Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Love for Nokia 3310

I am please to share a nice poem of a very close friend of mine. A superduper talented girl, she has a bright career. Amen :)

Seven years ago on a rainy night
She walked into my life this petite delight
With each days we slowly warmed up to each other
inseparable to the core

The day begun with her pushing me to rise
She danced and smiled to bring along
Many a happy and sad times
Even when surrounded by a laughing world

Ignominy she too in her stride
Call it Nomophobia , while some looked on with the green monster shinning bright
in their eyes

but I clinged to my dear
for where else could you find a friend
who never forget a single birthday
whispered the musings of a loved one
and bathed u with adulation and criticism alike

Today I part ways with her
I give her away with a tear in my eyes
This is not the end but only another beginning
For I know beloved Nokia 3310
You will continue connecting people
With your bright smiles

1 comment:

nafisa said...

very nice..I'll like to read more of her poems :)