Monday, October 25, 2010

John and Raghu's wonderful Chemistry!

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I wonder why Abbas Tyrewalla had to take Palki for the role of Mishika. Apart from her, I found each one of the characters fitted perfectly to the fore. And, those of you who have watched Jaane tu he jaane na, this movie has nothing new for you. But those of you who have not watched this movie, you will like it for sure.

Shot at the locales of London, the movie is about friendship and love. It becomes interesting when love causes all the problem. Each one of the characters has a love twist in the movie. Starting from John to Raghu to Manasi Scott and Palki- each one has a love angle.

John finally exhibits some emotions; he is a tough-hearted hero who suddenly finds himself in a comical situation. Raghu is the best of the lots with his half-witted humor and sarcasm. Palki is ok. She is sensuous but she is too old to do a song and dance role. 

You will get to see a lot of youngsters and couples making their way for this movie. It has a large quotient of love added to sacrifice in it. And, I am sure they will appreciate it a lot. Usually, these movies are Abbas' forte. Abbas usually writes the script for his movies, and you could see that he has used a typical youngistan lingo in the movie. Good job! 

Raghu and John are there in 80% of the scenes in this movie. They share a wonderful chemistry. You can easily relate Raghu's character with MTV Roadies. I think it could only be the saving grace of the film. The film will run for some weeks, but I guess it is short-lived. I won't mind watching it-this time with my girl.