Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Far from the Madding Crowd

I have been working for sometime now. My work location is different from the place that I spent my childhood. A place where I have memories of coming back home only to be in mother's arms, dad's stern face on watching Chitrahaar and Rangoli, brothers who were pain in the ass sometimes and of course the rains. I had a wonderful childhood, and if I could give anything back to revisit, I would not mind. Durga Pooja is one such occasion that reminds me of my childhood.

Everybody has some knowledge or the other that the grandeur of the occasion to the Hindus and especially to the Bongalis. People wait impatiently throughout the year for the occassion and when it arrives from the onset of Mahalaya to Mahadoshami people are filled up with joy. 

As a child, Durga Pooja meant new clothes & pistol toys to me. I remember distinctly coming up from an average middle-class family, how baba-maa used to meet our requirements. Maa used to ensure that the first set of clothes were bought for her children. I think of this day and tears come into my eyes. How could we even repay our debts to our parents!

Durga Pooja was a rare occasion when I used to shut down my school books. It meant that I won't touch the school books for the next 4 days. I used to go out Soptomi with maa-baa, Ashotomi again with maa and baba and Novomi with friends. Also, a visit to the Monalisa restaurant was along awaited. The entire family could have Luchi Mangsho for 50 bucks. The atmosphere was also electrifying-Kishore Kumar's music at the backdrop. I still make it a point to visit that place whenever I can.

I wish I could write a little bit more, but I have to run for a project meeting. Sometimes, I wish life would come to a standstill.

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Anonymous said...

Very true, Raj. Rangoli, Chitrahaar... those days were the best days of my life.