Sunday, August 03, 2008

Molested Baby Screams for Justice

“Aami said I shouldn’t visit dark places,”...oom but am I a stranger, beta? I am your uncle Feroz. Nissar knew that her uncle was correct.what if she could go walk upto the amusement park. Her abbu, aami had been always supportive of her going out with uncle.

But this time, it was a raining and the past few days had witnessed scores dark alley. Her uncle had promised to give her something special this 5th birthday. She holds Uncle Feroz’s hand and goes out with him.

“Did you see that there’s something strange with Nissar,” Firdausi spoke as Dr.Shabaz Ahmed looked furtively glanced over the newspaper. Firdausi knew her husband had never paid any attention to Nissar for not because of his professional engagements. But he wanted a son. It pinched me off-lately as Firdausi was expecting their second kid, and looks like the reports showed that it’s a baby girl again.

Firdausi went to Nissar’s room. It was a side wide open. Right from her childhood, Nissar had kept her room open while sleeping. She is scared of darkness. “beta Nissar kaha ho tum?”...”she could hear the gushing of waters from the tub. The door was ajar. She could see Nissar‘s feets.

Those tiny feets had been rinsed in water for some time. She peeped in and was shocked to see her Nissar sitting there with eyes wide-open.

She walked off to Nissar, called her names, but to no effect. Nissar was speechless. She called her husband whom came running back and together they took her to the bedroom. She was rinsed properly with a towel.

As Shabaz went to call for a hospital ambulance, Firdausi discovered something wet and sticky in her daughter’s skirt. Ya Allah! It was blood...she was bleeding profusely.

“I am sorry, Mr. Ahmed but your daughter was forced “. Mr. & Mrs Ahmed were numbstruck. They didn’t know what to say forget about any actions.

They held their hands as they entered into Nissar’s cabin. Therein lays their daughter holding a doll crutched to her arms. Salinated water from bottles had been continuously given to her. Tears were rolling from her dad’s eyes. He knew he had never loved her daughter and now ...he was all in tears.

Who could have possibly done this to their daughter? She is merely 6, doesn’t even understand what she underwent and how could someone be so inhuman. They were searching for the answers. In comes a visitor’s shadow.

It is uncle Feroz. The moment he enters, he greets Firdausi and Shabaz and goes up to Nissar. Suddenly, Nissar starts wrestling her arms and screams. As the doctors rush in to medicate, Nissar lets out a scream “Feroz uncle, please don’t climb on me. It’s paining...”

Dr.Shabaz looks at Feroz. He knows the answer to his every query. Feroz shivers.

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