Sunday, December 13, 2009

India: A Nation of Division

As of today I reside in a country that had once 25 States and 7 Union Territories. I have lost count of it now. I do not even remember the last time I heard a school kid being asked how many states are there in India in the infinite quiz shows that are held in hundreds of private television channels across India. College guys and working professionals do not have much idea of the same, anyway.

Understandably, the quizmaster considers that question to change any day. I say this in a public forum and am totally clueless of how many States does this country has today? But, does this answer really matter since tomorrow every locality will have their own identity. I do not know where all this will lead but one thing for sure I am against it.

Story goes that Gandhiji had told Sardar that if partion happened it will result in more division of countries. His prophecy did not have to wait years; it happened soon and enough. Our politicans made it sure that they will do anything in the book to crush and roll these countries to pieces. After ravaging this nation and crushing it inch by inch, with skyrocketed prices and corruption at every nook, it decided to divide and rule.

I will not want to get into the root cause of why is this division of places? My question is can we not co-exist? Is Telengana separation essential? What happens to Gorkhaland tomorrow? Will Assam became a separate country? My question is if all of the states start thinking of the logic that these are neglected and they need to come out and have their own independent state.

But do these states think that having an independent State will make them free from anything that is remotely past? Do they think the center will be start taking more interest in their welfare and zillions of bucks will be spent to set up and start off with implementation? I am not a financial analyst, but my conscience suggest that a country with GDP ratio of 7.5 has lots of economic instability to look into rather than planning schemes for hundreds of other states.

I cannot understand the logic behind the rationale of a separate State. Why cannot a States co-exist and function as a unit together? Power crazy politicians will not delimit here. Taking a hasty decision such as has invited wrath and more challenges before the government. I have nothing more to add here, but I do not see any future of India. This county has gone to dogs!

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