Saturday, July 10, 2010

U should hate love stories!

There are certain assumptions created largely by media which more or less becomes plots of many stories. I have an assumption that more or less revolves around Karan Johar and Yash Chopra. I wonder what makes them produce romantic movies. Are they eternal romantics or they can't picture a movie without romance?

I think Karan Johar has these thoughts running 24*7 and through this movie he has tried to answer couple of questions, which keeps on coming back to him. I Hate Love Stories is such an attempt and credit goes to the director for making it realistic.

Cut 1: Yes, Karan Johar produces and directs romantic movies and yes, he has a cast that features names likely to be Raj and Simran. Yes, Karan has a crew that obviously feels he has gone nuts. There are depressed souls working for him because for a living.

Cut 2: Yes, there is Shahrukh ala Saif ala Imran who do not believe in pyaar-syaar. For him, its crap, waste of time and ekdom faltu. But he loves flirting and making out with girls. For him love is waking up everyday with a hot new chick, who does everything but not pyaar. One day he realizes that he has fell for someone and is desperately trying to be noncommittal.

Cut 3: Yes, there is Kajol ala Madhuri ala Kareena Kapoor ala Sonam who are those Archie Greetings cards slasher who sees romance in everything. But ends up wih a wrong man at a wrong time.

I have not seen anything new in the movie. Yes, it has some slick dialogues, good cinematography and nice songs but that' it. Obviously, Imran Khan will do what he can do best- Jaane Tu Naa Jaaane Na roles. Sonam Kapoor is pathetic. Her acting sucks big time though I must admit she is by far the best dressed actor in Bollywood.

It has opened well and do good business for some time but just like any other love story it will wizzle out. Take my advice- watch Mr.Singh and Mrs. Mehta. Atleast, you do not have to see the pathetic dancing act of Imran Khan.

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