Saturday, September 22, 2007


A smile perhaps is the best thing that happen to an individual when he is down, acts as an antidote to many of the distressing moments. And to take the ordeal of jotting down something but finally, I wish to pen down my experiences; Trust me! it is the most challenging thing to talk about smiles of a woman after spending innumerable nights on thinking and interviewing guys, I have finally come up with this. There have been guys writing to me asking me to suggest them about dating tips; please be patient.I will be shortly coming up with a dating article. In the meantime, enjoy this article in viewing smiles of woman.

Presenting, the best of the smiles in random order: She is someone I fell in awe from the first day, amazing radiant smile..

It says smile tell a lot about a person; what's the person mentality, how they cope things and wat degree exactly are they going to converse with. Being a 26 years old and not having exactly the best of things to do is a sick thing.

I was in twilight when I heard someone saying "why don't you talk about the smiles of Indian ladies?" I said hmm ahhh eee..well the expressions never seem to actually go well with me, but what i do write abt smiles?

Talk abt smiles the first thing comes to mind is that of my mom..mama always has nice dimples when she smiles; untouachable and up to the smile comes of Delhi School girls..Now, they are in 10th standard near Okhla, some
pretty smiles to be seen, these are often seen in the golgopa chambers next comes the hyderbad girls; they are often to be seen in a crowded charminal market; very classical buying jewels; one of the features of the women are smiles- it's not ha ha ha..thoda sharmana and with a little coy and jhooki attitude scream aap ka naam hai behankoosh.

Usually, I grew in the hills, and than one fine day, when my eyes open to adulthood she was there.I still recall a windy summer not much to be seen and there
she was in a shalwar..I met her in Orkut and amongst all the smiles she beamed quite a torch; I think her name is Affreen and much to her name, she is enhachanted by all. I couldn't never express myself to her for she left me as usual

A smile radiates a sense of joy, makes things so meaningful and broke down the monontonus of a journey. You know with a smile you are always chanced upon to get something in life- she might say yes to you and you live happily after. what takes a women to smile? it isn't easy; i have seen hundreds of guys trying their level best to make a way to woman's hear- flowers, sweet talks, cards, emails etc..I am very poor in all this. My idea is to keep it very simple--never make it glorified; you wish her to smile right. Just have a talk to her and say how much it lights you up when she smiles. Respect her immensly and sknow how to give value for a women's smile

Next smile, she is currently in Jaipur and I have such a platonic relationship with her. My friend in Purple Haze; her smile is instanteous even when she cries, it feels she is smiling from within

It's interesting that a woman smiles logical or illogically you end up being the culprit if you make her cry. how many times have u heard this ///aaare rula dhi na meri beti ko..aare kuch bhi karo trust me, first thing a woman smiles for no particular reason ..

A typical indian girl smile

she will smile and you gotta know that the smile is for you to get in groove; don't question her why are u smiling? chances her that she will give you that DARK look which even the toughest of Himesh Reshammiya song won't make you gleeeeeeee secondly, over the phone..hi..he he, ahh, hmm get rid of these expressions..two thinsg she is pulling your legs on a first note, laugh with her smiles- it won't cost much..yes, i know its stupid..but just laugh..secondly,
move with the flow--she is interested and wants to be persuaded, you know there are quite a few things you need to do next.

just wrote a few lines..tell me if you can hows it:

Broken hearts never cease to beat
They don't bleed but uncontrollably weep
Memories of their beloved haunt
And their voices echo within the walls
None can ever hear their cry
That's muted behind those mysterious eyes

Lilac, someone who currently makes me belive the end is the beginning


priyanka said...

glad the first one to post.. thanks.. im still smiling both in awe and gratitude... the fact that you think that way about women makes me blush.. its a deep thought smile can tell you a lot...

priyanka said...

the last few lines seemed rather deep, does it come from a personal front or its sensitivity to what you have seen? its a blunt and blatant question its ok if you want to ignore it...

Sophie said...

nice post with deep appreciation for a smile...
and the poetic verses straight from the heart!

Anonymous said...

Nice reading the post...wonderful!

noyonika said...

wow! do we still have guys like this? Man, I really wish to go on a date with you...
Lucky girl, that's all I can say..are u single? he he

Anonymous said...

You are a terrific writer and an equally good human being..all the best!