Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Washed in Bangalore

There's an old saying, "mind the roads before you step". Here, in Bangalore each and every step that we take on these roads, there's something to add to the woes. Incessant rains have left Bangalore with severe jams, fluctuating power cuts and worst all accidents. The blame game has started with people accusin g BMP officials, who in turn point their fingers to hardcore politicans and it carries on.

I traveleld to electronics city five days a week and trust me its painful. almost 30 mins of journey has become 120 mins one and there's every chance it will become more worse in the days to come. I am confused as to why this 'Silicon Valley' tag has been atributed to Bangalore merely because it hubs majority of software companies. Infrasturcture wise, lemme tell you its poorest than Hyderabad and Chennai

Politicans do not worry abt it; all they are worried is abt their power and money
Those having vehicles will go against law and order in every sense

Just my random thoughts.......

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