Friday, November 21, 2008

Emotional Quotient with Maggie Noodles

(I am penning this while waiting for my plate of Maggie in one of the restaurants of Koramangala. I had just a hectic day in office and none could cheer me more than a plate of Maggie. Yes, not even my girlfriend's songs he he)

"Samrat, ayodik aasho. Tumar Maggie noodles ready." These were the much common clarion in ma hey days from ma mom. For non-Bengali readers, it means My favorite Maggie Noodles is ready to be grabbed. I love Maggie. Its been one of those delicacies that for some reasons or the other fills your mouth with water at the very mention of it. its also one of the dishes that takes hardly few minutes to cook. I am not buying that 2 minutes is exactly the time taken to prepare and relish this delicacy.

But, it takes fewer time compared to most other delicacies. Being the youngest kid of the three siblings has its advantages. I certainly was lucky enough to be mama's pet or as they say in Bengali "adorer chele".

I love Maggie, infact I used to look for excuses everytime to have it. Generally, Maggie were served in tiffin. A tiffin generally means a light refreshment served generally post dusk. A Maggie was a great thing. It means the household was doing great as a unit and it was served with great happiness.


My vivid memory stands of one particular evening when two of us, both brothers decided to cook Maggie. Both of us decided that we will skip dinner and have Maggie. I donned the garb of an apprentice while the brother cooked it for us. I still remember the recipe used to rarely eat it as it is without additives.

Now, As a kid Maggi was served to me as a treat. And I remember nestle used to send some stickers of animals which I proudly used to stick on our cooking range.


1. Maggie - 1 small packet
2. Onion - 1 small chopped
3. Tomato - 1 sliced
4. Oil - 4 tsp
5. Salt - According to your taste
6. Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
7. Haldi powder - A pinch
8. Adrak laisan paste _ 1 tsp


* Take a non stick pot and heat oil in it
* Put Onions chopped in it and fry it till light brown
* Put Adrak laisan paste, red chilli powder, salt in it and put a glass of water
* Let the water cook,break the Maggie and put it into the water
* Simmer it and put Maggi Masalae wich comes with it
* Stir it well and let it cook till the water is dried
* Serve hot
* Garnish with coriander leaves or boiled eggs and Mayonnaise

I am at loss now and am going for the STRAWBERRY ROCK SHOW-TIMES OF INDIA. So, I will write to you in a few days time. Till than cheers!


rahul said...
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rahul said...

Oh.. After reading your recipe i found out tht i was doing maggie the wrong way ;) , guess she will taste better hence-forth. thanks :)!

i am what i am said...

that was a nice post. i remember maggie noodles was my staple diet during the hostel days. i used to eat it as if it was a seven course meal fom a five star restaurant.