Monday, October 01, 2007


[This is an work of 26 year old brain's imagination; readers are advised to read it and apply it on their own merits and not blind foldely trust it. In a nutshell: take it just a work of imagination]

Sometimes a single difference in Chromosmes can build up a relationship, and I feel she understands that. The past few months have been quite hectic for me workwise and she added more to it. I met her through a social-network site and immediately clicked. I was trying to woo her for two reasons since she shares her name with my class teacher and she comes from my fav place: Shillong.

It didn’t take much time for me to start converse, because I guess I was at my wits best trying to put poetry in motion. Guys! now, here is the real tricky part- something that you need to understand when you make the all important first move. Respect-Yes, Respect her tremendously. She is someone you are expecting to date and than if things click, go ahead and have a married life.

But how many of us do that? We guys are so impatient to make the first move that all we need is the contact information on the first day and a date on the second day. Well, it may happen if you are a Tom Cruise or a Hrithik but for a medicore guy like me (most of us) we need to make our move.

Take a look into her profiles and read it- yes, just don’t look into her snaps and album. We all agree that looks count at the first notice- obviously, 80 % scraps comes from that single look, but after that what? You just can’t keep on complimenting on her looks. This can result in two ways-either she will make you a puppet or think you are an a********* (this still is a family-oriented blog).

I chose to make a move on her after I were sure that she would give a feedback to my scraps. Now, guys! here’s a funda: if you don’t receive a scrap from a female, try to go through the profile and understand has she been ignoring you? If she has done it, accept it gracefully. Don’t panick and most important don’t be frustrated! There are lot of girls out there..someone is there waiting; so go on.

After a few scraps with her, there came a point when I wished to take the lead-when I say a lead, I meant I wanted to go ahead and talk to her over the phone. Now, guys this is another thing you wish to know. How can you get a girl cell no.? you need to understand that from her scraps- if her scraps doesn’t read more than 1 line-no chances of you making that move than- it will take some more time-maybe weeks, months or maybe years  But, if its flowing nicely as with my Shillong mate, than you gotta take a risk.

2 things can happen here- she can backfire thinking that you are a spirit of Lucifer or she will promptly respond. So how will respond and approach? I sense this to much intuition and striking upon a line. So create a situation and than ask her. If she understands it, she will give you her cellno as my shillong dear did. Well, if she doesn’t understand, I won’t bother even to call upon her. Somehow, I prefer a bit of intelligence- it turns me on sharply than a REVLON coated lips.

We spoke over the phone and here’s something that you need to learn. Most of the guys give up conversing. Remember: it’s where it all starts. She needs to know if you can strike a conversation. Well what should I speak on? Listen, don’t start off telling and banter how good you are in this and that? We all have a quality that God has given. Work on it.

Strike a conversation in which both of you have mutual interests- if there’s none, well alarm bell rings! To be on safe side, push the ball on her side and than she will talk and cash it on. Once in conversation, cash it in.

if she is interested, (remember she is otherwise 95 % of girls wouldn’t give their nos to strangers) relax! Don’t husp up and try to create a larger than life character. With her I always tried to be natural and somewhere down the lane she respected it.

Alright, so after few months of calls, its natural you wish to meet her. Note: don’t have high expectations- it fails miserably. Girls: if you are looking for a flinge, tell him directly and if you are looking for committed relantionship take some time off.

When you wish to meet her , drop a line suggesting her. Don’t say “I want to meet you”. This I is dangerous-what if she isn’t interested to meet you. Yes, conversing over phone is a thing different from meeting up an individual. Simple who knows what kinda element you are? Prefarbly, you might be someone cooking up the whole picture. So she may try to play it safe and that’s where the TRUST factor comes into picture. If she says no to meet immediately, respect that decision.

If a guy has foul intentions, he will back out immediately while the one who really is interested will be there. Girls need to understand that thing.

Well I don’t know for sure what fate has stored for me and my Shillong girl, but eventually as time progresses and flowers bloom there will be lot of trust and commitment between them. If it doesn't progress also, all we know is a lot of memories that we can share, shan't we sweets? am I incorrect?

I am not sure if they will be life-partners but definitely they have sealed a bond of mutual trust and both of them are really proud of it.

And to conclude, guys! somewhere in the world, someone will be there. You just need to find out that person and trust me when you do that, the heart would immediately pause a beating and ask, “care to reflect your smile in my list?”

Cheers guys and all the best for your loved ones and remember always respect a women. 9 out of 10, chances are you will succeed!


Sophie said...

ha ha..i had read good loud in this age on earth did you become a wise man?

noyonika said...

All I can say is that you are a fabulous writer and am sure will make any girl swoon on her feet. I am convinced that there are some guys who can really make a girl special, and your Shillong girl (if she exists) is very have a sweet heart! I am so J of your girl..he he

Write more dude! you rock!