Monday, December 01, 2008

When I almost got Married

Martyrdom is not only about losing your life in a war for your country. In situations, it could be caused by world's most inevitable thing called Marriage. I have nothing to lie here, but I do defend the basic tenet of marriage.

My cell phone suddenly beeped at thirteen hours. Normally, on Sunday evening I chose to refrain from indulging in any sort of conversational activity. I prefer to sleep like a dead hog, which in some sense is pretty good, compared to my ex girlfriends who thought I was quite active :)

So, here is a friend calling me up to be at the FORUM, a mall in Koramangala, Bangalore. I did not intend to be there, since I was apprehensive after a meal at Barbecue Nation, I would have the energy to date a girl. But anyway, a Capricorn that I am do not misses chances. So, I told her to give me a buzz after 2 hours.

I received a call exactly 2 hours prior to my last call. Two of this girls implored me to come over to the forum. But hang on- if you were wondering that Raj got a chance of hooking up with not one but two girls, you are insane like me. I was surprised when she told me to come down to the forum, so that I could be her married husband to collect a gift on behalf of her friends.

All throughout the short journey of 10 minutes to Forum, I kept on asking myself "why me?". Infact, when we met and sat there in that Marlyn Monroe couch of Country Club, everyone were looking at us. The prospective wife of mine (for a single day)was quiet and shy during the interview taken by the manager. He grilled us with questions, which was ironical in a way since my wife (for that day) is a Lawyer.

Anyway, when we were done with the interview, I looked into her eyes and asked her a question. I popped up that if the club asked for a kid, what would she have done at the situation. As usual, I did not have anything to add anything new here, but just pointed out "I am interested but she probably wants to wait"..we bursted into a roar. Thus ended the day when I almost got married.

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