. The venue is one of Mumbai's posh and seductress palace' The Taj Mahal' Hotel.

To be honest, I hardly get a chance to attend such events since as a writer we are always remembered in someone's funeral or not. So, when Neha asked me to put on my party clothes and come there, I had to say out rightly REALLLLLLLLLY!

We reached there as usual a bit early--but here goes the big theory--you don't arrive early to parties, u arrive late. Why? Simple- you derive a bag of attention from the span of people that look at you with green eyes.

If you are a designer, which was by the way Neha's profession (owns a boutique in Mumbai- I often get clothes for FREE from there :)you ought to be in your best clothes, because everyone ought to know your taste of clothing. This than can reflect in the dressed up models walking the ramp. It doesn't seems to know which designer get reflected in the clothes on the ramp or not.

Now, in the party, you never want to be looked with an empty glass. This is considered as an insult to the fashion industry, and better you get used to it. I somehow felt that an alcoholic would find it tough to survive in the party, because chance of his or her glasses remaining empty are pretty less. While Neha slipped into a Bacardi, I looked a fool sipping beer.

Soon the ramp walk started. My eyes were wide-opened as were in the days of my last minute preparation for my school exams. Only this time, it was in the excitement of awe. Some of the big names participated with full gusto. Like Tarun Tahiliani. Rohit Bal. Manish Malhotra. Sangeeta Chopra. Krishna Mehta. Ritu Kumar. Rocky S. Last year, the ramp boasted of several international models and it may also be recalled that a couple of them created quite a ruckus with their no-bra look, but this year, the ramp show looked ike a dry run.

Anyway, the show went past midnight and there was this sumptuous dinner waiting for me. Neha had a flock of friends with whom she was prone to much more of dedication that I expected. I had a very quiet dinner though I could overhear some people discussing the whole business of the FDCI or the Lakme India Fashion Week is to exploit models. I am deeply disturbed and upset with the quotes attributed to me."

But the controversies regarding the models seemed to overshadow the event even before it started. Finally, a couple of days before the D-day, the organization issued a formal statement. It was quite an eventful evening in Mumbai. Not sure I am attuned to the world of glamor , but someday I'ld like to ask a designers " Fashion-is it myth or reality?". Watch this space


Anonymous said...

This designers have quite an interesting life. Good write-up.

neha said...

hey mr writer!!!!! mmuah~