Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Corporate Love Affair

In my career spanning some years, breezy hours and awesome seconds,I have never witnessed the tragedy of back stab. It may lead to some brows in a corporate world where often the deals happened in the wee hours of early mornings, parties thrown in the name of projects, sexual ladder are taken to reach certain peaks and so on is done for a price. I have tried to keep myself aloof from a lot of socializing in office.

Even at times, I have distanced myself from having relationships with a colleague, who is one of the hottest looking glamorous woman in town. It is due to this I sometime curse myself for not going with this path.

Then she came. She was Farha- the most beautiful women that I have had seen. Infact there was not a piece of iota of doubt that Farha would be the next spring of sunshine in our boredom official life.

In the due course of time, Farha stepping into my cubicle and discussing things with me made me too a special person. Being a teetotaler sometime can be unusually blessing at times. I was invited to parties that no one would have ever fancied of. And, that is only because of Farha. I chose not to be offended by the ignominious expression of disbelief and shock.

When you are in the presence of someone who make you believe that you are an incomplete person without her touch and presence, you think it is nice to be incomplete. I see myself as a failure rather than an achiever. I am contended or how should I put satisfied with it. Because, I learnt it in 2009 certain things are out of my league.

Over the next few moments, in the uncountable mugs of coffees and teas, I discovered that falling in love with an attractive young woman is not an offense. It is rather a time of elation. But, then when you realise that the very moment used you to as a medium for getting higher in the ranks you are revengeful. I was for a moment speechless when Farha said that certain things could not be worked out, and we were not to be couples. But, then over the next few days, over drinks and pornography movies, I realised that there is a life except love.

I may have been used in this corporate ladder, but such things are redeemable in this world only. Whatever you do, good or bad, you have to pay it back to the society in this life only. I heard that she is seeing Arun now. For a moment, I opened my drawer, there lies the beautiful snap of Farah. She still invades me at will.

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