Sunday, September 16, 2007

On Road for a Railway Ticket

The day started with a kick off to my Final semester MBA classess, but before proceeding to the classes, I went to the Koramangala BDA Complex to book my railway tickets from Bangalore to Chennai for 5th October night. A couple of interesting things happened that made me to compose this note

1) It was a dry queue with hardly 5-7 people to get tickets. Makes me wonder how technology has contributed to mankind. E-Commerce has really strengthed in the years and websites like IRCTC & Indian Railways have taken more than 50 percent of the consumers in hold. fantastic!

2) On paying the required amount, the official told me to give change for 25 rs. Now, this is a situation wherein I had to go eat ravad idly and pay the change to get back the tickets. Can we have a change system wherein an automated machine pays the change or give the required money. Or say, something the Ticket offices write on the back of the ticket so that the credit or debit amount can be charged by the TT during journey. This unnecessary saves a lot of harassment

3) Professor Appan took a fantastic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) class today as part of our Final Semester specialized course. He spoke about the ERP benefits and specially mentioned how there is a dearth in the specialization in HR on ERP. I realy wish to know more on it. Btw, MBA is a fantastic programme; folks who are planning to do it: do a full-fledged programme, it's worth!

4) Finally, I tasted the Chicken Biryani with Gongura Achar; spoke to mama over the phone.

That's all!

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