Friday, April 03, 2009

Advantage Man!

It has not been the best of Summers for me. I fell in love again only to realize that standing up is better. Deep shit called Commitment and boy!she did not even look back at me again. Times changed and I possibly think I can never commit. Why would I? I am a Man. I am here to take advantage. Isn't? Let me ponder as to what are the advantages that man have.

As Man,we are hardly questioned for our actions.We can come at any point of the night, enact any actions and still get along. Nobody can question us. It becomes more easy for us to justify our actions and cross-question the person of the opposite gender.

As Man, we still are accepted in the society as soul signatory. How many times have we seen a man signing the report card or any authorized document? Have you seen a women doing that? See, how important we man are?

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Anita said...

How much ever you want to believe this perspective about men...
I know for sure Raj, you deep down you really do not agree with it..

You have too much of a thing called inner conscious...!

Do not commit...keep playing the field...much more fun...Serious relationships and commitments are too too too difficult and sucks your spirit out!