Thursday, June 15, 2006

To catch a Fly!!!

It’s a city of dreams- dreams, which are of paramount and weird. Bangalore also dreams: dream to catapult itself in Singapore’s identity, but don’t one sense danger too! The recent months have witnessed an increase in the rate of Sexual misdemeanors in India. Be it two school kids or an old man preying over his daughter-like-renters, its certain Voyeurism has come taken a new fold in India. Though Bangalore hasn’t been still glorified by its existence, but can you be sure that there are no Spy Cameras hovering around? Is Voyeurism here to stay or are we late in realizing its existence? Even as I write the article, I can sense something wrong happening somewhere. Are women really safe or have privacy of women under threat?

How do you define Voyeurism? Well, secret act of viewing others in sexual situations involving erotic play and taking the pictures without the consent of the others is what we can say for now. A person who has this peeping eye is called a Voyer. It would have been an easy task had we some tool for identifying a voyer. Interestingly voyer is not a hidden person. They are ordinary persons whom we encounter in day-to-day life. Often people suffer from the notion that Voyeurs are a class sitting in some cyber cafes or sexually perverted minds but these are wrong.

Consider the real-life scene. A woman in a crowded bus and manages to get a seat. A man of middle age goes near to the ladies seat though there are enough spaces in the bus to stand. He gradually puts her body over her or there’s an attempt to touch her. The woman noticed that but hardly can do anything. The writer happened to witness these scenes but was helpless since my fellow passenger thought it was pretty common. I could sense the amount of harassment that poor school and college girls have to undergo everyday at every point of the time. It’s pretty easy to write the stuffs sitting in an air-conditioned room. Let’s if we can analyze for sometime why do we have so much voyerous?

Education would be the topmost priority to begin with. Over half of the population remains desolated from literacy. Add to that they are introduced to all C grade movies at an early age. Things take a strange turn as they take their expeditions to youth. It’s tough to single out education to be the only cause of mockery for education in turn brings out latest technologies and technologies have harbored sexual fantasizes.

The first thing that generally crossed my mind when I heard the word ‘Internet’ was Sex. Yes! And I am not shy to admit that these have been quite an unusual experience for the first few months. I am much more wiser now and the Voyeurism in me has shielded quite a lot. But still am amused with the way things are shaping up these days. Every day you take up the paper or view the Television you have some sex-scandal or the other. Often the technology has been blamed for these actions, but my query is we not the guys behind this voyeurism or has voyeurism lead to technology.

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