Monday, July 06, 2009

In Conversation with Shruti Hassan

You generally do not relate or identify me with a tall, vivacious, slender, and ‘hot’ looking girl everyday. Infact, to be more honest, you rarely will see this simpleton with a good-looking girl. No! I am being seriously honest.

Maybe, I do not look or have that charming factor to date beautiful looking girls. However,as the girlfriend says, "excuse him for his ignorance, he will be better informed next time".Anyway, last week was different. I think my luck has been quite misleading over a couple of weeks. I got chance to meet some interesting personas in my line of work, and she definitely was an icing on the cake.

I had gone to the Radio City office for my usual routine of audition only to find couple of whisperings in the air. The office bore an unusual look of excitement. I went over to the reception alley and in a flirting manner ask Joaana if I could smell something in the air. Joanna wished me luck and said you for a real surprise this time. Surprise it was!

When it was my turn for my recording, I saw this beautiful damsel Shruti Hassan. Boy! What a sight. At first notice, she looked straight from her father, the great Kamal Hassan closet.

Shruti wore a Black T and a Blue Levis jeans. Infact,dark Police shades had made her more strikingly attractive. There is something about girls in shades. There is this distant appeal that comes out.I can't express it in words.

She kept on or pretended to be chewing a gum. I said stars with an attitude. Anyway, after this I had a one-to-one round with her. By that time the feeling had sunk. I generally do not look a girl for long time, but if she knows how to talk, I definitely get attracted towards her.

After the conversation lasting not more than 10 minutes, in which she quizzed me on certain voice modulation and what else, we were about to break. But, I could not leave a girl without pulling her leg.

As she shook my hands, I quizzed her “you smell Channell” ..She was struck with audacity. She said “good’, how do you know it?" I just lied- saying that I was one of her greatest fans and read it in a magazine. She said what else? I told her she sounded awful in her performance in the Rock show at National Law School at Bangalore. She gave a witty look and said she knew it. Well, before parting, she complimented with ‘good voice’ and left.

Not bad! I would say. She has little more attitude than Sania Mirza, lesser than Nauheed Cyrusi, but is way ahead in being the siren hot queen. I guess it was worth meeting the awesome Shruti Hassan.

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red said...

You are a lucky guy, you have always been the one...rock dude!